[Suggestion] Remove XP for SCU & Terminal Destruction.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Eyeklops, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. HadesR

    Remove the SCU and make every building a capture point .. Own 75% and spawn tubes go offline :)
  2. Eyeklops

    If I am at a base fighting as infantry and somebody blows the SCU there is a very large chance my infantry fight is over at that location.
    If I am at a base fighting it out, battling other other human opponents, and another person comes along and kills inanimate object I am the one who has to leave and lose the cap points?
  3. VSMars

    Ah, so it is about the XP for you. ;)

    And yes. If you care about fighting, you shouldn't care about cap points. You get more than enough for killing people anyway.
  4. Keiichi25

    Blowing the Gen in PS1 was the most effective way to end a fight in some bases. Most bases also had the gen deep inside. Only the ******** players blew up the gens after the spawn room was rendered dead.

    The main objective in most fights is to capture the objective. In Planetside 2, it is still there. Blowing the SCU is effectively blowing the tubes. The only real difference is whether or not the defenders stuck in the spawn room are too stupid and get themselves killed, not taking advantage of the stupid attackers trying to kill them.

    Killing the terms, on the other hand, there is a method to the madness at times. While it hurts you if your team could hack it, it also means leaving it available to the enemy to take advantage of terminals you aren't locking down either. If you don't have infiltrators locking them down, the enemy can use them to resupply or worse yet, make use of them to prolong a fight you want to get done. Tactically, it is also useful in cases of destroying certain terms to make sure you slow the enemy down. For instance, if an engineer is going to repair it, they are focused on that than looking for a person who will shoot them up.

    Plus, killing the SCU, forces the defender to either Get out of the spawn room to defend it, or be the holdout distraction, making them realize they have to be more tactically inclined.
  5. Eyeklops

    Yes. In the Bio-lab there are way too many angles for attackers to knock down defenders trying to get to the SCU. The Bio-lab is OP for defense, but making the SCU easy to kill is not the best way to fix that.
  6. Eyeklops

    I don't want to farm the spawnroom, or farm from the spawnroom. I want to fight a battle in-between the spawnroom and the objectives all the way until the base flips. Throwing out baseless accusations about me or my play-style really has nothing to do with the topic.
  7. Eyeklops

    Flat out wrong, read some of my other posts. I want fights between the spawns and the objectives to last up until the base flips.
  8. Eyeklops

    Why should I be denied a reward for my effort?
    Really? Why not? I don't feel that statement is valid for me:
    • I like playing the objective.
    • I like taking territory.
    • I like fighting all the way until the territory flips.
  9. StrikerSix

    need more sources of xp not less imo. I just think that any team should be able to repair a destroyed terminal rather than just the team that had it captured when it was destroyed, and the same with turret
  10. Themanwithaplan

    I can't even begin to explain how much is wrong with your post
  11. Eyeklops

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  12. Purg

    If I've been busing my **** to take a Tech Plant, that period just after taking down the SCU then mopping up the stragglers gives me a time out to unwind, go for a slash and grab a drink or a bite to eat. I don't want balls to the wall action 100% of the time.
  13. Eyeklops

    So others should suffer because you need a break? I am pretty sure you can go hide somewhere and still get the cap XP while those of us with stamina continue to fight it out and have fun.
  14. orthus2

    I really not sure, about this.

    on one hand with SCUs behaving like they do now, small groups can break away from the zerg and do an objective that helps limited the defenders control of the base (making harder for them to have reinforcements), but battles are generally smaller and don't last quite that long.

    On the other hand you have more larger scale fights that don't have many things to push the defenders out of the base besides straight up spawn camping.

    edit: I think a good balance between the two is being found with how taking SCUs out makes respawning take longer without a sundy.
  15. Dulu

    Your objective may be to capture the base.

    Your objective is not always my objective.

    I'm all for removing "rewards" for flipping switches and other non-combat oriented stuff.
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  16. orthus2

    why if the non-combat oriented stuff helps win the battle why shouldn't they get some xp?
  17. Dulu

    Since you asked nicely,

    #1 - It's easily exploitable. People have been taking turns flipping generators since beta.

    #2 - It takes absolutely no skill. Half the time it's not even defended, the other half someone else killed the defenders, but they're busy healing/reloading while you snag the free XP.
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  18. orthus2

    I think the xp should be reward after the base is captured or defended
  19. Divinorium

    Your objective may be to kill people.

    Your objective is not always my objective. My objective to is conquer bases.

    I'm all for removing "rewards" for killing people.

  20. Dulu

    How do you propose to conquer a base without killing anyone?

    Oh wait, this is PS2.
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