[Suggestion] Requests to buff TR weapons - and the scum who opposes it

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    If I might ask, please link me the part of the game's description that says we are obligated to sport underperforming and boring ES weaponry. As if a lock-on-coyote hybrid Striker would be criminally against the lore.

    I'd be more than glad to suggest reading the part of my initial post where I shared my thoughts on this.
  2. T0x1s

    OP please repost this on reddit.
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  3. OldMaster80

    The TRAP imho is quite ok.

    The only real issue is: why on earth should I use the single bullet or the 2-burst? They do not provide any significant bonus with recoil, range or cof bloom. One just deals less damage so it's mandatory to immediately switch to 3-burst and forget the other fire modes.
  4. Huishe

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  6. stalkish

    Dont pretend anything on this game is hard, please just dont.
  7. FlatironmanX

    I completely agree with you op. TR infantry weapons don't even compare to VS or NC. I can out range my TR HA any day on NC with the saw. This should not be the case. The tmg-50 should be a least comparable to the saw. TR weapons accuracy needs to be heavily increased the t5-amc isn't even close to the mercenary at range either. Overall for the TR infantry weapons to compete with NC or VS, you need to be able to consecutively land head shots, which isn't very possible at this point.