[Suggestion] Requests for a visually impaired gamer regarding the map

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Robert Patrician, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Robert Patrician

    I hope you love this game as much as I do. I've found an outfit that does highly organized strikes and it's a pleasure to run with them. However I'm significantly visually impaired, and I'd like to request a few features. I do not believe any of these would affect gameplay balance, and they would likely only be used by a small but appreciative percentage of the population. These features might also be useful for new players.

    Each of these would of course be completely optional, not turned on by default.

    1. Put a special border around the hexes that have one of your squadmates.
    2. Currently you can set the different squads to different colors. I'd like to be able to set them to different shapes as well. Circles, triangles, squares and stars, for those of us severely colorblind this would be amazing.
    3. A button you can hold down to dramatically increase the size of your squad and platoon markers on the map, letting you quickly spot where they are. Does not affect enemy spots or non-platoon members.
    4. Make your personal indicator much larger on the map.
    5. Ability to bind a key to toggle between fixed minimap and rotating minimap.
    6. A button you can hold down when in the map view to put LARGE text indicators on each hex of what that hex is called. Great for if you're still learning the map.

    Would love to hear your suggestions on how the game could be made more accessible to visually impaired gamers.
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  2. HippoCryties

    Yeah, reading this makes me think all games should have a sort of visually impaired mode. I feel bad for you, you just wanna enjoy the game
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  3. Neo3602

    Aside from the diverting dev resources I don't see why not. Making games more accessible for people with disabilities is always a good thing.
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  4. Robert Patrician

    If they bundle 10 or so simple adjustments for visually impaired gamers, it certainly becomes newsworthy.