Rendering distance of players is a BIG JOKE !

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PlayerOneSVK, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. PlayerOneSVK

    BEFORE you POST read this :
    I am meaning the limit players are rendered not objects

    What is that ? You launched game and Rendering Distance of player ( INF ) is tottaly nightmare why ?

    Because example inf. vs inf. in bigger battles. I can see infront me only 50 METERs WTF ? And then i am killed by the ghost?

    Second i am flying and cant see ground enemy inf. BUT they can SEE ME ! and they shot me down wtf ??? Where is the balance !??!??

    If you have problems with rendering all players do NOT make BIG scale of BATTLE game becouse it is right now tottaly failing and you want only money... keep going...

    Only 4 this point i ll dont buy this game.
    + FPS still using same core.... make it 64bit of program to using ALL CORES !

    PS. : Dear developers you first priority should be RENDERING distance of players
    and second make those good damn FPS better

    For n00bs who want tell me : O M F G buy better pc here is mine specs. of my PC:

    i5-2500k 3.3 GHz
    GTX560Tii DC2 1GB DDR5
    4GB of RAM DDR3(( 1800 GHz ))

    In big battles on all low in HD i have 30-40 FPS and that is 4 my tottaly unplayable
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  2. PlayerOneSVK

    Please Copy this to KNOW what is the biggest problem in the game

    Many Thanks
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  3. FightingFirst

    This. Rendering distance and FPS are the two big problems about this game and should be the fixed as a priority before any more work is done on items etc.
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  4. PlayerOneSVK

    Yeah Sure... But there should be option to make on how long distance you WANT render PLAYERs
  5. qazqazqaz

    What is this thread about? There is no limit on rendering distance at the moment, unless you limited in .ini yourself. which is your fault.

    Actually, you're probably a troll - "i won't buy this game" lol.
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  6. Toxicmix1

    i can smell the true in this thread
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  7. PlayerOneSVK

    Read again i am talking about RENDERING players not about Graphic.... Try start big battle if you see enemy soldiers on 100+ meters
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  8. GunSlingerAUS

    That's incorrect. As more players enter an area, the distance at which they're rendered decreases. There are YouTube videos showing players winking into existence just ten metres from each other...
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  9. FightingFirst

    Erm he means the limit players are rendered not objects.
    Yeah obviously, people with lower spec computers should be allowed to alter how far they see players so they can still play the game to some degree.
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  10. qazqazqaz

    These are probably lags. I had no issues with rendering distance whatsoever.
  11. PlayerOneSVK

    And that is BIG Bull eye !
  12. Santiago

    I don't have any issues with rendering distances... Quite possibly one of the graphic settings also affects rendering distance, you could try to check UserOptions.ini in your ps2 folder, mine has RenderDistance=999999.000000
  13. GunSlingerAUS

    No, it's not lag, it's an issue with the engine. Just wait, this is probably going to become a rather hot topic. I didn't think it was an issue until I saw it myself in the midst of a big firefight - and I'm running everything maxed.
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  14. Kekse

    I completely agree with you but...

    ...this game isn't for sale.
  15. checkthisout

    I think you need more RAM man.
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  16. PlayerOneSVK

    Please read again all post and you will get what i am talking about :
    Erm he means the limit players are rendered not objects.
  17. Roua

    While the general attitude and English in the OP is appalling, I have to agree. As an Infil, the rendering bug where I get people randomly appearing and disappearing, coupled with the lag issues which makes them warp around, makes my "job" quite frustrating.

    This does indeed need to be the number one priority.

    PC specs: i7 3770k, GeForce GTX 670, 16GB RAM
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  18. lPaladinl

    Hey OP, yeah, you, Shut up.

    They know. And they're working hard to make this game so that they (And your sorry ***) can play it with much better frames and a comfortable render distance.

    Also go get some more RAM while you're at it. The game currently can use 4 gigs of RAM on it's own, and about 2 gigs of your 4 are being used just to run windows and any background programs you have.
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  19. NDroid

    I've been seeing a lot of issues with the render distance as well- not seeing people at 50m, enemies suddenly appearing at 20m and such. It might have to do with lag which I've also experienced, and it doesn't seem to happen as often in less populated areas.
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  20. PlayerOneSVK

    Paladin start reading before you start posting !

    Look again on start of my topic i am talking about PLAYERs on what range are rendered not about OBJECT !

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