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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Occasionally, the heat of battle becomes too much for a soldier to handle and he behaves in a manner quite unbecoming of a gentleman. Should this occur, know that said soldier can be reported to the proper authorities and that violations of the PlanetSide® 2 Code of Conduct will not be tolerated.
    There are several methods for handling an abusive player:

    Open chat and enter "/ignore add CharacterName" to ignore the player. All chat and messages from that player will henceforth be silenced.

    Alternately, if said player's behavior is just too appalling to ignore, use "/report CharacterName". A report will be generated and sent straight to the enforcement team for review. Note that we do not take this lightly. All reported players are investigated, but so are the players doing the reporting. We can't be a pawn in some silly personal vendetta now, can we?
    Out of Game

    Open a support ticket and report the player. Include as full a description as possible of what the player was doing, at what time and on which server. The same rule as above applies here: both reporter and reportee will be investigated. If you have already reported the player in-game, a ticket is not needed.

    Above all, act mature out there. Make sure that the player you're reporting has actually and blatantly violated the Code of Conduct before letting that report trigger finger fly. Disputes are always best settled out on the battlefield, after all.
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  2. HvcTerr

    I'd like to add that for spammers/griefers on your own team who may have deliberately-hard-to-discern names, you can aim at them, hold the Q button, and select (IIRC) "Tell Player".

    This automatically populates your chatbox with /tell <playername> , and you don't have to type their name out. Simply edit the text-box to replace "tell" with "ignore" or "report" as appropriate.
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  3. Sparkatb

    How about players like this?
    I was in my scythe, needed ammo, went to a local airbase dock, noticed an ally soldier standing near, a heavy assault. As soon as I landed he fired a rocket at me in my scythe he 1-shot killed me. Blatant nuisance to the game. Can players like that get banned?
    I sent him a message asking wtf is he doing. But as predicted... No response. Total ****** ******.
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  4. BlueSmiley

    And how do you investigate those players?
    I like to tease the TR with sentences like "Haha, we got your base. Silly TR." or "Wow, you guys really ARE easy!"

    If a player reports me for that (those guys are in every game), would you really check EVERY detail or do you guys just ban the **** out of me? I know some **** went down in PlanetSide 1 (banning for no reason) and I want to know how you guys handle it this time.
  5. WeEdNL

  6. WeEdNL

    I'd like to add that the /ignore add playername is not working, it says unknown command.
  7. Puppy

    I hope that this fully falls under the rules and isn't, in the slightest, biased as some sites have been.
  8. TSAndrey

    When will you implement an anti-cheat? Manual banning won't help o_O
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  9. Mishkel

    I really wish they would develop something like Mythic finally did in DAoC. So that they could passively detect a couple of programs that are being pretty rampantly used right now. Doesn't really do any good to ban them because as it is.. they will simply make a new account for nothing and be back in business. *edit* I worded the last line poorly. What I mean is they need a very aggressive method for finding these people without having to rely on reports. Since making a new account is so easy that they will be back far faster than it takes to investigate and ban them.
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  10. JonboyX

    Can I assume you'll be moderating player names yourselves? Only there are players with names that some may take offence to currently running around on Miller :(
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  11. Fleury

    I kinda regret not choosing a name more resistant to the /report function, like "xxfL1u3yLI1l1liLIlilR2N1sn0Oo0" so that when I pull a Sunderer from a hacked terminal, and it suicides 3 of my teammates and runs over another 3, that I'm not the first one banned from the game. :mad:
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  12. Herr Dreeks

    Right now on Woodman EU some players are spawning aircraft and tk-ing flipping over other aircraft...very anoying. They have been reported but still doing it for the last hour and a half.......
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  13. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Please allow some time for a GM to investigate in this. If you pm the ticket reference number, I'll be happy to give you an update on the ticket,.
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  14. Thabit

    After shooting same faction repeatedly his weapons will be locked.
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  15. robo

    /ignore add command returns "Command Unknown" and it is not listed in the in-game support "command list".
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  16. EwAB

    There are some serious cheats/exploits in the game, and for being an MMO this is shameful of SOE; first MMO where cheats can be done. I was chasing an enemy Galaxy with my mosquito, burned to hum from above/behind and when i was at 100meters something distance i unleashed hell upon him. The galaxy tilts a little and starts making 200 meter warps rapidly and dissapears from my screen 4-5 seconds later, all the way back to his warpgate around 6KM away (i went his direction fullspeed till i encontered him).

    Then we have the gunships that shoot through buildings killing everyone with headshots.

    What is this, seriously SOE?
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  17. Dhart

    Hopefully the next fellow Engineer that point blank kills me because I'm repairing the turent he's repairing and vica versa will not be considered a trivial transgression....
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  18. Diab

    Suggestion: Change the report command so that it goes like:

    /report playername reason

    It would make your team's job a ton easier if the person doing the reporting can actually tie a reason to the report. There is probably a huge workload difference for your team between a report reason of "offensive name" and the reason of "this guy and his friends xxx and yyy used sunderers to block the doorways leading out of the warpgate spawnroom, accomplishing griefing without killing" (yes I actually have seen that in the beta).
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  19. thommoAuS

    seeing some odd things today, TR tank healing itself over and over again, was near dead,
    someone jumps out and back in, tank at full again, also some VS players jumping/lagging
    etc all over the place, was 2 of them, very hard to hit.
    now if i was to take some videos of this kind of thing happening where can i send the
    videos to?, im sure you wouldn't like me to post them on YouTube for everyone to see.
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  20. Alopix

    The bit about him warping around is lag. Based on my observation of a couple of instances of network lag, myself and others', the game doesn't use persistent prediction like, say, TF2 does, and render a hitbox in the most likely place it will be next. If the client's connection is unresponsive they simply cease to exist until the game recalculates their position based on input received during the downtime. That is to say, the game is vulnerable to lag switches. Not terribly hard to fix. But Sony has other issues to worry about, like making the game not crash every five minutes on 32bit systems.
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