Replace Cosmo or Quasar first?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Snorelamp, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. Snorelamp

    I plan on spending my first 1k certs on a Blueshift, it seems dramatically better than any of the others. However, I'm not sure whether the Cosmo or Quasar would be the better choice to replace while I save up another 1k certs for the second blueshift. I realize at low BR 1k certs is a lot, but I will be pulling a MAX a lot as I play whatever is most effective in a given situation and I do better with a MAX than any other infantry class most of the time.
  2. 70g50

    I believe you talk about the comet slot? I would recommend to first cert another comet. With the double comets you can hunt down tanks and gain a lot of xp. It only costs 250 certs. Especially lightnings die in a really short time when you hit them in the back. Also if you have good aim it´s two doubleshots for infantry. If you insist on the blueshift, I would buy it for the comet slot. You have then a mixed up anti infantry with quasar for short range and the blueshift for medium range. That´s how I am using it at the moment.
  3. Snorelamp

    No I already have two AI arms via the starter + 250 cert one, one is a Cosmo one is Quasar.

    I am not interested in using dual comets for AV, and they suck for AI, worse than both Pounders and Falcons.

    The difference in accuracy between either and a Blueshift is huge to the point that I'll never use either once I have Blueshifts, but the Quasar is more accurate while the Cosmo is higher RoF. I'm not sure whether the Quasar's smaller CoF is worth its RoF tradeoff.
  4. Nakar

    I would use the Quasar as the Cosmos has a larger magazine and the Blueshift's mag is smaller than normal for a VS MAX weapon. If you use two weapons with vastly differing magazine sizes the reloads will be less efficient. The better Quasar accuracy will synergize well with the higher Blueshift accuracy too; with a Cosmos and a Blueshift you're basically mixing a surgical tool with a broadsword.
  5. palto1826

    nooo honestly i swear by my one blueshift and one cosmos..the ability to keep firing the cosmos while the blueshift is reloading has saved me so many times...i have dual blueshifts and i still run with one cosmos...this can still be achieved with extended mags but that will cost you 500 certs i believe