Repair gun weapon switch issue

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Baconpuffs, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Baconpuffs

    I did a search and didn't find anything relevant so I will make a post. Is anyone else experiencing an issue if you have your repair gun out, then switch to an ammo pack, drop the pack, it then switches back to your repair gun so you pull the trigger to start repairing and suddenly your main weapon becomes active and you end up sticking a few rounds into whoever/whatever your trying to repair?

    Just about the most annoying thing ever having to come reactivate my repair gun even though it recognized that I was doing that last for a few seconds. Definitely when you’re in the middle of a heated battle and time is of the essence.

    Is this an issue that is already being addressed and I just can’t find the notes on it?
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  2. rlilewis

    YES o .mfg this is so incredibly annoying. I friendly fired a max a couple of times by accident while doing this. It should just switch back to the last item used after dropping the ammo pack.
  3. KlyptoK

    I have issues with this too. there is a thread on this in this section though.
  4. Baconpuffs

    Then I guess this issue becomes a non-intuitive forum search engine :) Thanks for the replies, I'll go hunt that thread.
  5. Pyreal Rabbit

    Yeah. I don't like it.
  6. Goats

    Yeah, it's a pain. I'm sure it'll be fixed in the next major patch, though, if any of the devs have played Engineer since launch.
  7. DJSEAN00

    Yep you don't want to know how many MAX's I've shot in the back by accident due to this :(
  8. Raidin

    When you drop an ammo pack, the game automatically returns you to your main weapon (possibly what you had out before dropping the pack, not sure). Then, when the ammo pack actually deploys on the floor/ground, the game does it again, this time your main weapon. By then you could already be repairing a MAX, when you suddenly end up shooting him.
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  9. blotto

    +1 and you can't time it either, as the timing due to lag atc puts it off so yeah your out of action for a few secs everytime you need to drop a ammo box.
  10. windcaler

    Yep this happens to me all the time and its ended up killing a few Maxs which I felt awful about. Its not just after dropping an ammo box either. From what Ive noticed I think it happens when you press the button to use your repair gun before its fully up and ready but thats not always the trigger. Ive had it happen when Im moving closer to repair a vehicle or max and not pressed the fire button at all

    I hope they get it fixed soon. I dont want to accidently blow away anymore maxs in the middle of a base assault
  11. TokyoShoe

    +1 for this issue. It really needs to get fixed!
  12. OmegaDestroyer

    I've suffered from this issue as well. Thankfully none of the MAX units have decided to shoot me back.
  13. Starblade

    +1. Happens way too often and is REALLY annoying
  14. Ghostfox

    This is extremely annoying! I've been lucky that I havent TK'd someone yet with this issue.

    Here... Let me repair you! -bangbangbang- Whoops!
  15. Riftmaster

    At times I'm repositioning an ammo box so it's closer to the fight, or because someone didn't see it. Be nice if the ammo box indicator was higher/larger, so people wouldn't miss it and ask for ammo when they could move 3 feet.

    Running over and jumping up and down on my ammo box, shooting at or near a friendly to get their attention, I have done...LOL. Not in intense combat situations though.

    But yeah, it is irritating when you drop an ammo box, switch to repair tool, and suddenly are shooting something.
  16. Riftmaster

    I would think that the smart MAX operators probably wouldn't shoot their repair minion even if you did shoot them a few times.

    I mean after all, even if you damage them you can repair it.
  17. SixVoltSamurai

    Yup it's irritating, but I've gotten used to it, can get one, sometimes two ticks of repair in before I have to let off and bring out the repair gun again. I do feel sorry for the few MAX'es I've TK'ed getting used to it though.
  18. Adeon Hawkwood

    Yep it's annoying. I'd also like to take this time to apologize to all the MAXs that I have accidentally shot due to this, I was trying to let you refill your ammo while I repaired you :(.
  19. Quovatis

    Happens to me. Very annoying.
  20. Talizzar

    Yep and I nearly killed a very low health MAX too! Very annoying. I thought it was me but after about 3rd time I watched.

    I also have issues with the repair gun repairing even right up next to a tank or aircraft. Very annoying as well!

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