[Vehicle] Rename Lightning Cannons

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  1. ColonelChingles

    One detail that's bothered me are the names of the Python family of Lightning cannons. These include:
    L100 Python AP
    L100 Python HEAT
    L100 Python HE

    The problem with these names is the "L". When talking about cannon, "L" carries a pretty specific meaning.

    L = Barrel length / Barrel diameter

    For example, the main gun of the M1 tank is equipped with a 120mm cannon that is 5,280mm long... and is called the L/44 (5,280/120= 44).

    The WWII Tiger's 88mm gun was 4,928mm long, and was so called the L/56 (4,928/88= 56).

    You get the picture.

    The problem is that for the Python family of tank cannon, the barrel diameter (caliber) is 100mm. That's clear from the file names, which are things like "Vehicle_Common_Lightning_Weapon_100mmCannon_AP_LOD0".

    So how long would the Python barrel be if the barrel diameter was 100mm and L=100 as well?

    L = Barrel length / Barrel diameter
    100 = Barrel length / 100
    10,000 = Barrel length

    So the Python cannon would be 10,000mm long, or 10m (or 32.8 feet for those imperialists amongst us). And obviously the Python barrel isn't that long. I'm not sure if the entire Lightning is that long!

    Well then what should the Python series be called?

    How about... the L30 100mm cannons? How do I know this?


    It's called having far too much time on your hands. :p
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  2. Movoza

    I see no problems with a bit more RL accuracy. Change the name!

    Well done, you deserve a life now. A box with all necessary parts to start your life will arrive any day now :)
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  3. FieldMarshall

    I dont really mind either way. I just say "AP lightning" anyway, not "L100 Python AP Lightning"
    I also say "Tross" instead of "NC-9 A-Tross"

    If it was up to me, everything would have basic names, like "Lightning Armor Piercing"
    "Valkyrie Anti-Infantry" Instead of "Valkyrie CAS 14-E" etc.

    But i dont really mind what they are called tbh.
    Your solution works as well.
    They have changes names in the past. Like the "Carnage BR" changed its name to "Carnage AR", so its not unheard of.
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  4. Ballto21

    id also enjoy seeing this and a bunch of other low priority changes that would just be neat or purely aesthetic no one would ever really notice unless they were watching after higher priority stuff comes along
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