[Suggestion] Requests to buff TR weapons - and the scum who opposes it

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  1. Carnage

    Actually NC has given up on any of their weapons being useful, The phx is a joke, the JH isnt what it should be. All our weps have such a large COF that we can start shooting and you have time to turn and kill us before we kill you. try using NC for a change, their "emipre specific" traits dont exist as the little more damage we do is extremely overshadowed by the ridiculous amount of shots we miss. mind you even if you do 2 round bursts all the other emires still will win by just holding down the trigger
  2. PostalDude

    Maybe you NC could hit something if you bothered to aim... your like the stormtroopers of Planetside, unable to hit anything with low recoil weapons. Anyone who plays all three factions knows how laughably low NC recoil is. Just pull doen on your mouse and you'll be fine. Don't forget to burst, but doing that might require NC to put forth some effort.
  3. Quinnocent

    I don't have a strong opinion on this issue, but your thread title seemed to indicate we would get a hate-filled diatribe regarding the scum who opposes it. I do appreciate your restraint. Civility in discourse is valuable. But I did come in here specifically for that, so would it be possible for you to share your feelings on the scum who opposes it? Just being honest will be fine. Thank you.

    I can't imagine how the Ravens could be any useful. Or a sickeningly awesome ultra-long range railgun. Heck, even the Phoenix, a friggin' camera guided missile.

    Now please, compare these aforementioned awesome, unique, and cool weapons to a boring and underperforming dumbfire launcher, a boring scout rifle, and an underperforming dumbfire launcher than can save you from aircraft from within 20 meters, respectively.

    All the weapons you described being bad for having a bad CoF: all automatic weapons have bad CoF in the game.

    I label VS and NC as "scum", but strictly in-game only. Rebel scum, Vanu Scumvereignty, kind of like that. It just goes along with the lore, nothing personal or real. The way it connects to the topic is that most TR buff requests are averted by statistics which are in-fact right, but overshadow the lack of our ES potential in the infantry arsenal.

    And it is mostly NC and VS who oppose it in some ways, of course, why would TR oppose it?

    It's not just these two weapons. Just think about it for a second - among the following, which do you think took the most time to come up with and implement:
    • Camera guidance (new)
    • Charge-up mechanism (new)
    • Multi-shot lock-on (existing)
    As if they didn't want to look at TR even for a split second, and just quickly snapped a new skin on the annihilator. Remember, these were completely new mechanisms when they were introduced. The Striker indeed needed a new mechanism, and that was fixing how the missiles interact with geometry, which they didn't even care about, until the cries to nerf it.

    The way it was initially: if the first missile hit, all the missiles hit. They didn't even bother to extend the lock-on missile functionality/algorithm to adequately support the Striker, they just threw us this thing (which was very good initially, but I was always jealous of the work put into the other 2).

    If we compare the latter to the fact that the other two factions received undoubtedly unique weapons with lots of work put into, how can we assume this is fair?
  7. stalkish

    Think the above game might have had something to so with the mechanics of the 3 ESAV launchers.

    Not going argue about buffs / nerfs just wanted to point that out.
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  8. iMartyr

    A while ago the combat got tweaked to reduce the hipfiring of most guns and even though each empire had it at the time i felt hipfiring was a mechanic that shined well with the TR arsenal/trait.

    The thread focuses more on the empire specific weaponry than common-pool weapons. But you are right.
  10. TheBlindFreak

    First, this is planestside 2, which implies there was a predecessor. I'll point out that these ESRL's are not new and unique.

    Second, the Phoenix has it's own problems. It still can't go farther than 300m total distance traveled due to technical limitations. Steering the damn thing is a pain because it's not very maneuverable. It can be shot down very easily. Initially it was basically a pillow launcher against vehicles until they tweaked the resistance values. Not to mention the OP 1hit kill on infantry was nerfed within a WEEK. The Striker was broken OP for MONTHS.

    Also, Lancer is cool. Not gonna lie. My VS alt has been getting use lately.

    Regarding the work put into the actual programming of the thing, what do you think took more effort and time? Implementing something that exists outside of Planetside 2's framework, or implementing something that is already inside?

    The current Striker is even more boring and unituitive, I think most of us agree on that. The same goes for the TRAP. It's not that they are literally a death sentence to equip, it's that they are not as cool as the alternative arsenals (VS, NC).
  12. Nepau

    One thing I would like to show as a refrence to your list here is what of those weapons have been nurfed atleast once in their lifetime:

    T2 Striker
    Proton II PPA
    MR1 Fracture
    Phoenix (right after it was put in)
    TR Infatry weapons, and well everyones weapons really
    Prowler Lockdown
    NC Prox mines
    VS prox mines.

    so as a quick list here
    7 TR buff requests/ 4 have been nurfed in the past
    6 VS buff requests / 3 has been nurfed in the past
    2 NC buff requests / 2 have been nurfed in the past.

    Just food for thought here.
  13. Nepau

    To be more accurate, the NC infantry weapons have a rather high Vertical kick to their shots, but tend to have less Horizontal spread then the VS or TR, so while they might have a worse Recoil on a shot, their is more predictable then the others.
  14. Devrailis

    Speak for yourself.

    NC has the finest selection of weapon options to choose from across all classes. We don't lack in any particular area that matters.
  15. Pikachu

    I think most weapons have been nerfed actually. :confused: Valkyrie weapons and AA secondaries comes to mind as exceptions.
  16. TheBlindFreak

    The amount of technical effort to make them is irrelevant. They were going with lore from the original planetside.

    No one is arguing that those two specific weapons are good. I for one agree that the striker is pretty much worthless and that the trap needs some small adjustments in the recoil and COF department to be viable. At the same time though, you have pounders, vulcans, prowler lockdown, the best mbt HE rounds, the smallest and fastest esf, the best default side arm, and a great selection for infantry primaries.

    I'm all in favor of buffing those two specific weapons. I'm not in favor of making it sound like the TR as a whole is under powered. And I'm certainly not in favor a idiots who make thread titles like "Requests to buff TR weapons - and the scum who opposes it". That's entirely unnecessary.
  17. Pat22

    Pretty much this. Any NC player that goes around complaining about how bad NC guns are is really just letting everyone know that he's bad even when given the finest arsenal in the game.
  18. Ronin Oni

    Could work... would be a solid improvement in the weapon.....

    Might even be all it needs (not the no-reload ammo belt)
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  19. Ballto21

    Sounds like you dont know how to aim.

    Maybe stop using the GD7F and carnage and use weapons that actually dont shake worse than a monkey with parkinsons? Like the mercenary? Stock assault rifle? Tross? Anchor? cyclone?
  20. Lucidius134

    This thread's about buffing ****** TR stuff. Why are people talking about the NC's arsenal (which is lack luster in the LMG department in part to a few sharing similar roles).

    Strike is **** bad.