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  1. Bl4ckVoid

    Infiltrator decloaks, fires instantly and kills you. It is totally OP. HA will now get a shield delay, why not infiltrator which is even more overpowered????

    Some people easily see infiltrator, but most do not. Running at 40-50 FPS, medium, I only see them if I do not move (bad idea in this game). Otherwise they are not easy to detect at all.

    On top of this they are running around with the best CQC and long range weapons in the game with a basically shotgun sidearm (comissioner). Very frustrating.
    I have grown very weary of this game, Liberator spam, multiple tank bombardments in small engagements, ESF appearing out of nowhere and killing you, you stop to aim - infiltrator headshots out of nowhere.

    Not to mention all the bad base and building layouts all designed so people can be shot in the back. No game exists in the universe where you get killed so often from behind. Yes, even with situational awareness and in the middle of allies, because some people prefer to run around the whole fight to kill 1 guy and instantly be killed.

    There are just too many things that will kill you instantly without warning. I will check back in a few months, maybe things improve, but probably not.
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  2. Chubzdoomer

    Agreed 100%. The main problem with the blatantly ridiculous Infiltrator Cloak + SMG combo is that they can fire almost instantly after uncloaking.

    Uncloaking either needs to be a slower process or after they uncloak, they should have to wait longer before they can begin shooting. There have been countless times in which one of them, just far enough away for me not to see their outline, uncloaked in front of me and killed me before I could so much as shoot back. It's infuriating, and in my opinion should not be allowed.


    Unless the Infiltrator is laughably inept, it's a guaranteed kill every time.

    I'm fine with the Heavy Assault's shield because it suits the class perfectly and allows it to carry out its role of absorbing more damage in gunfights than others (hence the reason it's called HEAVY Assault). I think the upcoming HA Shield nerf is an absolute joke, in fact.

    I am not, however, fine with Infiltrators being able to uncloak, then kill you with an SMG in the blink of an eye. Sidearms like the Commissioner and Underboss are powerful enough in CQB. Infiltrators should only be able to equip those and rifles, period.
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  3. VSDerp

    Lol i can't wait for this HA shield change.
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  4. Nitrobudyn

    Lol, Forumside at its finest :)
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  5. Chubzdoomer

    Let me guess: You're upset because many a Heavy Assault has activated his shield just in time to stop your cheesy Uncloak-SMG tactic from instantly killing him, most likely resulting in you dying to a class that is practically intended to take more damage than you (and that will be unable to counter such silly tactics the moment this incredibly stupid, unnecessary shield nerf rolls out).
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  6. p10k56

    Everything lowering numbers of annoyator is welcomed.
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  7. Merlock

    Lmao I play as an engineer and 90% of the cloakers I encounter are dead by me before they can uncloak.
    You just need to play smarter than they do it's not that hard.

    I can't wait for the insta win button change on HA though that gonna be fun.
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  8. Riddlley

    Lol, I thought this was a Vanguard nerf thread,

    That said, infiltrators aren't OP. They just take advantage of your lack of awareness. The cloak can be heard from up 500 Metres! There are also a couple hardcounters. This ranges from vehicles with radar, infil darts, the universally available detect darts on the crossbow. Could also try the flashlight. On another note, with regards to base design. Try Amerish. Its considerably better than indar at the moment.
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  9. Chubzdoomer

    The point ... I think you missed it.
  10. Eyeklops

    Not sure how much the HA shield nerf will change my encounters with SMG Infiltrators, but even more annoying is the "I win" quick knife instant kill combos. The devs REALLY need to add a delay to knife activation after firing a shot.
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  11. LibertyRevolution

    If an infiltrator got the drop on you, got within 6m, decloaked and killed you, then you are having a problem with situational awareness.
    The point of the HA shield nerf is to make you have some situational awareness, not just press F when you see damage indicators.
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  12. Chubzdoomer

    I like how a lack of "situational awareness" is to blame for us being unaware of enemies that are INVISIBLE unless they're within extremely close proximity.
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  13. VSDerp

    who said i was upset? lol i think it's hilarious as this post.
  14. z1967

    I guarantee you that for every time you get killed by an SMG cloaker, at least 10 more die from people who actually pay attention in combat. Battle flow is not linear by design. That is why Infiltrators and LAs have at least some advantage with their various flanking tools.


    I have killed them out to 50m because i saw the shimmer of the cloak. Turn your settings up a notch to medium and lose maybe 5 fps. It is so simple and so silly how easy it is to kill them...
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  15. LibertyRevolution

    Infiltrators are not invisible.. you are just not paying attention.
    Go play infiltrator for a while and you will see just how "invisible" you are, lulz.
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  16. Chubzdoomer

    Since you're so happy about the HA nerf and your avatar and signature scream "INFILTRATOR," I merely connected the dots.
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  17. VSDerp

    lol are you upset?
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  18. TheScavenger101

    >inb4 "I never have any problems dealing with infiltrators"

    Near invisible people with near instagib weapons
    Flying dudes with one-click-death weapons
    Class with, twice the HP, instagib weapns and an initial 80% resistance to small arms fire
    Vehicles who can absord and shrug of your complete arsenal of rockets just to one-click-death you
    Planes that can hover and AOD spam most bases
    Class that can hit a button and make sure he wins an engagement every other class would/should loose
    Class that has access to a grenade that can rez the 30 dudes you just killed in a room just by throwing it in there.
    An ability that can be added to any vehicle which makes it repair itself even though there's a class with a repair tool that can repair most vehicles to full health in a few seconds.

    You get the picture. Point, this game is full of "cheese" and the cheese is extremely powerful in the hands of some people but yet completely useless in others and forumside is just a place for people with bad experiences making arguments based on their own killboard to justify nerfs to classes that in reality isn't more ridiculous than any other.

    Also in the right/wrong light almost everything in this game is considered OP (or UP).

    I for one have begun to embrace the cartoonish nature of this game and I now play it with that mindset. I sure do hope the devs would just stop touching weapons/abilities/stuff for a while now, the weekly nerfs up and down is getting more annoying then the OP stuff since there's no consistancy and the fact that what you learn one week is useless the next (exaggerated sure but you get my drift).
    This game is probably never going to be as balanced as other FPS games. Right now I'd rather they work on stuff that could control the spammability and unfairness of resource usage for instance instead of nerfing/buffing everything up and down.
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  19. xekktar

    ...or you are too busy fighting real players.
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  20. Chubzdoomer

    I have played Infiltrator. I have both the Blitz and NS-7 SMGs and have tried them both with Infiltrator and it's comically easy to get the drop on enemies and kill them before they can even take down your shields with return fire. And yes, Infiltrators are more or less invisible unless they're very close and within your field of view. The only way you'll ever be seen (while cloaked) by the enemy is if you practically walk right in front of their eyes at close range. Running Cloak+SMG is a guaranteed kill per death unless you're incredibly bad, hence the reason 9 out of 10 Infiltrators are running that combo these days instead of sniping.
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