Resist Shield

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by SavageB, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. SavageB

    Still worth it over anything else? I know it got nerfed a few patches ago in beta, whats your guys thoughts on it now?
  2. Zaik

    It was balanced to be roughly equal to the default NMG in 1 on 1 combat initially(I think?), problem was it reduced all incoming damage from everyone allowing you to do goofy stuff like use old Jackhammer to wipe out entire groups of people with burst fire.

    Now it doesn't do either that well and slows you down a bunch and the jackhammer won't one shot 10 people in less than two seconds, I don't see a reason to use it anymore :/.
  3. [HM]Krowe

    Resist shield is now CQC based only as you move like a turtle when you activate it, rendering you to become a bright bullet sponge in the open.
  4. Trollcifer

    Used to use resist. Since the nerf I go nanite.
  5. HumsterMKX

    Well its still working for me. Works better then the default shield, since I use it to basically to throw my last grenade at a bunch of ppl to break their camp.

    Works great, only if your teammate are willing to follow you into hell.
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  6. SavageB

    Ya been thinking to cert nanite now all the way.
  7. DeltaGun

    It also regenerates slower than the Nanite shield, doesn't it?
  8. Hyllan

    Depletes and regenerates much faster than the default NMG.
  9. commiedic

    Reviving this thread. I am really interested in knowing more peoples views on the resist shield. I am currently sitting on 250 certs and still don't have a good idea if Resist Shield is a viable option over NMG. I wouldn't mind doing adrenaline since I usually carry about a 2.5 KDR, but it is so damn expensive lol.
  10. Trollcifer

    Never tried adrenaline. Since the beta nerf however I still prefer nanite to resist. Not sure I know exactly what the adrenaline shield does. I mean, usually you only have your shield up for a second at a time, maybe two anyway so, if it works how the description says, it seems a tad pointless.
  11. Zaik

    Resist shield might be better if you know you're going to take damage before you take it.

    NMG is a bazillion times better as an oh **** reactionary ability though.
  12. Protostar

    The resist shield was only worth it when it didn't slow you down. After the movement nerf and the damage reduction nerf, coupled with the buff to the standard NMG the resist shield is simply not worth your time anymore.
  13. commiedic

    Thanks guys for your info. I will max out NMG first and then wayyyy down the road work on Adrenaline Shield.
  14. Shahnaz

    Thinking about it, Maxing Nanoweave armor buff the resist shield too. Is it worth it then?
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  15. HumsterMKX

    Working on it.
  16. Nehlis

    get a medic to heal you, start spouting heavy quotes, with your LMG.
  17. Trysaeder

    Yup, the resist shield is more of a "let's do this!" compared to "oh **** I'm getting shot". However after they introduced a movement penalty to it (why?), it's not as suitable for that purpose now. Not to mention the glow that gives you away as soon as you turn it on, which will definitely alert people to your presence.

    I think they should completely remove the movement penalty from the resist shield so that it can actually serve its purpose. Organised breaching of rooms with stuns, flashes, and heavy weapons just aren't snappy enough with the loss of mobility. Maybe allow the resist shield to reduce the intensity of flash and stun grenades as well.
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  18. Cohzee

    Damn. I just bought the first Resist Shield for 50(?) certs because I liked the item description. Didn't get a chance to test it so didn't know about the movement speed penalty.
  19. TheBloodEagle

    I honestly just want the most "passive" combination.
  20. DeltaGun

    After more testing, II have found Resist shield is better if you turn it on before you take damage. The nanite shield reduces the same amount of damage no matter what. So its just a matter of preference.

    Also, the movement speed penalty seems to be the same for both shields, and the Resist shield charges faster than the nanite shield by default but the nanite shield can be improved to recharge faster.

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