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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Pachins, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Pachins

    The infiltrator community would like a sticky thread started if possible.

    There are many good ideas that are brought up here but lost in the many posts following. Can we have a sticky post that could be updated with thought provoking ideas to improve the class.

    If a post within the sticky receives enough likes then it should be added to the sticky and debating further.

    I know this is a burden on forum moderators which could be resolved by adding a cool headed infiltrator to handle this task. I believe Blizzard has done the same by acknowledging forum users with this same positive traits to moderate. Plenty of users here that I have had positive experiences with. I for one am a warm head not hot so I am not requesting any type of position.
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  2. Blackhand

    I completely agree with Pachins. The Infiltrator forum has almost double the amount of threads of any of the other class forums, and a lot of the same concerns and ideas are just constantly being rehashed.

    I wish that we had "Class Leads" like you find in other MMO's that act as liason between the Devs and the community. I think that would go a long way in making us feel like we're being heard.
  3. Arreo

    This, this, this, this.

    Not just for Infiltrator, but every class and maybe the vehicles also.
  4. Dr. Euthanasia

    There isn't a single person here who I would trust to adequately represent the entire Infiltrator community, and that includes myself. Even if that wasn't the case though, who would want to become a focal point for the collective blame of every discontent Infiltrator on the forums?
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  5. Pachins

    That is why I say it just be a moderator and not a class lead. We just need someone to go through the garbage and pull out the gems. I do not want someone that will push their own agenda and prefer they just be a filter.
  6. Wobberjockey

    it probably won't ever happen.

    SOE has already said that they are paying attention to classes based on popularity, meaning we aren't going to be getting any love until after the LA gets their second optimization pass
  7. Pachins

    Believe me Wobber I feel the pain here. I was fired up when I saw that LA and Max were the first on the list for revamp. Also hearing Higby mention that they provide based on popularity was the icing on the cake. I would love to find him on the planet and camp him into the ground but he would probably nerf sniper then too.
  8. Burningeko

    I love the game but I think the devs need to go back to design school.
    The meta game reflects the Devs idea of a good game. if you are being steamrolled then that's your fault and you will be punished.
    The more territory you lose, the less able you are to defend what's left.
    There's a reason why you don't get broken legs that stop you from kicking in a fighting game.
    Of course the most played classes will be the overpowered one's. Why they'd want to spend more time on them rather than develop a broad user base is beyond me. Surely more diversity means more appeal to a broader player base and more money.
    If more people are playing a class that tells me it has some pretty good strengths and it is balanced in a way that makes people want to play it. Leave it the hell alone and adress the issues in the less "popular" classes.

    Flavour gets you into the game and class, if the mechanics are lopsidedly lacking for your chosen flavour class then you will either
    a) change classes
    b) stay same class and not have as good a time (which leads into...)
    c) quit the game taking your money elsewhere.

    At least they are consistent in their philosophy from game mechanic all the way down to classes.
  9. VoidC

    We don't need to blame devs for undone class (infiltrator).
    Game balance isn't easy stuff. You can practice it. But the true about is, some people will never learn it and some have a feeling for it.
    Even with good analysis and balance intuition all aspects need to be tested separately and together as a whole. So at the end its a long spiral development, similar to engineering. There lot of good engineers out there and lot of bad ones (yeah and some of them build planes and rockets).
    However, the way devs communicate with infiltrator community is way too ignorant for may taste.
  10. Burningeko

    You can blame the devs if they outright ignore balance issues when people are telling them to their face. The devs aren't "some people" they are a game design company, they should understand the points I made above, it's gaming 101. Balance isn't easy, but you don't achieve it by selectively ignoring your testing user base.

    without any aggression, what OP proposed would be the best idea to help the devs make a better game for us and in turn get more loyalty and money.
  11. Pachins

    Would still like this to happen.