[Suggestion] Renegade on Sunderer?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by L1ttlebear, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. L1ttlebear

    I mean why not?

    It would not be "OP" as it is very situational but it would allow dedicated AMS sundies a weapon system that is VERY effective at swatting those pesky C4 LA's out of the sky but wont allow for much else. They are not empire specific so im not asking for a "lowest common denominator" change.

    Any downsides?
  2. ih8Darian

    I find the fury a lot better at getting LA's and Engineers. Even the walker might be better than the renegade on that, it seems like a REALLY bad weapon to go on the sundy because the Fury basically beats it at everything
  3. Otulien

    The Kobalt's TTK is much too long in my opinion.

    And the Fury takes considerable aim to kill a floating LA.

    However, the normal Renegade would be ********-op in CQC. Making them pointed permanently upwards, similar to the AA guns, would force it to be used what it was designed for.

    A Fury/Kobalt + a Renegade would provide excellent Anti-LA support.
  4. Aesir

    C85 on the Vanguard... I mean it could kill with 3 shots up to 80m. And onehsot kills at 30-40m range... But it's VERY situational ...

    The Kobalt often provides a better line of sight weapon and the Fury is awesome at that distance.
  5. L1ttlebear

    He he, I suggest the renegade over the C85 for a reason :p

    Imagine this if you will. You park a sundy near a building or a large rock for cover. Some C4 LA appeares within 10M right above your sundy! Do you want the M40 over the renegade?

    If you would rather attempt to grenade snipe LA's out of the air in the 2-3 sec you have before you die than by all means, equip your M40 but I would much rather have a renegade shotty that I can then obliterate the LA with :)

    The TTK on the kobalt is to long for such quick interactions though i always have the kobalt on my sundy so i can protext it from longer ranges.