[Suggestion] Replace Gauss Saw as Starting LMG

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by JDC038, May 19, 2016.

  1. JDC038

    This gun has the highest recoil of any starting weapon, requiring good positioning and aiming ability to use correctly. It should be replaced with an easier to use LMG (ex. Guass Saw S) and (Gauss Saw) should cost 250 certs to buy, otherwise newer players will be stuck behind a cert wall to get the attachments.

    Wrel's video is very old but still quite viable in learning how to handle the Gauss Saw.
    Link to Video:
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  2. DragenoidHighLord

    That is awfully obvious and i agree even if i menage to get to 200 kills till auraxium medal but in honesty its a wild beast that yields when you show it who is the master.In a nutshell YES,rookies and newbies need a breather at the start and Gauss is not it.I got used to thing when i gotten used to the recoil and sort of do well with the gun.But its a MUST when it comes to beginners,they need something that isn't a pain in the *** to use.I will and i think many other NC players that the Gauss Saw is a badass gun but too strong and too difficult for a newbie to handle from the start.
  3. Eternaloptimist

    I quickly certed into the GD22S when I played NC HA a long time back. The smaller mag is balanced with the quick relaod time and the lack of attachments is kind of typical of a default weapon. It always seemed to me that the GD was a more logicalstarter weapon.

    I went back to the SAW after that when I was going for the LMG banner. IIRC you can equip a compensator as well as the fore grip and those things helped, but I still felt I was only effective in medium range combat with it. The SAW seems to require the new NC to focus on a different combat range compared to the VS and TR default LMGs, which seem more suited to CQC, wiht their RoF and CoF characteristics.
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  4. Khallixtus

    The SAW is a terrible starter weapon. Not only does it kick like crazy, it also relies on 300 certs worth of modification to be usable, and still not exactly usable by beginners. The T9 Carv is a good starter weapon. It does kick a bit, but it can be handled, and it only has 100 certs worth of modifications necessary for the Foregrip.

    Making the SAW the starter weapon was a really dumb choice, and an easily fixable choice. The GD-22 is a MUCH better choice.
  5. Psykmoe

    I remember when the GD-22S only cost 100 certs, making it it cheaper to buy the GD-22S with your rail attachment and sight of choice than it was to fully cert out a SAW :D

    I like the SAW but the GD-22S is so much more newbie friendly. Extremely low recoil for its damage class, low first shot modifier, and honestly pretty quick reload for the mag size too. It's just easier to learn to use well.
  6. Valskmey

    I rather have my Gauss Saw ....
  7. SlugSniper

    I can roll with this suggestion. The Gauss SAW is easily one of the best LMGs for experienced HA players, possibly even out of all three factions.

    I could see the LA1 Anchor becoming the new starting LMG. It's a well-rounded weapon that would be great for beginners, much like the starting weapons for other classes.
  8. ListenTourBalls

    As a newresult player I agree. I lime to think I got used to the saw, but it would have been nice to have something else at first and have the gauss saw as a cheap unlock as you suggested.
  9. RockPlanetSide2

    I think the main issue for most people in favor of the Gauss Saw is: "how long is it seriously taking somebody to control their mouse hand to use the saw correctly!?"

    Even if you don't play these types of games you should have the recoil down in a day or less... people make it seem like its just some crazy bucking bronco in the old west that refuses to be tamed, no matter how hard somebody tries.

    Pull the mouse in the right direction and kill people... it's really simple. If you really do just suck that bad, you are going to suck with any gun. It is just as easy to kill with the saw as it is with the Carv or Orion... and NO you don't have to have it 100% certed for it to be good... it just gets better, like everything else.
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  10. DeadlyOmen

    There is no reason to change something because someone doesn't get it.
  11. Ragnarock

    To be honest I see why you suggest this, but SAW is an absolute beast of a gun, I'm glad It was my starter gun, that gun made me fall in love with the heavy assault class. If Its going out of starter I would say price it cheap so people can afford it again easily.
  12. Armcross

    switch to TR
  13. OneShadowWarrior

    Way overdue for a overhaul, one of the worst sounding, chunkiest weapons in the game are all the Gauss series weapons.
  14. Boosted24v

    The Gauss SAW is an absolute beast and probably one of the best LMGs in the game. What the game really needs is a much better new-player training program, I love the VR training arena but that also could use a revamp for a more relevant training environment for new players and outfits. I've aurax'd a bunch of LMGs but the default Gauss Saw and the GodSaw are still my go to for consistent killing ability. But if anything, it teaches new players the importance of upgrading weapons, but I still think the main issue is with lack of new player training and explanation.
  15. brutes359

    I agree and disagree. On one hand the Gauss Saw stander does punish players who cant get used to its recoil. Making it a pain for new players. On the other hand. if you put a for-grip and compensator on it. It has literally no recoil at all for the first five shots (at least on console) and thus becomes one of my favorites LMGs on the NC. So it does have the ease of use once upgraded. But I don't think most new players understand that.