Rendering distance of players is a BIG JOKE !

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PlayerOneSVK, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Duskguy

    Played at tech plant on esamir last night. I was half dead by the time an enemy 10 meters away rendered. Big battles are a joke currently. Small battles are alright but 100 people to an area and it nose dives.

    On a side note... liberators cant render much past 300 meters ; is this a joke? I fly around 5-600 meters up and my gunner says he cant see enemies who are on the mini map even using zoom optics... really hope devs finish tweaking the rendering soon
  2. RetroRayner

    I have not and would not compare Planetiside 2 to any other FPS, that would be ridiculous, I have however referrenced BF3 Hardware in direct response to someone else's post. so if you want to quote me and try and belittle me, then please have your facts right first.

    This is in repsonse to a post that was removed on this thread by a moderator.
  3. Sienihemmo

    There's your problem.
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  4. PlayerOneSVK


    @Devs what are you planning to do
  5. ted gillingby

    really needs a fix as all types of fighting are affected by this render issue, and without a patch will make the game very, very frustrating
  6. Havoc11


    What bothers me is that infantry rendering was not nearly as big an issue during most of BETA than it is now, however after a major performance patch toward the very end of BETA the rendering issues began. I personally feel game quality (aka rendering players) is more important than scale-ability, i would gladly play on only medium settings if that means i can actually render everyone.
  7. Lancener

    Appears to have either gotten worse or there were just so many people in the fight that I couldn't see a lot of them because they weren't rendered, people used jump pads and disappeared until you were on the other side of the jump for 2-3 seconds. I'd say this is the most frustrating part of the game. The game has become beta after release, which means there is still hope for it to work just fine.
  8. RykerStruvian

    I had one helluva time trying to gun a turret in Mao today. I couldn't see any enemy air until they rendered maybe 30m from where I was gunning from on top of the base. It was so weird. I also noticed when flying around during these engagement that a lot of pop-in was occurring for world objects as well. Rather hazardous when flying to have stuff suddenly loading infront of you. Spec incase anyone bothers.
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  9. RebelAngel

    Thank you :) the clarification helps us all and sets the level of expectation to where it should be.
  10. Sienihemmo

    Actually yes it is, I have 4GB of RAM too and watching my memory usage from my second screen while playing, it's definately the biggest bottleneck (about 98% usage constantly, after I stop playing it drops to 20% almost instantly). Also, I can't use the ingame capturing system because when I press the hotkey I immediately get a notification saying "The recording system has reached the maximum memory allowance" or something along those lines.

    Because of noticing that I'm now in the process of buying more RAM with higher speeds.
  11. Skaz

    No, having only 4GB of RAM is a problem, not the problem (i.e. what's causing the render-poppin').

    The render-popping was rather bad today in a (guesstimate) 400 person battle over The Crown on Cobalt today. We (VS) were pushing TR hard, and already getting popping issues... then NC rolls in from behind and stay invisible to us until they are right on top of us. Literally, among us, not even 5-10 meters away.

    I was minding my own business, lobbing 'nades when, suddenly, tank.

    So yeah, please look into this issue with vigor and speed, code team.
  12. Xonal

    I whined about this almost daily during the beta. The map of how it developed was like so:

    - Early in the beta, a couple of months before launch, infantry wouldn't render past 300m but felt like it would ALWAYS render under 300m. This still sucked. You would have fights at West Highlands if you were defending where a gigantic footzerg of the enemy would be all lined up on the hill from Seabed/Allatum and you couldn't see them. Initially presented as 'unmanned' engineer turrets shooting away.

    - Every week from then on it was like this was being reduced 50m at a time. At one point a few weeks before launch it got to the silly point where even in a relatively small battle you could run into what looked to be an empty room / building only for 10+ enemy to just appear as you walked through the door. Even such sillyness as being inside a spawn room in a Biolab meant you couldn't see any infantry outside the spawn until you stepped outside. This was as bad as it ever got.

    - It got a tiny, tiny, bit better in the last couple of weeks of beta. The above issue doesn't happen anywhere near as much anymore. The only place I see this happening as badly as it once was is in Tech Plants when enemies take the twin doors at the back and if you're in the corridors leading to the vehicle bay neither zerg can see one another. But it's still extremely bad. I still feel like I may as well just be playing some 64 player server on any other FPS, since at least I can see everyone there and that's all PS2 fights get rendered to being anyway.

    Now. My main fear all along with this is that the devs think 300m is acceptable... it wasn't all those months ago. It undermines the flow of battles completely, leads to silly infantry tactics that otherwise wouldn't be viable since epic sized foot zergs are able to move into bases in what is essentially a perfect stealth. You still get the silly situations where you're in an aircraft getting shot by burster fire that you can niether see the tracers for or the source... the can't see me can't kill me nonsense so that even if you know where a ball of infantry is with something like a Zephyr you can't do anything to them until you're close enough to render them in which you're putting yourself unnecessarily in harms way.

    I think anyone can understand this is a necessary optimization for performance. But the way the optimization is carried out is way too overzealous and extremely detrimental to gameplay... base fights involving infantry are just silly when defenders can't see them until they're already in the base or as good as. I'd still opt for making a much less aggressive version of the optimization optional, so you can choose to sacrifice performance to see what is actually happening.
  13. Caspartine

    Not really. I run 7950 OC from Sapphire (one GPU, no Xfire), 8gigs of ram and i5 3570K @4ghz, all settings on ultra, and I can even Fraps huge battles in 30 FPS. When not recording, it goes around 45 in these. Maybe nVidia cards perform better in this one, but AMD ain't useless, and my point being - 2x 7970 is quite a beast, it should run just fine.

    Also, since the X-fire was discussed, few days ago AMD released beta drivers adressing specifically x-fire fro PS2. (apologies if someone already mentioned this)
  14. PlayerOneSVK

  15. FladFox

    happens 2:39

    rendering issue, no hits register there either, would have been juicy too. : /
  16. RedNoak

    err yeah... 100gig of ram while running a 32bit machine alsways solves the problem... -.-
  17. maxkeiser

    Memory is NOT the problem. I have 16gb (of very good ram) and still have some rendering distance issues.
  18. RedNoak

  19. Hadrian

    have they reduced it since launch ? i know they did improve on it a hell of alot from what it was like mid beta , i guess its a numbers thing as in early tech it was pretty decent from what i remember
  20. MrBloodworth

    No, it has not been touched. What has happened is there are more people.

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