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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by chamks, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. chamks

    hello guys i have new favorite play style for the heavy assault that can surprise you for much it is efficient: for both veteran and new player, tips and tricks.
    Resist shield: the resist shield will block the 1 head shot kil from a sniper rifle. i have maxed my resist shield (15 seconds activation time). now in the suit slot i put not nanoweav armor, but Advanced Shield Capacitor that will make your personal shield recharge a lot faster. i combine it with med kits that will instantly restore my health. and for implants this build uses survivalist and nanomesh specialist. survivalist will make you run faster when your health go below 40% and more importantly reduce the time delay of a depleted personal shield to start recharging by 1 second! and the nanomesh will make your overshield to last almost a minute and start recharging immediately when depleted.

    ok so how it all come together? (best with gauss saw) very fun!: you track that sniper and you get your head shot, you crouch for cover, med kit and you up as new in 3 seconds due to all shields modifiers!

    resist shield will leave you with 50-400 health from a bolt action, depending on the distance from witch the shot fired. the only time you can die in 1 shot from a small arm weapon with resist shield on is if you dont have auraxility shield as utility and a Rail-jack is shooting you from point zero (a head shot in the maximum damage range of the rail-jack). tested.
    resist shield also makes your effective health more than the other shields if you activate it before you receive the damage. thats why this build have the nanomesh perk that will make sure you are allways on.
    this build is good in an open field gun fight were the enemy knows where you are, shooting from a window or a door. the thing is farming people without dying. overwhol its a very likable build, very versatile, not alot of mobility. really good with the gauss saw. its the only build that give you feeling of a heavy assault role as what it meant to be.

    thats it guys, ill post a new build tomorrow about the sneaky killer heavy assault
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  2. Badman76

    My new favorite heavy build i do well with is

    Guass saw with suppressor, grip and x2 scope
    Commissioner with flashlight (will be upgrading to jackhammer soon, can't wait!)
    Adrenaline shield
    AT grenades
    med kits
    Failsafe and nanomesh specialist implants

    Thinking of converting to resist shield / asc though, and swap failsafe for survivalist or mobility shield
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  3. Badman76

    What is this build? Im intrigued!
    I love talking about builds!

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