Remove "Trowing" C4 like a Grenade.

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  1. Ronin Oni

    Sorry, we actually prepped C4 for throwing with 10-15 second fuses even in the army...

    and you can NOT throw C4 like a nade either... not even close. it goes out a couple feet, but that's about it.

    C4 is extremely stable.... throwing it is entirely viable
  2. Ronin Oni

    the blast cap is padded in turn by the C4...

    it's pretty bloody stable.

    I wouldn't spike primed C4 at my feet like it was a football... but it shouldn't go off if I did.

    and that's SPIKING it down as hard as you can.
  3. Dreez

    C4 Cost - 100Cert.
    MAX Cost - 350 Cert.

    No CD on C4.
    5-10min CD on MAX.

    MAX without extra certs invested - 50% effictive.
    CD without extra certs invested - 100% effective.

    It takes 1 C4 to nuke 1 MAX and everything around him, instantly.

    And don't tell me 1 MAX can do a lot of damage, because 1 MAX needs support of at least 2 people...
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  4. ohmikkie

  5. clitorean1

    C4 is fine as it is. Op you're making a fool out of yourself the more you post.
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  6. AuntLou42

    I completely disagree with this. First of all you can barely toss the thing. Throwing it like a tennis ball is beyond exaggeration it's just a straight out lie. Second realistically you should be able to toss it much further. I might way 5? maybe 10 pounds? My Grandma could throw that thing at least 4 yards.
  7. SuBs

    That's not at all how C4 works you clueless person... C4 wouldn't even ding a heavily armoured vehicle.

    BS. Tank drivers can't do anything of value when they're constantly panning camera to look behind them in third person, or constantly moving. Give tracked tanks stabilised turrets and then you'll be right in accusing C4 victims of having poor situational awareness as there will be no excuse for not constantly being on the move as a tanker.
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  8. LordMondando

    There's nothing from preventing C4 being used like this IRL, its just normally not, as it used to bring down large structures and such and needs to be placed carefully for maximum effect.
  9. Stride

    Have you ever really used C4 because if you did you would know you can't throw it like a grenade. The only way to really get any distance with it is to have altitude.
  10. jak

    How many C4 kills do you have?
  11. Aegie

    SOE definitely failed the LA but that should have little to do with C4- just pointing out that it is another C4 nerf (yes, another) and that impacts LA more than other classes (in part because LA is the only class without a tool and C4 is the only option for assaulting a lot of targets- it is, after all, an assault class).

    Only from height with momentum =/= toss like grenade.

    Have you seen the animation? I would not be surprised if C4 shared a lot of code with deploy ammo.

    First, what exactly do you mean here by "Blitzkrieg"? Second, if you think that all a LA should be good for is jumping over walls then it is unlikely we will agree on anything. Can you name some meaningful places to attack from that only a LA can access?

    Why? Why should C4 be nerfed to the point where you can only take out empty turrets and worthless adandoned vehicles? Why would I even care about taking out these kinds of targets in the first place?

    When was the last time you were in battle and thought "Gee, I better got run up and hug that empty turret so my allies cannot flip it and use it to our advantage?"

    Or, "Hey look, there are no real enemies to fight nearby but look an adandoned vehicle, good thing I have my C4".

    C4 does not have the mechanics as a grenade.

    My hair is bird.
  12. Aegie

    I'm certainly not recommending anyone try these things but seriously C4 is very stable and could absolutely be thrown like a grenade if it were properly prepared.
  13. Aegie

    And one medic to revive it.
  14. Bill Hicks

    M1, press it once in awhile.
  15. Juanfro

    I think it should be deployable to stay in place. It is easier to toss C4 to a moving tank than drop an ammo pack and that annoys me.

    LA pooping tank killing sticky grenades is too much.
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  16. TomDRV

    Whoa wait, PS2 is like in the 30th century right? Why are they still using C4 then?! Don't they have anti-matter explosives or something crazy like that?
  17. Kunavi

    C4 should work like Ammo Packs or it shouldn't be available to Light Assault at all. In fact I'd prefer the latter.
  18. Vanus Aran

    Someone not saying anything against Lattice but C4? Uuuugh disgusting.
  19. Midnightmare

    C4 is the most stable explosive in the world :p
    So you dont need to be carefull with it

    just figured i would put that out there, as a realistic point of view.
  20. FocusLight

    Situational awareness means NOTHING when the C4 user drops on top of your vehicle from a pod, put down the C4 before the pod de-constructs and you render, and blow you up before anyone can do anything to stop it.

    In most situations putting down the C4/tank mines involves a bit of risk and the possibility of failing. In the drop-pod scenario that risk is almost completely gone and all but guarantee you the kill.

    Please tell me how this can be countered with any kind of % for success and I will thank you and do that next time.

    His opinion differs from yours, so that makes him a fool?

    The irony here is that you are the one who look foolish to me. You *CAN* at least try to counter his argument with more than "I disagree, so you area fool".