Repair Tool Overheat (my biggest complaint)

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by TheBlade009, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. TheBlade009

    I realize why they did this but honestly I find it my biggest complaint about ps2. This post is simply to force discussion as to what to do about this. because as it stands now. it frustrates me quite a bit. and id like to see some kind of change.
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  2. Paulus

    To be fair, the old situation of having a tank able to sit there with 2 engi making it invincible was worse. This forces a realistic "i'm taking too much heat, time to fall back, repair and regroup" element to tank warfare. It's not perfect, but it works better than the predecessor.
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  3. Allthra

    prefer this to invincible galaxy and sunder because of 2 engineers
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  4. Timujingeo

    Yup agreed on the over-heat mechanic, you shouldn't be able to have a sundy being hit by literally everything, base turrets, tanks and AV rockets and still being kept up by two tricked out engineers sitting under it as was the case in beta.
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  5. Doctore

    Omg why tha hell wouldn't it be ok with the heat? geez did you play before the heatgainer was introduced? It was practically impossible to take out a vehicle if there was 2 engies on it. Now we at least have a chance, and the cooldown is like what? 1.5 seconds before you can repair for another 10-15 sec?

    It's so unnecessary with these threads. If you're gonna post ******** like this, please come with a better solution then so we can discuss it?

    There is no point in starting a thread like this.
  6. Purple

    it also gives you a reason to upgrade your gluegun.
  7. Gibber

    Once it's upgraded it's not as frustrating and is still not too much for sustained fire to overcome. The first few certs are painful though.
  8. Vanuub

    Just do was needs to be done.

    Prevent in-combat repair, with something like a 6-8s timer from last time the vehicle/max took damage. Similar to the autorepair nanite cert on some vehicles.
    6-8s is time enough for a HA to reload his launcher and get the next rocket locked. Want it to survive? Stop the threat / move out of danger, THEN repair.

    Then overheat ceases to be a necessity to prevent things from becoming 'invulnerable'.
  9. cc2001

    They actually tried that and it was much worse than the heat mechanic. Small arms fire on armored vehicles would prevent repairs.
  10. Goats

    It's a pretty big pain in the *** for repairing turrets after a base cap, but other than that I'm fine with it. On a side note, does anyone know for sure how much the repair tool certs improve by?
  11. Siilk

    The alternative is to make repair tool work slowly to keep the rps the same but remove the waiting periods, it would be better that way IMO.
  12. desktop

    I dislike the repair tools. A small repair over time is a pain and it overheating makes it no fun to use i understand why its needed but i still dont enjoy using it. You watch a little bar increase like watching a file download really slowly. you lose all your situational awareness when repairing tanks, you get run over by the driver or shot by whats damaged the tank in the first place. dont get me started on repairing a max, having to follow or be followed for a repair is just silly. it only works in tf2 because of the medics ability to uber, still i find the medic in that game a boring class.

    The repair tool works with the cooldown but it doesnt mean i like it. I hope soe experiments with different methods of healing and repairing. I would really like to see some more alternatives for the repair tool. maybe we could get something that instantly repairs a chunk of the vehicles/maxs health and has a cooldown or needs to be restocked at a weapons terminal.
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  13. notyourbuddy

    Think the annoyance could drastically be reduced simply by giving base assets a reasonable repair time (they seem to be the worst offenders). What feels like 1min+ and 4-6 overheat stoppages is down right horrible especially considering these turrets end up being more trouble then they are worth.

    1) ---- thing flashes blue when trying to repair it. 4-6 stoppages = 4-6 super big impossible to miss blue flashes alerting every enemy within a 100m that there is a free Engineer kill for whoever wants it.

    2) After spending 3-4 mins of tedious repairness (includes ~2 deaths which seem inevitable), finally hop in, only to find the thing dead 3 seconds later. ---- a fighter can down it with a single volley of rocket pods. A fighter o_O

    (only certed twice into the repair tool thus far so maybe at full cert this becomes a non-issue? Anyone full cert a repair tool yet? Either way I'm still in favor of dropping the overheat mechanic for a repair tool that simply has a lower repair rate. The exact same end result is achieved without the unnecessary micromanaging minigame)


    Thought on Desktop's "experiment with different methods of repairing":

    Some games give the Engineer class a limited number of repair kits (1 or 2) as a utility item. Drop these next to a structure and it will auto repair (at a rate lower than the repair tool). Frees the Engineer up to do other things or defend himself. Its usually balanced by drastically lowering its repair rate to vehicles so that it cannot be exploited (i.e., drop repair kits next to tank, hop in tank, profit)

    Repair kit as an alternative loadout to the mines and ammo-kit might be interesting. Could be a favorite among base defending Engis who enjoy the task of keeping a base up and running.
  14. Cthu

    This is obnoxious, good point!

    This would be okay if your first point didn't happen. Stealth repair, BOOP it's up, hop in and kill as many people as you can before you need to bail, or blow up.

    The idea of having a droppable repair kit doesn't feel like an Engineer. I'd rather see a tool like this on the medic, healin' folks after he's passed. Slowly, of course.
  15. Bitmap

    Um....I hate to bring it up, but what about the mechanic from PS1? You had glue as an ammo type and had a certain amount in the clip which had to be changed when it ran out.
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  16. Dornez

    Remove overheat, cap repair speed at 2 engineers, increase overall repair time.

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  17. KlyptoK

    This thread looks like people are trying play engineer as their role using only stock or even level 2 repair guns, which is highly impractical.

    I have no issues using my level 4 repair gun to keep things alive. It overheats pretty slowly and repairs quickly and I still have a few more times I can upgrade it. The overheat mechanic is perfect as is since it keeps people who are just randomly playing as engineer from being the everything super-soldier. If you want a good repair gun, then cert it.

    Nerfing repair speed to compensate for overheat would serve to be frustrating to full-time engineers who invested in the gun, they already nerfed the repair speed a few times in beta.

    In beta an engineer with a fully certed repair gun laughed at the overheat bar, and it looks like they have even more levels than in beta.
  18. Marzipanzer

    The repair gun is fine as it is.
  19. Armante

    the overheat is annoying as an engi, a blessing as the enemy :p
    just upgrade it 2 or 3 times and you'll be fine
  20. silverme

    how about you give 50% of the damage to the one repairing?

    better still make it a second repair tool that has no heat bar but passes on any damage.
    great for those doing major repairs out side of combat

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