/Report is not resulting in cheaters getting banned

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Evil.Iguana, Jan 9, 2022.

  1. Evil.Iguana

    Despite this being the official channel to get admin action there is NO evidence that DBG people are being made aware of game destroying griefers. They continue to remain in game for hours on end. Overhauling your system for removing these people needs to be near priority one.
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    The official staff doesn't seem to understand why we are submitting super cheat issues in the bug section.
    If cheater@planetside2.com and toxic@planetside2.com had dealt with the super cheats in a timely manner, we wouldn't be here to complain.
    Obviously, in order to stop super cheating, you have to work with the anti-cheat system through the underlying game code. It has to be a joint effort between developers and anti-cheaters.
    Relying on cheater@planetside2.com and toxic@planetside2.com alone results in a passive ban; a super cheater will slaughter for 6 hours or even a whole day without being banned.
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  5. Evil.Iguana

    The loading screen says to /report it. If that's not an official channel then they need to change that tip. But regardless, the issue is that they clearly do not have an admin online ready to remove cheaters. The cheating that is occurring is super obvious. There's no did-he-or-didn't-he grey area here. When one of these guys shows up they need to banned within minutes, not allowed to keep ruining the game for several hours until they get bored.
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