Request to Engineers from Infiltrators

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Kislany, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. Kislany

    Dear engineers,

    May I kindly request that you do NOT throw a pack of ammo right in front of hiding friendly infiltrators. It is a dead giveaway for their position. There is a reason for a stalker to be where he is, and at that time there is really no need for a pack of ammo right at their feet.

    your friendly infiltrator

    Today I got killed twice by the enemy because they knew exactly my position from the pack of ammo that I got thrown at my feet by an engineer or another. I've also heard from several infils in game chat complaining about it. I mean where does this engineer (bad) habit come from anyway? Do you really want to get us killed on the spot? Seriously.
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  2. Ginjix

    I've had this happen to me before as an infil, but there is not much you can do about it other than to just try to move away. I actually get much more annoyed when friendlies reveal you to the enemy with their flashlights.
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  3. KiakoLalene

    Maybe we want to give you ammo.
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  4. Targanwolf

    Let me write this down........check the class of everyone around before dropping ammo. Got it.
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  5. Kislany

    Let me write this down...I didn't realize that cloaked infils looked just like 'other classes'. it's new to me.

    When there is a big battle and lots of people around, it's ok. i'm talking about when I'm pretty much alone in that area and an engi sees me, takes pity on me (or whatever), comes over, drops the ammo at my feet and goes on his merry way.

    I just don't get it. I'm alone with noone around me for meters away, I'm deeply cloaked (and there is a reason for it) and something makes the engi get the idea that the poor lone cloaker in that lone corner is asking for ammo. Because that won't reveal their location ever. Noway. *sigh*
  6. MajiinBuu

    Because enemies become weary when they see an ammo pack, right?
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  7. Kislany

    When there is an ammo pack in the corner (in a mostly empty room), it's a dead giveaway for an infiltrator being there. Not always, but most of the times. I guess it wouldn't bother me enough to write about it if I hadn't died today twice from this. On the other hand I also killed one TR today with the same 'strategy'. Shot at the wall behind the lone ammo pack (in an empty A point, which would always flip), and there it was, the infiltrator...I guess there was an engi before in the room to supply the said infi with ammo :D
    So yeah it works both way I guess...
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  8. Jac70

    This is a non-issue really. Enemies don't immediately think Stalker Inf when they see an ammo box. It's when the point keeps flipping every time they walk away from it that they get suspicious.
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  9. Kislany

    Ok let me describe the two cases where I got killed today directly related to ammo packs. Both cases were just 2-3 people at the base. Note: stories are long as English is my 3rd language so what I could say in 20 words, I usually end up saying in about 250.

    Case 1 - like Jac70 above was saying, the point kept flipping. There were just a couple of us at the base. 2 NC kept going to flip back the point, as soon as they came back to the spawn room, the point flipped back again. So as a stalker cloaker, I went quietly to A. I flipped it back and ducked with my back to the wall, waited for the enemy to appear. Right then comes an engi, storming through the room.

    He sees me, drops an ammo pack right at my feet, and storms out to check other rooms. As soon as he leaves (I didn't even have a chance to move), an enemy LA flies from the top down to the point A. He stops right in front of the ammo pack for a second - probably to resupply. Then then goes once around the point, sees that it doesn't flip, goes once more around the point - nop, still not flipping, then comes right up to the ammo pack and shoots me with one headshot.

    Case 2 - which is more revealing for the point I wanted to make in my first post.

    So the battle is 2 hexes away from an Amerish tech plant. I see on the map that the tech plan has an enemy at the base, which makes me think it's probably an infiltrator 'prepping' the turrets for the imminent invasion. So I deploy to the tech plant and go up quietly to the turrets. As a stalker cloaker I never make any noise, which suits me just fine for these hacker hunting expeditions.

    I get up to the turrets, and indeed I hear the swishy-swashy noise of a busy cloaker, hacking the turrets. As I usually do, I crouch next to one of the not yet hacked turrets, waiting for the guy to come to hack it. Just then an engineer comes through the teleporter, probably to check the turrets whether they need repairing or whatnot. I am stationed at the first turret next to the teleporter because I heard the infi was somewhere close so I was waiting for him to move. The engi comes through that teleporter, sees me cloaked and crouching, stops in front of me, drops a pack of ammo and continues down the road.

    About 3 seconds later I get a bullet between my eyes with a yell "Thank the NC engineer for revealing you. I didn't know there was another infiltrator up here'.

    Yeah...thank you.
  10. Jac70

    Well I take your point, options = quietly move away from the box. In the first instance it sounds like you had a decent shot at taking down the LA or if not at least moving away to a newer location.
  11. Kislany

    I'm not such a great player (great shooter) to decloak and then hit with my mag-shot a fast moving guy (just getting now slowly up to 1 KD per game session). I'd usually wait for him to stop for a little while before taking my shot. I watch him and there is always that moment when I know I can shoot. But not right then at the beginning.
    I admit, it's probably my lack of fast reflexes that did me in (only playing for a few months, so I guess my reflexes still need improving), but the point I want to make is that there was no reason for the engi to drop an ammo pack right at my feet when there was no heavy battle going on at all. I would have probably had the time to shoot the LA with my own timing, without him being alerted to the fact that I was right behind the ammo pack.
  12. GeistScythe

    Well sometimes if you've used some ammo, the ammo icon will appeal above your head to the friendly engi so that will most likely make him want to drop some ammo for you to get xp from it. I know when I'm on point and infs spam darts that happens so I'll throw down a pack, your best bet is to just move away from the pack and use it to refill after killing the guy who starts shooting at the corner.
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  13. STR1D3R109

    Ive only really had positives from this, they will come get ammo, click reload and then ill kill them while they're defenseless.. ;P
  14. Pelojian

    I'm gonna start dropping ammo packs in empty corners at contested bases just for my amusement with thoughts of unlucky enemies firing at the corner and getting gunned down by other players after revealing where they are on the map.
  15. JobiWan

    This happened to me last night, maybe people got the idea from this thread :p

    I play about 70% engi and 25% infil and 5% heavy but last night I was a stalker infil just outside the A point in a tower, with the enemy spawn room just upstairs. I was crouched in a corner and a friendly engi dropped ammo at my feet, the next thing I know an enemy pops his head out of the spawn room and blam - I'm dead.

    I'd never thought of it before reading this, but I'll be more conscious of it in future. That being said, if you max your ammo pack, you can drop a way away anyway, not right at their feet, and they'll still get the ammo.

    I'm also going to try using my ammo pack as a decoy.
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  16. Cirevam

    People complain about engineers not dropping ammo, then others complain about us dropping ammo.

    I see your point, but come on.
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  17. _itg

    Noob medics will do something similar. They'll run up to you and attempt to heal you while you're still cloaked. If having a medic run into that odd corner wasn't enough of a clue that you're hiding there, now you're glowing green.
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  18. Cesar Ottani

    Wops, I had no idea. Won't do that again. Sorry. o_O
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  19. 2ndChance

    Hi OP,

    Good point.

    I usually play as engineer, and whenever I’ve dropped ammo near lone infiltrators, I’ve often thought about it afterwards. Perhaps it is better to drop it nearby, but then only if they actually request it.

    Point taken.
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  20. desktop

    Its not like i have ever seen an engineer run 200m up the mountain i am sniping from and drop an ammo pack right infront of me, giving away my position. If you are an smg/stalker infiltrator and not a sniper use it to your advantage. drop a mine next to it, use it as bait.