[Suggestion] Remove weapons lock

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  1. Call-Me-Kenneth

    i don't care if jonny ****** wants to start TKing, id rather deal with him than the weapons lock mechanic. cant be that holding a lane and being extremely effective at it is punished because ******* don't understand they have no place on it.

    do away with it, its terrible and creates no game-play whatsoever.

    its even more stupid when hitting a vehicle makes its inherit you as a damage source when it crashes on to other things, completely stupid. i count my gametime in days, not hours and cant even begin to fathom in what moment of this games history did this mechanic make sense, it never did and it never will.

    want to avoid unnecessary tickets? then make it so only kills where +90% of the damage where from the friendly count, not count the total damage dealt.

    and if its ever necessary for someone to deal friendly damage, why would it mater? i have near 100k kills under my belt if someone CAN decide when is it necessary to value an objective over the gameplay expectations of someone else, then that person is me.

    **** you, **** your tank, the objective is the sunderer, the objective is accomplished. 9/10 times friendlies will agree its completely ok to die to get that objective, why does the game decide that its their place to make the call and suddenly, JUST BECAUSE you were the one that got the damn C4 remote to allow a button push first, oh well, **** you and the next hour of your game, weapons locked. oh your flak hit a a friendly with AOE **** you double weapons lock, oh you are shooting at the hostile going for our position but you made a scratch on the paint of some random vehicle a cell away?, **** you 3x weapons lock timer.

    **** this ****.

    if a player has more than 10k kills, and has shown to be recurrent and not to be ****, DISABLE the weapons lock for ***** sake. its not that hard.
  2. PorkSocks

    I've played a lot (but still suck). Literally never had weapons locked until I purposely tried to do it to see what others were complaining about. I even TK jerks with some regularity. I'm happy there is some penalty for carelessness/malice.
  3. RabidIBM

    Hard downvote on this suggestion. I have caused a lot of accidental friendly damage and NEVER been weapon locked. I have been playing since 2013, my lowest BR is on my NC with only 84. My VS is 105 and my TR is 111. I have NEVER been weapon locked. I have also played games that don't have an anti-TK mechanic, and it is horrid. I am glad this mechanic exists, and you should be more careful.
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  4. GrimInvictusTR

    No - this mechanic exists for a reason. It may be more of an annoyance than it does good and does not 100% prevent teamkilling at all since the game can't tell your intention for TKing or stop griefers from continuing being babies, but at the very least there's something in place to keep people from being reckless or fourth factioning without check. Yes, it's not your fault when teammates run in front of you during a zerg-rush or simply by sheer accident. Yes, it's not ever going to stop TKing - ever. But just imagine if this mechanic really was removed, a specifically dedicated organized group of people TKing just so their favorite faction can get an edge in a battle.
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  5. Pelojian

    this explains a situation i was in one time, i was in a prowler near a biolab a 2/2 prowler decided to be an ******* and teamkill me, (he probably wanted to drive past me, but ****** didn't send a tell), i pulled another prowler right after, that ****** and his gunner rammed into me not 2 seconds after leaving the pad while firing on me, i return fire and *I* get weapon locked, not that ******* and his friend that destoryed my tank 2 times in a row.

    weapons lock should be removed, friendly fire should reflect 60-70% damage back on the attacker, while the victim only takes 30% damage,

    at the very killing people or doing major damage (+50%) should increment weapon lock, low speed collisions shouldn't deal any FF damage at all.
  6. Novgdea

    Played a lot, never have a weapons lock.

    Until i bring a thumper with incendiary ammo in a biolab. 3 locks in a row.

    But i want to keep it, the way it is now.
  7. LordKrelas

    Okay, You have 1 enemy in a room with 6 allies.
    You throw a Grenade, it kills the enemy, and only deals 30% of the damage it was meant to - Even if you die, which you likely won't,
    You just used AOE inside a group of Friendlies without danger - Now lets use a medic on the Grenade Thrower.
    We now have the power to spam explosives in any room, killing any enemy without caution.

    Picture Doorways, allies flow through, Allies fire shotguns, sniper rifles, rockets, Lashers, and grenades through at the doorway.
    The enemy will die, while allies are barely affected.
    Inaccuracy while aiming next to allies, becomes meaningless, with medics.

    AOE Spam, even in clusters of allies, becomes more effective than controlled fire.
    Accuracy becomes overrated, as the cost to the allied force is negated entirely, with full lethal force on the enemy.

    If you manage to trigger weapons-lock that casually, You have serious fire-control issues.
    The multiple-triggers for vehicle impacts repeatedly, That wounds like an actual problem with detection.

    If we lose weapons-lock, People would be able to just spam AOE weapons without care, and fire aimlessly into allies.
    Learn Trigger discipline.
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  8. Pelojian

    it's not a trigger discipline issue, weapon lock does not work properly, the very people it's supposed to protect end up getting killed by TKers all because they game cares more about tiny chip damage then actual kills and even with 30% damage on allies and 70% reflect damage, throw two grenades into allies and you just killed yourself from the game throwing the damage back in your face, spamming grenades in a room will still kill allies and if you chuck a grenade and it hits two allies? say hello to 2x 70% reflected damage.

    weapon lock right now is a bad joke, it always has been especially the way it deals with vehicle collisions.

    i rarely get a weapon lock just from playing the game.
  9. Twin Suns

    No. Control you're effing ordnance! Ya bum.
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