[Suggestion] Replace Bastions with BFR's

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Shadowpikachu, Jan 11, 2022.

  1. Shadowpikachu

    Now you may have been sent into a frenzy, but hear me out, BFR's eventually saw balance in the original and:

    - Can't just float over into the enemies 1v1 across the map

    - Directly interfaces with the ground, blocking enemies and pushing with teammates

    - Spawncamping with it directly means you take free chip from spawn

    - No repairs, every big hit leaves a lasting impression, but probably has some shielding which would be the limited thing you can repair

    - Moves slower then a bastion, like an upscaled infantry, giving it openings as it's moving base to base, funnily enough this will make air be the most cheapshotty to it, making air specialists happy rather then bastion trying to revive the airgame, which not everyone can do

    - Can have 12 extra gunner seats emplaced toes to shoulders, creating a moving wall of death

    - Main attack a double of the big bastion cannon or something

    - Can't just leave a colossus' radius without thinking, which can pierce shield and do very chunky damage to so it'd require more then just the BFR to roll it down a few bases that are properly defended (this also will stop some from just using it as a heavy general tank, usually multiple at once)

    - Actual shootable hitboxes when moving

    - So big that free terrain movement is logically understandable, having him just walk up and down building surfaces, probably with a momentary stop when taking a bigger fall to prevent snapping up and down, or just jumpjets

    - The guy in the mech knows he is the biggest mother ****** on auraxis and has all of auraxis collapsing onto him and his death machine that can take it

    - Can have a weakpoint that lets normal infantry take single digits off it's life, since again it's supposed to engage everything

    - Optional customization for the situation rather then just a plank that spawns the same every time, made to farm

    - Overall involves EVERYONE and limits it's scope

    Now, you may still frenzy but i think this can work out way better then disconnected ships.