Repair Tool Overheat (my biggest complaint)

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by TheBlade009, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Daejin

    Would you prefer the PlanetSide style of needin' to carry around ammo for it? Only able to get more at resupply stations? Also, needing to reload after a little while? Carrying less ammunition and tools to make room for the repair glue?

    I would.
  2. Mansen

    Works just fine in my opinion - helps to reduce endless repair spam on vehicles.
  3. Lanka

    Rather have diminishing returns from more than 1 engineer repairing same vehicle. Like every engineer after first one only adds 25-50% to the overall repair speed.
  4. Strongback

    The reason why the cooldown is there is because not having it made sunderers into fortresses.
  5. Hunter_Killers

    Having to stop repairing for a moment doesn't prevent that. That's why the overheat is a bit silly. If anything there's less engineers than there used to be or they are only playing one for self repairs/turrets.

    I have more problems with the pitiful amount of XP you get for repairs, if you get any at all.
  6. Kevibear

    OH NOES, I can't kill that vehicle because there is someone repairing it, cmon guys help me shoot more at the vehicle. Maybe you should have actually tried killing the engineers instead of screaming bloody murder about "invincible" vehicles on the forums and making a thankless class even worse to play.
  7. Strongback

    It does increase the amount of engineers you require to make it immortal.
    Previously if you had a tank that was being fired upon, if you simply left the tank with the gunner and started repairing, you could keep it alive indefinately, unless the enemy had at least 3x anti-tank weapons aiming at you.

    Same thing with sunderers.
    If you sacrifice 5-6 engineers on keeping a sunderer immortal, that's 5-6 potential tanks or aircrafts you're sacrificing.

    It was VERY easy to keep sunderer alive by YOURSELF ALONE until somebody with a rocket launcher came to drive away that tank.
  8. Sikab

    let me get this right.

    Your problem is you can't stand behind a sniping Tank of your friend and 24/7 repair to get infinite EXP and Invincible Tank.

    Nope thanks. Overheat is fine.
  9. Zourin

    Hope your friend doesn't back up!

  10. Ginge

    I think one element the OP was talking around the subject of was that its more a quality of life issue for the engineer class than it is a general flaw with the overheat system. Lets make one thing clear, i am in the overheat-is-fine camp, i played during beta when there were invincible vehicles (remember the epic battles over North Highlands check point). what i think hasnt been explored for either the engineer or medic class is alt fire mechanics, remember in PS1 when you had primary fire on a medics gun and had to switch to alt fire to revive people? why not do something similar to both engineer and medics, Primary fire does exactly what it does now, have an alt fire mode for both which makes each tool fire relatively short range (max 25 or 50 meters) bolts of nanites that heal over time for medic or repair over time for engineer. Considering the game utilises so called nanite systems construction technology in practically all aspects of its setting i find it hard to believe that this hasnt been thought of if not tried already.

    It was possible to nanite heal and repair as medic or robotics classes in Global Agenda which while having a lot of flaws had a few very good game systems within it. It becomes a quality of life improvement for medics and engineers because they can switch to tool, squirt some nanites at what needs healing or repairing and switch back to their weapon and continue fighting. Now obviously for balance issues the HoT must not be too strong and must also have a limit (say no more than 2 active on one target at any time) to how many times it can stack on a single target but done in the right way it would give the support classes a nice useful new string to their current lack-lustre bow.
  11. Arcfade

    I much prefer the heat system. Atleast now you can make the choice of hopping out and scraping a few more HP points onto a tank -- which has actually saved my life before.

    BEFORE the heat system, if a vehicle took ANY damage, it couldn't be repaired at all for what, 5-10 seconds?
  12. Soques

    My only complaint with the repair system currently is it will overheat even when not repairing anything if you hold the button down. This should not be possible.
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  13. TheBlade009

    To be fair i never suggesting getting rid of the overheat. i never suggested anything actually. it was meant to spark discussion. got to love the trolls.

    Thanks to all those who had real suggestions like the 50% damage to engi or the ammo required to use the tool ideas. those are real ideas instead of trolls
  14. KlyptoK

    My now Max level repair gun makes me stop repairing for 1 second, and by that time my Vanguard is already at 3/4+

    But I do like the idea of shooting repair bolts at things, that sounds cool. And Soques is right, doing nothing and generating heat doesn't make sense.
  15. Viesel

    Repair tool certs would be well spent if and only if the range you could repair at was increases just like on the medic healing gun. Would make it so we don't lose repair on a max when he shifts a couple inches to the left.
  16. Yumti

    The overheat system is currently the best solution to the "invulnurable vehicles" problem.

    It is however quite annoying when doing base turret repairs. I wish they would reduce turret health, but increase the armor substantially. That way it would take the same time to kill a turrent, but it would be much faster to repair and not such a timesink.
  17. DrSNAFU

    My problem with overheat is that the effect is exactly the same as simply NERFING THE REPAIR GUN. All it does is slow down the overall speed at which you repair a tank. If they just made the repair gun slower you'd get the exact same thing.

    You can't do anything useful while the gun is cooling down. It takes several cycles just to repair a tank out of combat. They just didn't the balls to out-and-out nerf the gun.
  18. Kenny007

    As you're REPAIRING a TANK, not making a hot pocket.

    It was nigh impossible to kill vehicles with a dedicated crew before. I'm for the change and after a few certs in the repair tool, barely notice the overheating in most uses.
  19. Chancellor Gowron

    It's definitely not the same thing.

    It allows you to do a quick burst of repair like top off a slightly damaged tank or repair consoles without any interruption, but slows the rate of sustained repair.

    You probably shouldn't wait until your vehicle is almost completely destroyed to repair anyway.
  20. xxxShaDoWxxx

    I have the tool maxed and overheating is not an issue as posted above like a 1 Sec cool down and then a long run again.

    Cert it up then comment.

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