Remove the Infiltrator IFF!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ztiller, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Ztiller

    A well thought out rebuttal there. I smell realization, but i do not smell the possiblity of admitting to it.
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  2. Chris Bingley

    It wasn't intended as a nerf, but as a buff to stop you from being TKed when cloaked. And for that it does it's job. There is a downside which has led people to call it a nerf, that is what this thread was originally about.

    Cool, now I'm going to ignore those numbers, simply because I don't actually care about them myself. I believe everybody should have an opinion. However, I think I made my point. ;-)
  3. Steveru

    Same, and half the time I'm greeted with that screeching friendly fire noise.

    I enjoy having my battlefield awareness. I like to KNOW stuff. I'm not the kind of player who gets stabbed in the back all that often. I enjoy knowing where my fellow Infies are because I want to use their presence to our mutual advantage. I see a friendly Infiltrator behind a bad guy, well then I'll do my best to distract that bad guy, knowing there's a good chance my guy can help out, or that I might not want to throw a grenade, or shoot in that doorway, or wait for him to go in first. Knowing is half the battle.

    Next thing you know they're going to add more Empire Specific colors to the giraffe camo and people are gonna be going, "WHAT!?! This is ********! I NEEDED that camo to confuse everyone!".

    I still cannot wrap my head around this issue.

    Like, NanoWeave removing headshots. I get that, that's simple. Harassers flipping over and exploding constantly. Yeah. Galaxies are boring and worthless. Sure. But this? I'm totally lost.

    How 'bout this? The cloak turns you into a fairy princess. It doesn't actually hide you, but here's the thing... ready...? You're a non-empire-specific fairy princess!!! That way, no one's really sure if they should shoot at you or not!!!

    I don't understand. Wouldn't you rather be less conspicuous rather than wanting a broken game mechanic back?

    There's three camps on this:
    1. Leave it the way it is
    2. Put it back
    3. Make it better

    If camp No.2 wins, I'm going to be so sad, going back to running over friendlies and hearing that screeching FriendlyFire noise to make sure it's my guy. Not to mention that when I play Infy, I'm going to have to rely on all my enemies being idiots rather than having control over my own situation.

    "Darn, he shot me"
    "Darn, he shot me"
    "Darn, he shot me, again"
    "Yay! He's only BattleRank5! He think's I'm his teammate!"
    "Darn, he shot me"

    Awesome video! Where does this video reside on the OP's topic though? It's a great killstreak, but did anyone notice the part where he's caught? The part where he gets booted out of the turret?? That's like the most important part. Because right there, regardless of whether this is before GU11 or not, he's CAUGHT! They caught the guy! There's no mistaking him for a friendly at that point! This scenario would play out EXACTLY the same before or after GU11. Can someone show me a video where some guy is fooled into thinking you're a friendly. Because THAT'S the part I'm not getting here.

    There's cloaking and there's disguising. You can either disappear completely, or blend in with the enemy. You can't have both in the same ability.

    SEriously, you guys have GOT to try out some TF2. I haven't played in a few years, but I'm sure the cloak still works just fine(plus I hear you can make a GRIP of cash designing funny mustaches now).
  4. Ztiller

    Try this one:

    Also, you say that we shouldn't have both in the same ability. thing is, we don't. We don't disappear completely, and the only reason we blend in is because people aren't paying enough attention to us.
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  5. Thostbog

    Oh, I know. And as you can see, I too call it a nerf, because it is one. And have a hard time believing that nobody thought of this when implementing it.
  6. Steveru

    Haha, okay Ztiller, what the hell am I watching?? I've never laughed so hard at planetside2 footage! That music! Are you sure it's the cloak that's working for him there, or was it the cerebral palsy that afflicted the entire enemy team?

    But yeah, I'm saying you can't cloak and disguise, and I never did say Infies did.

    I think I've finally figured the issue out. I only have about 20 hours as an Infiltrator, and I'm no BR 100, but I think I've got it:

    Infiltrators used to have a **** cloak and a **** disguise rolled into one. Now they have a **** cloak and a worthless disguise. There are SOOOO many ways we can fix this, so many ideas we can come up with. Do we really want to go back to **** cloak/**** disguise again??

    Also, wasn't SOE supposed to announce Infy updates today??
  7. Riskae

    just a thought... ask the people who are dedicated infs what they want?

    you know.. its just a thought...
  8. Steveru

    How rude.

    Is the community really that polarized that I'm not entitled to an opinion until I go get INF tatted on my lower lip? Everyone's here because they want to contribute, and often times an outside perspective can be helpful. And if 20 hours doesn't sound like a reasonable amount of time to you, I have played the game quite a bit. I am very familiar with this Inf you speak of. If you don't like what I have to say, that's fine, but don't plug your ears and hum loudly when I want to say it just because I haven't broken some arbitrary time threshold.
  9. 1Jammie1

    I get team-killed just as much being any other class that when i was a invis infiltrator. I can't understand why we need it.
  10. bulletchaser666

    alright so every smg infil is pissed because they can no longer 'CONFUSE' their enemys in CQC.... seriously? thats the argument people are trying to make about this??? i understand why dedicated infil might not like this but 90% of the population is not infil, please keep that in mind, yes this new IFF is kinda a nerf in a sense but it didn't change anything other than reassureing friendlys that the perimiter is clear, infil is not my main class HA and medic are and for me this is good and everyone around that isn't a infil.

    this new IFF makes infil lifes alittle more challangeing, agreed there (as i do play CQC infil at needed times) but really how effective was the cloak before GU11? IMO not very... mostly it just gives you away before you get close it's great for counter snipeing but thats about it, if you're a smg infil you'd probly do better as a medic with NW 5 with smg equiped... cause honestly if you lean on your cloak so much that you need to complain when nothing really "changed" when engageing an enemy then mabye you shouldn't have a cloak
  11. Fned

    That seems a bit harsh. You gotta give him credit for seeing the light.
  12. Norse

    Never had this problem in PS1. Maybe that should tell SOE dingbats to leave a good thing alone. SOE works a lot like Washington DC, A dictatorship completely removed from whats right.
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  13. bulletchaser666

    honestly i think this is kind of a pointless post it makes literally no differnece in combat, if you're good nothings really changed.
  14. Get2dachoppa

    QFT. Last time I was killed by a friendly, I wasn't even cloaked. Just standing next to a terminal I had hacked to our side in a building safely under our control on the perimeter of the battle. In comes a HA and just unloads on me. I respawned, found the idiot, and returned the favor with my PA shotgun. Then he had the gall to send me a hate tell. :rolleyes:
  15. Havel

    Ztiller? Complaining about infiltrators being too weak?

    No, it's not April. Huh.
  16. Riskae

    I said ask them... they may have very good reasons for what they're saying... reasons you don't understand?