Repair nades

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by TomoB, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. TomoB

    Is it just me or are these things nearly useless? They work for 10 seconds and repair 50 damage per second. So 500 damage repaired in 10 seconds, that's too little and too slow. I threw several of them over distance at nearly dead MAX and he got 1/4 of his health back. Tanks get even less because obviously they have more health. Better to just run to them and fix them by myself.
  2. Pelojian

    repair grenades are best used for their AOE pulse repair, throw one on your own damaged vehicle and drive next to a friendly vehicle that is damaged then hop out and repair. both vehicles will get repaired by the grenade while you are repairing with your rep tool, or if you are repairing your vehicle between engagements or you are trying to repair a friendly vehicle taking heavy fire you can throw a repair grenade and then whip out your repair tool for a temporary repair rate boost on your target.
  3. MichaelS

    As far as I remember from the initial patchnotes they don't stack, so just use one at a time.
  4. TomoB

    So I tried them some more and using them in situations where several damaged vehicles grouped together seem to be the most effective way. Altough repair effect still felt a bit underwhelming and I soon ran out of resources because nades are rather "expensive".
  5. Gibber

    They are pretty bad and I agree they need a buff, even if I have to spend certs. Currently they are only useful when a group of vehicles/Maxes stack together but it's either when they are in cover and it's not that critical or are grouped together and getting damaged a lot more by AOE where the nades just don't heal enough.
  6. Fishpoke

    As a member, its still annoying when you throw one and the resources get lost for whatever the reason before it does any repair. As a free player I don't even throw grenades unless I'm in a base fight (bio lab is the only halfway fun base fight). Even then I probably still don't throw grenades, resources go too damn slow.
  7. Klypto

    I have found the resources are better spent letting the vehicle die and just replace the vehicle.
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  8. Problem Officer

    It's just an unleveled Fire Suppression you can throw.
    If they're not massively buffed they should be renamed to something that isn't misinformation.
  9. VhynSeven

    If the nade were to be twerked so the repair rate is twice as fast, for only half of the duration (so same total repair), it would be great at an emergency repair.
    Just an idea.
  10. Pelojian

    it's a repair grenade, nothing in the name is deceptive, it repairs. just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's misinformation.
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  11. Fishpoke

    Can engy just have a repair module like medics instead please?