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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Conq, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. Conq

    Smedly, can we get one of your fantastic State of the Game threads on infantry combat? A lot of people are getting frustrated with it's growing absence and tired of vehicle spam. You can see it in the sheer number of threads and posts on the topic.

    Calm the angry mob. Give us some insight on how the development team views the situation.
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  2. Spartan 117

    I'd like to hear Smed's take on this issue. I enjoy vehicle combat but even I recognize how prominent it has become & has basically removed infantry combat altogether. I think the best solution is either increasing the resource costs dramatically like 700 for a MBT etc or increasing the cooldown substantially.
  3. Caligula41

    I don't like armour combat, I dont like flying, I just want to play infantry and kill other infantry.

    Basically, I have to play HA because the enemy always has tanks, and its probably the best class at taking out lots of enemy infantry. Another problem is, I dont like fighting in the Bio-Labs, the maps are tiny and it feels like a COD TDM map all over again. Innovate base design more, make infantry play more fun.

    Make tanks and planes only spawnable from the Warpgate (???)
  4. Sifer2

    I think cooldown/resource cost increase will just make people more cautious with their tanks always sticking in big armor columns. It wont change the core issue which is a really low TTK combined with terrain that is 90% open fields. And it's too late now for them to lock the vehicles out to people so that they can't pull everything. It was a problem since early Beta but they did nothing cause I they didn't realize it would only get worse as people played more an realized it was the best way to win.
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  5. Legwen

    Come to waterson (SP?) server, Goto the crown, Enjoy. If this fails, try the crossroads. Profit.
  6. Helwyr

    I would like to see a Dev discussion on this topic with both the lead Vehicle designer Kevmo(?) and Infantry designer Josh Sanchez(?) present.
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  7. Canaris


    Planetside 2 needs WAY more infantry combat
  8. Mocam

    I too like infantry fighting but I don't see this game as being designed in a balanced enough fashion to encourage folks to do it. It's the "lowest factor" - what you are "stuck doing" when your tanks and air-ships are on cooldown and I'm sure this will be recognized more as the game progresses to "tanks and planes" as the "fodder" sits at warpgates waiting for their timers to finish cooling down so they can fly/drive again.

    I thought it was pretty funny seeing 15 tanks, 5 air ships all hovering around a camp and *NOBODY* was willing to get out of a vehicle without annoyed comments from a Platoon Leader about needing it capped.

    That part of "grind empty bases for fast advancement" also sucks. Actually fighting doesn't get you as much vs overwhelming a few defenders or quickly flipping completely deserted bases. I've seen, more than once, 2 big opposing "flipping teams" bump into each other and both choose different directions vs a big battle. Simply because the battles don't get them the certs as quickly.
  9. neg

    wont happen, they are too scared they will make people stop playing if they further alienate the people who actually enjoy playing infantry(just not NC because their guns are terrible)
  10. Canaris

    they'll loose far more people if they don't do something
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  11. Rane

    +1 I find my infantry fights. But...

    Once it turns in to a tank war I log out. Unless I am really bored then I pull out a tank and zerg.

    The big problem is going from 1 vehicle to the next. I agree increase the resource cost, but it has to go for Air to. No one should just go from one vehicle to the next carelessly. I WANT them to have to play cautious. This means they are scared to camp the spawn doors because if we fire multiple rockets at once, they lose their precious godmode.
  12. maxkeiser

    On Woodman we get huge infantry fights. On Amerish two nights ago there was a massive fight near the NC warpgate. Sure there were tanks there but infantry were also running around everywhere.

    There was also a great moment as we tried to take the very top NC base on Amerish (behind the warpgate) and all the Vanu infantry were running across the fields in a huge wave. Epic stuff.
  13. JKooL

    The problem is that infantry are safe NOWHERE in the world except warp gates. In PS1, bases were completely enclosed but in PS2 they're all open with doors and windows wide open everywhere. I was capping an air tower the other day, the big tower with the 4 leaf clover like airpads on the top. In the capture room there were 2 big open windows to the world so that anyone could spam rockets or tank shells into the capture point. Can you imagine Planetside 1 if tanks and aircraft could spam the CC or generator rooms?

    There is no infantry combat because infantry can't go anywhere to be safe from vehicles.
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  14. Vibe

    I would also like to hear something official on the lack of infantry combat matter.
  15. maxkeiser

    Just not true, since on Woodman EVERY TIME I log in I get to play large infantry fights. Which server are you on?
  16. Rane

    If your large infantry fights are taking place on a hill next to tank zergs it does not count. I have literally never seen a large infantry fight that did not have groups of tanks right in the middle of it. And in those cases the only people getting kills are tank drivers, infiltrators, and people throwing grenades or using explosives. So even in "large" infantry fights infantry weapons are useless.

    The problem is all infantry fights will always get ruined by tank ZERGS not one or two tanks that you can fight off, but a group of them. Most of which do not care who they hit friendly or enemy, so they will just fire in the middle of everyone.
  17. maxkeiser

    We WANT the fights to be combined arms. Tanks should be backing up infantry in the field. That's when you get the best fights. The fights I'm talking about have 100+ infantry running about and probably 10 tanks backing up each side. There are also numerous sunderers and air assets.

    On Woodman there are combined battles every time I log on - with all assets fighthing over open fields near a base or over the base itself.

    It's similar to BF1942 in the use of tanks/air/infantry really.
  18. Thardus

    This. I almost feel like the people on these forums are playing a different game than I am. When I'm an infantry, aircraft aren't a threat, and tanks are nothing more than giant targets. It's only other infantry that ever truly threaten me.
  19. Thardus

    I know where you can go. Between the two windows. Bam, you're safe from anything except for infantry.
  20. Kracin

    combine resources used for vehicles, ground AND air. make it all under mechanized.

    then, after that. remove the abilty to lower spawn timers, except maybe by about 5 minutes if they MUST have it.

    after that. make the spawn timer start, AFTER the vehicle is despawned or destroyed.

    problem solved.
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