Requesting feedback on my preformance (Video)

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  1. DarkStarII

    So I've gotten an upgrade allowing me to create videos :)
    Therefore I kindly ask for anyone to give me feedback on what I do.
    It's half an hour long so it hopefully won't take up too much of your time. ;)
  2. toast2250

    If you can farm the 5 ribbons that are given to you within an hour or less and can maintain a K/D of 1/1, 2/1 then your doing well.
  3. DarkStarII

    So I'm doing well?
  4. UberNoob1337101

    Watched most of the video. The gameplay is really good and you're doing well, the only complaint that I have is that you can do better.

    So, some tips for a better experience, since I noticed some things were troubling you :

    • If you notice that people are going for headshots, crouch while in combat. It'll allow you to avoid some hits.
    • Don't face those HAs head-on. Flank them or group up with the team if you need to take them down, but just avoid head-on.
    • Whatever you do, just avoid standing still and react as quickly as possible. I saw that few times in your video you died because of that, move left and right to avoid getting killed. Also avoid constantly running in straight lines, that should minimize your chances of getting sniped.
    • Don't use the more ammo suit slot unless you know you will kill or farm a lot. Nanoweave would be better in most of the situations where you were playing the Slug Shotgun light assault.
    • Get better internet. The best tip that I can give you. (lol)
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  5. FieldMarshall

    I only had time to watch like 1-2mins. So the only thing i noticed is that you could try to pace your shots more.
    Its important for shotguns since the difference between a hit/miss is so huge, and the ROF is so slow.
    So basically: Spend more time between each shot (like 0.3-0.5 seconds) to make sure your aim is on the target instead of trying to maximise ROF.
    That way you spend less time reloading, and enemies die quicker (even though you technically shoot slower)

    Situational awareness and almost everything else was pretty good.
  6. DarkStarII

    My internet is usually much better. A few people were watching Netflix at the time. :(
  7. Moridin6

    put that shotgun away
    everyone you came across would have perished/sooner if youd been using a carbine
  8. DarkStarII

    Doing it for the directive. As you can see, it's tracked.
  9. Moridin6

    then maybe pick more indoor fights?
  10. DarkStarII

    There's not many fights to choose from on Briggs. :(
  11. nehylen

    Watched from start to 13:00. I'm playing a lot of Icarus LA recently, so i can help you on quite a few issues.
    Formal issues:
    • Theorycraft your primary some: Slugs and Thanatos don't get along well. If you use slugs your primary loadout should be either Pandora+ext.mag OR Nova+Laser sight (or Phobos+ext.mag if you want a PA slug, but it's harder to play). The Thanatos vs Nova choice is only valid in terms of buckshot rounds, because you have a balance between mag size/reload/spread, as slugs have the same stats on all shotguns (500 max at 10m; 360 min at 40m -includes Baron G5-; 800 max at 10m, 400 min at 40m on PA shotties), contrary to default buckshot rounds
    • Theorycraft your secondary to complement your primary: Shotguns have a short effective range, even with slugs. You have the right idea with your Serpent+Blackhand loadout, except the Serpent needs the Blackhand much less than your shotgun does. A shotgun user should have a Blackhand as his range backup all the time. Also valid for SMGs, and to a lesser degree the very slow velocity carbines (like your Serpent). The effective range of the Spiker is about the same as your shotgun's. Also never charge your Spiker unless you have a good reason to do so. You're better off considering the secondary fire mode doesn't exist at all.
    • Pick a lv.1 implant, whichever it is. With Icarus jumpjets, i advise the safefall implant, but enhanced targeting can work well, Battle hardened is always a safe choice if you're not convinced by either. Regeneration if you use C4. Remember you can create super chargers if need be (mix a lv.1 and a lv.2 implant).
    • You probably have too high AdS sensitivity: it shows when you can't nail that LA at around 2:00 when he's basically a bunch of certs asking for a swift death (newbie hipfiring while jetjumping from 25~20m, without a laser sight...), and end up losing to him due to that
    • Don't use C4 with Icarus. The lack of horizontal thrust make them way too slow a delivery platform. Go for medkits/restokits.
    • Remove all that directive crap clogging up your interface. You need all the visibility you can get. Also pick a normal reflex sight instead of one that is detrimental to your aim (slugs need to be shot in the head, not in the shoulder).
    • Put model quality to low in your graphic settings, this is a setting demanding on CPU power(increases the poly count on models from a longer range) and PS2 needs CPU power. What you can get away with easily is character texture quality and environment texture quality, as those are only demanding on video ram quantity (which PS2 doesn't require much off, unless playing in ultra high resolutions, 4K+ or triple screens, stuff like that)
    Gameplay issues
    • You don't know the effective range of your slug shotgun well enough either in ads or in hipfire. There are some engagements that you should know to get away from the very instant you engage. This comes with experience, though a little VR training with the rangefinder implant wouldn't hurt: see just how easily you deal with targets at a given range with a given loadout while strafing left and right. Consider your general effective range in these conditions (inc. the ammo left before you need to reload), then consider that live targets are harder to hit and reduce it further. A good illustration is the whole sequence around 9:30 where you're just walking in a fully open area, when you should've hugged that wall+ledge to your left, and gotten faster to the building's side (a barren field is the bane of LAs) , and did engage guys right in the open far from effective range: killing that HA was a gamble on your part.
    • In that same sequence, instead of doing hops, you should've just gone straight up with your jets (Icarus jets tend to offset enemy aim quite a bit) and spammed medkits -and you had C4-.
    • Stop respawning at a camped sundy. You're just getting farmed. You wound up getting farmed once too many by that Matt098 fellow in the amp station. Wait 15~20s so he gets away, or respawn elsewhere
    • When you're in the open scaling walls/prefabs, use your jumps to get a quick peek at your surroundings, you're currently very much bound by tunnel vision, especially on your jumps. You currently act as if you were jumping those walls in real life (looking purely at the front and up when scaling), when you're just playing a video game character
    Biggest gameplay issue (logical follow-up to the above points): you're not thinking as an Icarus jumpjetter should.
    Take the sequence at around 2:15~2:25: you litterally face that LA. You end up getting him, but I would've gone under the bridge, made a jump to land right behind his back. This is the best illustration, but in general you're thinking way too much like a footsoldier who can scale walls rather than as an elusive threat always on the flank.
    The sequence at around ~1:30 shows it very well: you're checking everywhere as if you were a medic or HA, when you should've just scaled the tower roof from the exterior, went down super fast from the exterior still (ideally from another angle) and arrive on the 1st floor from an angle you assumed was safe. SafeFall implant can help with that by the way.
    This is further emphasized by your attitude on point capture at around 6:50 : this is a long cap, and you're a light assault, not checking his surroundings, ending up being killed easily. Make that point flip while quickly passing by, check the building, scale the roof from behind, scale the tower. Make another brief passage to further flip it. MOVE. You should only be rather static if you're "sniping" targets (with a Blackhand!), and know that they're too busy with other guys to truly notice you.
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  12. DarkStarII

    Wow, nice reply thanks :)
    But there's a few things I'm going to say.
    I had just started using slugs. This was taken about 45 mins after I bought them. So me not knowing much about them is kind of expected. ;) I'll put those tips to good use.
    Also, I like the Spiker's charge mode. It's easier to aim with than the Blackhand.
    Plus I am running an implant. It is safe landing :) I have too many chargers. Almost 200 normal ones and 4 ultra chargers.

    Could you try and watch the rest when you get the time? :)

    Oh and one more thing. My CPU is an i7-5500 so there's no problem with the model quality. This is also why I turned shadows on, everything was too bright :(
  13. Reclaimer77

    The only respect in this world that really matters is self respect. If you depend on others for validation, you're never going to be a happy person.

    How do YOU think you did? Did YOU have fun? That's all that matters.
  14. toast2250

    If hes going for directives I can only imagine on how he fells. No wonder he appeared like a wannabe twitcher in the video straining and flexing himself.

    I for example tried to do directive that involved 52/60 8 Mosquite Banshee kills and immediately felt a sharp pain in the butt as expected. The pain somehow pointed in the direction of me being rekt by ace elitists (before running out of resources) and the Banshee being nerfed into uselessness.
  15. Iridar51

    After watching half the video, I can say that you're not a bad player, but you are massively hindered by bad machine, bad connection (sometimes) and questionable loadout choices.

    It's good that you're willing to improve and brave enough to post your footage like that, which already puts you miles ahead mindless zerglings.

    I want to write more specific advice, but I need to know if you're using slugs throghout the whole video, or parts of it are with buckshot?
  16. DarkStarII

    The whole time I was using a shotgun it had slugs.
    I did have fun :D it's why I had some strange loadouts, I found them fun to use. I wasn't originally going to upload a video, I just though "why not". This is mainly just me messing around with slugs. ;)
  17. Iridar51

    This is kinda counterproductive to our effort. It's hard to give advice based on a fringe loadout that would make most players struggle.

    For most playstyles, Icarus and Drifters are straight downgrades to default Jump Jets, especially if it makes you waste implant slot on safe fall.

    And do you REALLY need ammo belt? It's a waste of a slot in general, exceptions being:
    - top tier snipers, who can snipe from one place until run out of ammo
    - stalkers with a weapon other than crossbow, which tend to run out of ammo fast
    - top tier players using weapons with high ammunition expenditure, like full auto shotguns.

    I wouldn't recommend using slugs, especially semi auto ones, especially on VS, who due to an old and ignored by devs bug get 25 m/s lower velocity for no upside.


    The rest is typed as I watch the video, so in chronological order:
    (for best results, watch the video as you read it, so you can see better what I'm talking about)

    1. You want to go up the tower, and based on the minimap you already know there's an enemy up there. You're playing LA, so you have no reason to go through the gravity lift. You have a jet pack, use it to fly up the tower along the outer side.

    But even if you use the gravity lift, don't allow it to overshoot you. Hold forward + crouch as you approach the top of the tower.

    2. You fire while mid air, normally you should avoid that unless very close to the enemy or you don't have any other choice. That wasn't close enough.

    And you shouldn't hip fire at that range. Slugs have absolutely terrible hip fire, beaten only by sniper rifles. Slugs aren't worth hip firing unless almost within melee range.

    It's good that you took a pause after landing before continuing to shoot, but you don't spam your shotgun so much, don't fire more than 2-3 rounds at once, because shotguns have very high bloom per shot. At least you managed to finish the enemy with your sidearm, so good on that.

    Some general advice about slugs:

    3. Blowing up Lightning. It's faster to throw both bricks and then detonate them both at the same time. Lightning wasn't smoking, so it was obvious it would take 2 bricks. Only throw bricks one by one if you're in immediate danger of dying, and you wanna make sure you do somedamage before going down.

    4. Your reaction to enemy LA was spot on, but you didn't aim well enough to kill him, so obviously this is something you need to work on. Make sure your aim is on the target before firing.

    It's better to take an extra moment to aim and kill the enemy in 2-3 shots than fire right away and don't kill him in 5 shots.

    And by the time he was flying, he was well enough "must ADS" range.

    Consider changing your mouse sensitivity, as it looks a bit high to me:

    5. At 2:00 you engaged enemy LA. You still had 3 rounds in your shotgun, so no reason to switch to your sidearm at that time. Getting a better feel for your magazine size is something that will come with experience.

    6. At 2:45 you got killed an enemy on the bridge. In general, it's better to habitually look around to "clear" the surrounding area.

    Like in one of the older videos of mine, I spot an enemy LA chasing me:

    I had no reason to look around, so I jokingly added "spider sense" later, but I look around all the time.

    7. Later you keep respawning on the same sunderer which is being camped by enemy. Unless you have a crowd of allies - which you didn't - it's better to spawn on another spawn point.

    I guess it's up to personal preference. I would hate to play into enemy's hands by dying to him over and over in the same place.

    8. Good decision to climb the tree. Enemies within your effective range (27m for semi auto slugs for their consistent 3 body shot kill against full nano target) and a fitting camo to hide in snowy leaves.

    Bonus points for changing position after first kill, but you should not have given away your position by spotting.

    I fully support that taunt.

    9. Later you get shot by a flak turret, which is cute, but you still shouldn't continue on your route so obviously and carefree. That guy can still spot you for his allies.

    Then you flew on the roof, completely open to that position. Remember that the guy in the turret can just exit the turret and shoot you, which he did.

    10. At 4:28, that guy keeps engaging you from the high ground, and you fly on a roof, completely exposing yourself to him.

    Majestic wings of flame behind your back exist to provide you with height advantage over the unworthy who would oppose you. Allowing them to take height advantage of you is shamefur dispray.

    Your best bet would probably be to try to get to the top of the tower yourself, and engage that enemy in a more close and personal manner. It would also open enemies below to you.

    In general and especially as LA, taking control over high ground is a priority, because it makes further engagements that much easier.

    Manfred von Richthofen figured this out way back during WW1, use his wisdom.

    11. When capping a point, don't stand still, keep looking around. And even maybe move. You will be easier to spot, but at least you will be already moving if an enemy opens on you.

    And it gives you a chance to spot an enemy on approach, or even catch him sprinting, which is anyway better than conceding first shot to the enemy.

    12. Is there a specific reason you keep checking the scoreboard so often? Worrying too much over your current performance will only make it harder for you to perform. I find focused indifference to be the best state for playing well.

    13. 6:20 you and your sunderer are constantly being shot, it's well past time you moved it.

    14. At 11:57 you engage a HA. He wasn't aware of you, so you had time to aim better.

    15. Nice multikill at 12:50, I like your spinning and hip fire snap aiming, though the infil in particular was a bit too far for comfortable hip firing.

    And obviously 'twas a mistake to fall with your back to the enemy spawn room like that.

    16. When there was ~40 seconds left on capture timer, wouldn't it be better to consolidate on the cap point to make sure you secure the base? If that was your goal, of course.

    17. At 14:05 you come in contact with enemy HA, and your first instinct was spot on - use the building as cover. But then you strafe back and try to engage an enemy HA (!) that knows where you are (!!).

    Remember: you don't want to fight a glowing guy that's shooting at you. If you do - you're playing his game. Try to never do that.

    If you have an option - disengage to engage later. Only fight directly as last ditch effor.

    You want to shoot in his exposed back, when his overshield is down. They don't fight fair, neither should you.

    My insinct would be to go on the roof of the building and try to get a flanking position, even with slugs. Element of surprise matters more than weapon.

    18. 17:30 Why you park your sundy so far from the base and in such open space? Is it because it was a backup to a sundy your squadmate brought later?

    19. 19:15 - were you really about to use a whole C4 brick on one guy that you didn't even know where he was?

    Seems wasteful.

    20. 19:35 Wow that stalker is a real piece of human trash. First terminal camping, now sunderer camping? Bleh.

    But again, don't hip fire and don't spam shots. Let your CoF reset every 2-3 shots.

    Also, you can chain together knife swinging and switching to sidearm.

    Basically, hit quick knife and right after hit 2, and you will bring out your sidearm after the knife swing. Faster & cooler.

    21. 20:30 - I just want to note that this is a perfect roof that LA wants to be on. Covered from left by allied tanks and by sniper squad mate from the right. Ideal.

    22. At 23:05 and 23:40 you didn't clear your right and that got you killed.

    23. I like your awareness at 25:00. On your way to res an ally, you had sense to hold on to your weapon and clear the area. Too many zerglings run around with med tool primary.

    I like how you noticed that enemy infiltrator behind the doorway.

    Allied cloak from left sort of "cleared" your left, if you noticed that.

    It was quite amazing of that infil to hit that shot, so not your bad. It was his fight to lose, and he didn't.

    You could rush him more aggressively, but then he could body shot + knife instakill you, so you did everything right, IMO.

    There was a moment where you gave him a tiny pause to prepare for you. He knew you would come from that doorway, because you already fired at him from there.

    You could flank him from the left door, but it's reasonable to expect most infiltrators to hit a headshot at that range while being under fire.

    24. At 25:50 you take the same infil head-on. It paid off, but it was risky, you were playing his game. It would be wiser to flank.

    25. At 26:00, you engage an enemy with your shield down. Unnecessary risk. You had an option of waiting to restore your shield, should have done that.

    Watched the video to the end, didn't notice anything else remarkable. Your medic gameplay seems solid.
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  18. Iridar51

    ^ meant to say this
  19. DarkStarII

    Another great reply :D
    I'll put my response in red.
    Thanks again for the great feedback. :D
  20. Iridar51

    You're welcome, though you didn't have to use justifications, everyone makes mistakes, it's normal. What's important is to notice them and to work on fixing them.

    Loadout suggestions then? You don't need to though.
    The default LA loadout:
    What implant would you recommend? I never really used an implant before. Safe Landing is just a convenience, I don't really need to use it.
    Regeneration implant - even rank 1 - is a huge deal for us LAs, as it allows to carry C4 and still have a way of regenerating health. Huge boost to convenience and longevity. Forget about calling for medic ever again.
    Originally this loadout was built with a pump-action shotgun and I ran out of ammo quite quickly.
    I find hard to believe this happens often enough to justify the loss of nanoweave.

    But let's say you ran out of ammo. Why not just redeploy / make way to allied terminal / find an ammo pack, allied or enemy?

    I can see as engineers may be a problem on briggs, if every fight is 1-12/1-12, but other actions are still valid.

    If you have a spawn nearby, it shouldn't take you too long to make way into combat again. And if you don't have a spawn nearby, you have no reason in being there in the first place. Sure LAs are strong independent and socially secure, but we still need teammates to do things with us. To form front lines we can flank.

    If there's nobody around, what good are you?

    The reason top tier snipers may benefit from the ammo belt is that the cost of re-inserting for them is high. If it takes an ESF taxi from the warpgate to get a sniper into a good position, he wants to be able to stay there for as long as possible. Because by the time he gets there a second time, the fight can be well over.

    This isn't the same for you, cost of re-inserting for you barely exists.

    I found semi auto slugs to be the most versatile shotgun option (with what I had available).
    Still hard to use and comparatively weak. Use what you like, just sayin'.

    From my experience with Icarus jumpjets, I usually failed at going up the towers, hitting my head and all.
    Part of the reason why you shouldn't use Icarus :) Hitting your head? Over what? Let me show:

    When I C4 Lightnings, 1 piece usually sets them alight. That's what I was going for.
    Why? Surely dead Lightning is beater than Lightning on fire.
    4. Your reaction to enemy LA was spot on, but you didn't aim well enough to kill him, so obviously this is something you need to work on. Make sure your aim is on the target before firing. Another fault of mine. :oops:It's not a fault. Just shows you the direction that would improve you the most.
    I should've looked around :oops: . Another case of tunnel vision.

    A good way to help you instinctively remember to clear the area is to not allow yourself feel safe until you do. Immediate safety is the most basic human instinct. You can't feel safe until you look around, so you will never forget about it.
    Also, it's not really tunnel vision, as that would imply you focusing on something ahead of you, like fighting another enemy, but you were just going about your business.

    Force of habit, that spot was. :oops:
    Try to unlearn that habit, use Spotting sparingly as Light Assault. Often it's not worth giving away your position just to tell you what you already know:

    Yes, I was planning on walking alond the wall. I slipped.
    If I had a cert every time I died to tripping over a tiny pebble on the ground or a 3 inch incline...
    Basically, hit quick knife and right after hit 2, and you will bring out your sidearm after the knife swing. Faster & cooler. I tried to do that but it didn't work. Occasionally when I empty my weapon and then quick knife, my weapon gets hidden and stuck in a reload with me unable to to do anything (swap weapon, quick knife again, etc).
    I have heard about that bug from other people, and even seen it happen, but never to me. I think this is because I have bound quick knife to mouse scroll.