[Suggestion] Requests to buff TR weapons - and the scum who opposes it

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    This is a begging thread out of my final desperation. Within, I'll ask for a buff to disfunctional TR weapons. If you are not interested, the x is in the upper right corner.

    There've been some sparce requests to buff some NC weapons, several more to buff VS weapons (just think about any, non-Orion VS LMG, or just the Spiker), and even significantly more to buff TR weapons.

    If it's this persistent, there's ought to be something behind it, right? Each time TR asks for a buff regarding their weaponry what's the response? "you do not fall too far behind on alerts", "[link to statistics]", "you have the Vulcan". And those responses are completely right.

    From where does this contradiction come from, then? The answer is clean and simple - we put up a good fight using common pool weapons: copy-paste launchers, copy-paste sniper rifles, copy-paste shotguns, almost copy-paste anything (don't even mention NS), that isn't an ES thing. And we just arrived to the root of the problem:

    Our infantry based Empire Specific weapons are worthless garbage. Junk. Useless. Worthless. Pathetic and miserable. They are a pain in our @$$. They are not cool to use, they are not anything my opponents would be jealous of. People send me a f*cking "lol" when I fire at them with my Striker.
    • Strictly excluded from this category is the glorious and magnificent minigun, that is mostly overlooked, but sounds awesome, looks awesome, and is useful.
    I tried hard to love the TRAP. I auraxiumed it. NEVER AGAIN. I tried shining the glory of the TR with the Striker: "hey peasants, look at this fine TR dakka". NEVER EVER FRIGGIN' AGAIN.

    The situation is so dire in my opinion, that
    I pretend my long-range ESAV weapon is the M9 SKEP Launcher, and my ES sniper rifle is the Bighorn.

    I beg a SOE developer to have a look here and do something, because I consider myself to be among the most devoted to my faction, and I consider leaving it for good. People are actually leaving TR, although it is yet to be significant. They are not leaving because we don't have functional weapons, they are leaving because our weapons are not as unique as that of the others.

    If that's not possible, would someone who agrees with me forward this to Reddit, or whereever they are hiding?

    This is not a thread to ask for ES weapons that outperform others'. This is a thread to ask for functional ES weapons. If you don't agree this should be done, please tell me why. In a reply I'll soon state what I'd consider to give us something special and useful.
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    I ran through these search results searching for "buff" in title: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps...652/&q=buff&o=date&c[title_only]=1&c[node]=32

    After noting down and counting the results (title search only, but I did look into the topics), I did a separate search for each item in my list, and added the number of remaining topics which ask for buffs (excluding those topics that have "buff" in their title, so they are not counted twice, also excluding threads with negative opinions regarding a given item).

    The "please rework/change/revamp this weapon" threads are acknowledged as requests to buffs, for the posters are not pleased with the given item: instead of asking for a straight up buff, they ask for something alternative that is more effective.

    Excluding NS buff requests, the top requests that I found are:
    • TRAP (17)
    • T2 Striker (17)
    • Spiker (16)
    • Phaseshift (11)
    • Lasher X2 (8)
    • MAX Lockdown (7)
    • Proton II PPA (4)
    • MR1 Fracture (4)
    • Phoenix (4)
    • ZOE (3+) - was too short for the search engine
    • TR Infantry weapons in general (3)
    • Prowler Lockdown (2)
    • NC Bouncing Betty (2)
    • VS Proximity Mine (2)
    • T4 AMP (2+) - was too short for the search engine
    It is interesting to note how the biggest concern of VS was a sidearm, while TR's top-concern is an infantry based ESAV launcher, which weights far more in my opinion. Also note how absent NC is from the list. The latter should make it clear for the remaining few people that NC as a faction received far more love than the other two. This is good, but can we also get some love?
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  4. Ballto21

    statistically, your assault rifles are best in class, and in practice many are as well. You also have a lot of very good carbines (trac-5 is good, jaguar is widely accepted as the best 0.75 ads if not one of the best in game, armistice, while still pale compared to the cyclone, is better than an eridani and is a good weapon, the cougar is unique and good, the repeater is amazing, prowlers are arguably the best av tank, hellfires are certainly the best air to ground pods because rof and such, and quite a few more)

    not to say i disagree with you, there certainly are tr weapons that need a buff or to be added (waiting on you ESMBT secondaries that are being added)

    Among my personal list id enjoy seeing buffed

    AMC (one of my favourite carbines but could use better accuracy)
    debatably the hailstorn
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    I appreciate your support. Among the ones you mentioned, AMC, Hailstorm, Banshee: they might only need slight tweaking, they are useful in their current state. Now compare these weapons to the Striker, or the TRAP. The AMP can be decent, I use it. But it's not good.
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  6. Ballto21

    im not going to deny the hailstorm amc and banshee are usable, and only needs slight tweaks and would be at the bottom of any list to be changed, but they could use something. hell the banshee needs something after the nerf. The amp, i think they intentionallt want *** subpar, because its a pocket smg, they worry tr stalkers would be too good.

    I think significant buffs to the spikers charge mechanic, the mag scat, and the amp would bring stalkers on par faction to faction.

    The only thing i 100% disagree with you with is the TRAP. The trap is a great weapon, but its not a sniper, nor should it ever have been entered into that category. its a scout rifle. Both it and the sabre are fantastic in some situations. that might just be me though.

    You could say it's a great weapon. It's decent in a typical Scout "Sniper" class, when hunting enemy infiltrators. But I have numerous weapons for that task on all my classes. I'd swap it anytime for a working ES sniper rifle.
  8. Quikloc007

    I disagree. TR weapons are not bad considering how really bad they were about a year ago. I main TR & VS. IMO The VS need a male Armor buff in apperappearance. And options to add a few more rounds for some weapons. ;)
  9. Nregroepis

    Apparently, I hear someone did an experiment with a basic TR automatic rifle. It took 3 shots to kill a target in the head, while the other two factions require 4 shots to the head to kill the target.
  10. Stargazer86

    TR needs work in a number of areas, yes. If I had to pick our top three issues, it'd be the Striker, Fracture, and Banshee. The Striker and Fracture are both the worst ES Launcher and ESAV Max weapon, respectively. Both need a buff in some form or fashion. I don't personally own the Striker, and of that I'm glad, because the thing appears to be pretty darned useless when it comes to actually damaging vehicles. I'd rather have a Grounder 100% of the time over that thing. And let me tell you, the Fractures are just awful. I'd much rather use dual Pounders if I'm attempting to kill vehicles.

    The Banshee got overnerfed, pure and simple. It's not even a shadow of its former self. It's trash. Did it need to be toned down? Sure. Did it need it THIS much? Oh heck no.
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  11. LazyAsian

    Really? If anything, NC should be the guy who can two shot head shot.

    But ontopic, even as I do main NC, TR could use buffs. I swear that TR uses more NS weapons than ES, and that's bad.

    Whenever I go against TR I just stand at a distance was watch for white tracers...
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  12. Ballto21

    lies and slander. NC take three, as they use 167 tier guns (167*2=334 334*3=1002, infantry hp=1000, 143*2=286 286*3=858)

    VS and TR take four at all ranges
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  13. Tommyp2006

    That might be true if TR weapons had higher damage per shot than other faction's weapons, but they don't.
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  14. Ronin Oni

    You can only edit for 30 min, so reserving a slot for more post doesn't work....


    Striker does need a buff. Just to velocity though. It's a good unique mechanic though. It's a pocket burster.

    Alone it is pretty useless... but so is a lonely G2A, so I don't see the problem. If a solo Striker could down any ESF it'd be a big problem.

    Also, Stealth... uhm.... They broke the strikers limited usefulness last patch and something needs to address that for sure. I think it was intended for coyotes, but obviously strikers got affected sharing coyote mechanic, so that was fubared.

    As for MCG.... eh... not really sure what they can do. About all I can think to do is just give it the whole damn capacity in an unending clip.... No reloads. As it is it's bascially a higher RPM LMG but requiers spinup making it inferior ususally. Just bad design but it's also somewhat a classic design.

    Another possibility is remove ADS, drop it to a proper lower hold minigun, and then combine with no reload mechanic. RMB instead of ADS would spin up barrel, but due to lower weapon hold you couldn't peak over cover with it as the downside.

    MAX lockdown is great, you guys seriously should stop complaining about that. Only now has Aegis been finally buffed to affect splash from in front which might actually make that good finally, and VS has a self-nerf button. Charge is the best option on all 3 factions most the time (or ALWAYS on VS) but TR can actually use lockdown to great effect even if limited in opportunity.

    Pounders and MAX AI guns are fine. Fractures need their damn accuracy back since they nerfed the AI damage.

    TRAP... eh... honestly I wouldn't sweat it It's a funky mid-range scout rifle, but useable. Phaseshift is just crap. We've given up on it, you should too. There's no good mechanic to add for snipers. NC got it, but it kinda fits their faction flavor so let em have it, it's not a big deal anyways. Good snipers use the T3 BASRs for long range or the short range with 4x BASRs anyways.

    Lasher is neat, but honestly I expect them to release Thumpers sooner or later which will end that faction unqiue. It's a nice teamplay weapon but is awful for direct 1v1. Jackhammer is just a good longer range shotgun.

    The only real discrepency IMO is in ESRL, and the Striker just needs a lil tweaking, and to be saved from this Stealth counters Coyote bit... If you gave it high enough velocity, it could be used to output similar DPS to 300-400m targets as the Lancer.
  15. Iridar51

    You confuse it with NC default assault rifle. It kills in 3 headshots within 10m, and 4 headshots outside that range. TR and VS default ARs kill in 4 headshots at all ranges.
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  16. FocusLight

    "Screw your fix requests, TR guns were worse off a year ago, so you don't need any fixes today. Also, screw your list of requested fixes twice over, I want a VS COSMETIC BOOST."

    Your protest is noted.
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  17. Liewec123

    since the pounder ammo nerf i've revisited fractures, the 110 ammo capacity is so refreshing after using pounders,
    i do love pounders but the ammo nerf has buried them for me, i used fractures again last night and had a pretty great time with them,
    they're still better than Vorteks :p

    i also use striker exclusively on my HA (even though i have decimator and grounder) and i actually like the weapon, of the 3 ESRLs its my favourite for AA to a point where i actually enjoy seeing enemy air coming at our outpost :D
  18. Ryo313

    the striker needs a buff without a doubt... its the only ESRL thats completly useless compared to the other 2

    G2A? meh we already have the grounder which peforms in every single aspect better then the striker does.
    the only thing where the striker shines is that ESFs and other Air vehicles don't get the lock on signal but on the other hand the rockets are to slow to hit any ESF that isn't hovering near you.

    i still haven't bought the striker because i don't see any point in doing so... i can do everything with the grounder as well and even better then i could do with the striker. ( G2A G2G and AI )

    i would like to see the striker as more of an anti ground vehicle launcher because for G2A tr has the grounder for that.
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  19. Quikloc007

    Lol, are you having a bad day? TR weapons are not that bad. The Striker is about the worse. But most weapons are very capable of killing very effectively IMO.

    Here is my take on the issue, per Empire Specific weapon, and with functionality comparison. I got into lengthy thinking, and thus missed my WIP reservation, but whatever.

    T2 Striker
    Yes, it has greater than average DPS, yes it can be convenient to use at close range. But it is situational, and that's not even the worst part of it.

    Compare it to the other ESAV options. Not purely by effectiveness, but also by looks and functionality. You have a multi-shot dumbfire (that can also easily eliminate aircraft when it's already hammering the spawn room) versus camera guided rocket launchers and instant hitting particle beam weapons. Are you going to effectively use it in a large open battleground?

    I mean, just think. What takes the most time to come up with? And don't get me started with the old striker, even though it was good: what takes more time to come up with? A chargeable particle beam weapon (new mechanism at the time), a camera guided launcher (new mechanism at the time), or something old in a new skin (annihilator, since beta)?

    TR should have top of the line conventional weaponry, yes. So what's so unconventional about a laser guided multi-rocket launcher? Or that's too overpowered compared to a weapon capable of instantly hitting from beyond render distance and looks beyond awesome? Or a weapon that you can fire from behind cover with zero risk of getting rekt and once again looks beyond awesome?

    Or would a laser guided launcher be too overpowered in this game? Oh yes, I'm sure it would be, unless you have not one but two per player and on an armored platform (MAX), and if it's blue. Disgusting.

    Yes, it is actually a decent close-mid range weapon that is adequate at hunting infiltrators and flanking. Look at it this way: we at TR get a 3-round burst scout rifle into an arsenal (scout rifles) that already has several semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons. This is hardly an interesting addition, yet alone a useful one.

    Compared to what? A chargeable plasma sniper rifle with unlimited ammunition? Or a Railgun so awesome I abuse the trial bug and play it for 30 minutes a few days repeatedly?

    Please, mark the part in the game's description that says TR is obligated to have boring weapons.

    Also, please define how it would be considered game breakingly overpowered to
    • significantly increase the firing rate on this garbage (the time to fire each burst, not the delay between them)
      • while increasing the time between bursts, favoring long range combat
    • have the recoil removed from it when burst firing, and add it up into a final big kick
    • add larger zoom scopes
    effectively making it into a classic sniper rifle that lands not one, but 3 bullets at virtually the same spot, while doing somewhat less damage with all 3 bullets hit (compared to other ESSRs), since it is easier to fire subsequent shots.

    T4 AMP
    Situational, but pretty decent. It's not a sidearm that's making entire outfits (regardless of quality) leave this faction. It's the boring ES weapons, especially in comparison to other factions' alternatives. This thing could use 3 more bullets per magazine, and a slightly longer reload, but that's just my opinion, it doesn't need a serious rethinking.

    MR1 Fracture
    I could spare the lecture, since I've already written it numerous times. We get a dumbfire, past-mid-long-range-useless or at least situationally limited, boring weapon with an already existing mechanism against an arsenal of

    instantly hitting particle beam weapons, and
    laser guided dual rocket launchers with serious damage.

    Please, explain how this is fair. And don't get me started on "muh freedom" and "it's good at close range", it's not.

    I'm okay with it, the thread was about infantry based weapons (guns). If anything, the MAX lockdown could use a slight buff, since it is extremely high-risk high-reward.
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