[Suggestion] Repurposing Scrapped Conent

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  1. Lucidius134

    Been looking through my collections of old scrapped content, and with the downsizing of the dev team, perhaps re purposing some already made/drafted concepts would be easier than starting from scratch, as they should still have these assets kicking around. I understand that these were not posted as promises as content and I'm only posting these to resurface discussion on them (https://imgur.com/a/8K1mQ)

    If you got any other old content please add em!

    Infil Recon Drone (buggy proof of concept in game already)

    NS Max renage launchers (coded in game, shown on stream FNO in 2013)

    NS Rocket Turret (Already in game, perhaps tie into construction)
    NS Auto Shotty

    NS max flamethrowers (New flamethrower FX from OMFG Update)

    NS Lib HE nosegun (Sidegrade to Spur?)

    NS Lib Camera/Laser guided Underbelly (NC only?)

    NS Lib Belly Gun (VS only?)

    NS Lib vulcan cannon (TR Only?)

    Lightning Armor (Purely cosmetic)

    ES Flash (not realistic)

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  2. Lucidius134

    Bring back the beta lasher as a flamethrower equivalent. double ROF and halve damage.

    Additionally or alternatively, use the old beta lashers as the VS MAX's ES flamethrower equivalents:

    I believe the lasher's beam was a part of the weapon model, instead of a 'beam' made entirely of particle effects. Flamethrowers tend to have beams made entirely of particle effects, hense the performance issues. It may be possible to use a similar method for the traditional flames and make the flames more napalm/liquid looking spurts instead of shooting out puffs of fire.
  3. Demigan

    Flamethrowers are framerate eaters.

    There are only a few ways they could work I think:
    Rather than firing continuous jets of flame which is going to be hell to code, make them create a DOT area within the flame COF. Downside is that the flames will not travel to the location.
    Make it work like repair/med guns: It targets multiple enemies within the area of effect and starts damaging them quickly over time.
    Don't make it fire continuously at all, but in bursts. This way it works like a sort of cone-shaped explosion gun. This limits the ROF you need to simulate and makes it more manageable for players caught in the blasts.
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  4. FateJH

    The "beam" was just graphical fluff. The actual damage dealing part of the Lasher V1 was a stream of invisible projectiles trying to simulate a continuous laser-like beam, rapid to the extent that they reached the "lost in the network" rate of fire. Additionally, since they were just normal projectiles, it was entirely possible to sweep the weapon such that the "beam" would pass through targets but the projectiles could miss.
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  5. stalkish

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  6. Lucidius134

    I played with it in beta so I know that it essentially shot out invisible physical projectiles. They have a larger hitbox than most bullets. That's why I was suggesting to increase the rof of the invisible orbs and halve the damage. It'd make sweeping the beam over a target while shooting more likely to hit.

    I dont know about the validity of the 'lost in network packets' rof. If you watch any videos online, you'll see that the collision sounds of the invisible orbs hitting terrain impact at the same rate as the pre-buff lasher 2.0 (before it could use scopes and such). I tfelt like it had a very low ROF. Maybe i'm wrong here though. We have 850+rpm weapons in game so I dont see why it couldn't be that and doing 8 times less damage?

    Definatly player made.

    I said it was the ES flash because I didn't want to post the old prototype harrassers they were previewed with, as they look nothing like an actual harrasser:

    Edit: I just missed the text saying they are ES Buggies....that's a concept lol That's even more unrealistic.
  7. FateJH

    You'll forgive me. I might be mistaking it with the flamethrower.

    I do recall the game having an issue when it came to playing too many sounds at once or in rapid succession so I may be inflating the concern with that.
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  8. Lucidius134

    That makes sense.

    Another thing to keep in mind would be if the lashers were added as VS flamers, you'd be able to stagger them and essentially fire them at double the ROF or fire 2 orbs at once. Double max flamers can shoot twice as muh also which is probably part of the issue. (Double particle effects)

    The lasher effects make sense but the flame thrower effects are tricky. If they make the flame jets a pseuo-particle effect like the lasher it might not be so bad. I'm thinking like the japanese style flame throwers that look more like hoses of fire than big poofs of glames

    As for the black smoke, make it a clean burning fuel with NANITES

    Here's the american M2 for refernece and for discussion: (a much better design all things onsidered)
    (not advocating for REALISM)

    Note how fast burning the M2 is, so it really does resemble a 'beam' of fire that burns its self out. The only particles need to be some of the fuel burning its self out and turning into flames. The core can be a physical part of the model like the lasher, which would use client side particle effects (and not many), reducing the GPU strain possibly
  9. Lucidius134

    I remember Pikachu and also

    lol dome shields. Guessing these got recycled for PMB

    The flamethrowers back then were waaay back when they had an orientation aiming system for weapons, most notable on max and tank cannons. You had to aim to the right or left side of the screen to hit stuff close to you. They got rid of that a long time ago and instead switched to a point of aim based system. Flamethrowers with the old system would suck but they woudln't be so bad with the new system.

    There are HUD elements on all MBT's to show if you have your cannon selected or your co-axle MG. THey never got rid of the hud element for that. Back in tech-test, co-axles were utility slots iirc.
  10. stalkish

    Ye i remember all that.
    Been here since 0 hour.

    Its a shame all the stuff that didnt make it, continents being my personal fav, wish wed got to see searhus revamped :(
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  11. Lucidius134

    It's not all that much honestly in hind sight.

    Also, the old NS sniper rifle was reskinned and edited into the archer i think. I was looking over the deisgns and noticed they looked similar so they are probably already or have been working on old content for some time. (20x scope? lol)


    I tried to omit any speculative or fan stuff. There was some one who was apparently/allegedly interned who made some essentialy fan works with the base assets (that lightning turret with the chaingun and rocket pods for example)
  12. Lucidius134


    The first dew days of launch, there were max bursters called the Burster XS. They had like, 10 round magazine capacities but they hit like a truck. Not many people had access to them (most couldn't afford with certs before removed due to cert costs)

    Additionally, on the subject of Deleted Conent, if you use the very old and neglected Planetside Universe wikia, go to a weapon category, sort past history to sept/oc 2013, you'll find a lot of the old deleted weapons that were never added. This included stuff like the Beamer Storm (a beamer emporer, later taken up in functionality by the spiker), the, the T9 CARV MAGNUM, The T32 Bull Burst, and some other experimental place holder weapons that arn't terribly noteworthy (a beamer sidegrade that had faster reloads as its selling point, for example.) With using the same models, or slightly tweaked skins on models (perhaps the old weapon models/skins that were removed after the faciton weapon revamps?) it'd be a very easy addition to re-implement.


    Semi-related note:
    Back in closed beta/early open beta (october 9th-ish and later?) there used to be 4 resouces. There was a resource for anything that used heavy armor (galaxy, MBT), a lightweight vehicle reource (lightnings, esfs?) and a resource for munitions and infantry stuff (also included flashes i think). This lead to tankers being able to use up their MBT resources and then pull lightnings if they ran dry on resources. Different regions provided different resources too but this caused a lot of bad balancing stuff with regards to the south east indar warpgate. It tended to lack in a resource versus another iirc. I'm sure the idea of 3 resources is nothing new for most, but earlier than that we had a 4th resource, Auraxium, was gained whenever majour facilities were captured and was used to buy new weapons and such.

    Auraxium as a resource was Very Bad. It led to people putting no effort into defense so they could zergstomp the base after it flipped for more auraxium. I'm not feeling rose tinted about this, but it's more of a "back in my day" kinda side rant. An interesting anectdote about planetside 2 history.
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  13. Tankalishious

    Bring the superheavy battletank and I'm happy.
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  14. Lucidius134

    The quadrouple barrel prowler turret is kind of...want. NGL.
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  15. Lucidius134


    Does no one else REMEMBER anything I'm forgetting? I know i missed a few things.

    Side rant
    Anyone remember back in beta when VS had damage drop off penalties to offset their no bullet drop, making them a closer range faction? Not as close as NC But it brought their range in. Lower veleocies on av weapons and or more damage lost over distance.