[Suggestion] Remove the cortium bombs.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RiP0k, Aug 14, 2021.

  1. RiP0k

    The reason is that you do not plan to be engaged in construction, and this bomb reduces the desire to build any bases to 0. And if this lasts a year or two, then no one will build anything in the game. Attempts to restrict classes are meaningless if the construction is not strengthened.
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  2. Tycoh

    Remove cortium bomb
    Return a ANT full of cortium being the bomb

    God i miss bomb trucks.
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  3. Peebuddy

    The resent changes to it really made it easier for cloakers to troll, since all they seem to do on Connery at least is go around dropping them at bases or under sunderers hoping to get tons of kills or render a base useless in 30 seconds. It's easily placed w/o out notice, hardly makes a noticeable sound, ,has to be defused instead of shooting it, and it's on the outfit resource so they're basically unlimited.

    I honestly think the man who came up with this has never played the game in his life, and they refuse to readdress it again because it probably shouldn't have been implemented to begin with.

    One of the stages of the brainstorming session for new things should be "how easy would it be to troll with this?" and "how bad can it be abused?". Does said thing being abused or used to troll add more to the game or a net negative, I've yet to see this used in any way that improved gameplay.

    I really hope they would take another look at construction, the red headed step child of planetside.
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  4. RabidIBM

    You mean a cortium bomb which actually requires cortium? Witchcraft!
  5. LordAnnihilator

    Hey, if this was a thing I'd don a Robe and Wizard Hat. Only issue is it would have to have a tiny fuse or require deploying first, else you could easily troll by suiciding straight into an armour column or jumping off a cliff.
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  6. MasterDk78

    and the orbital strikes... that is just plain game killer
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  7. RiP0k

    To be honest, OS is okay, only it needs a recharge after using it in the Outfit that used it once every 5-10 minutes.
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  8. RabidIBM

    PMB OS is fine because it gives tons of warning, can be prevented, and a player has to deliver it in person.

    Outfit OS is a problem because it gives no warning, can't be prevented, and can be right clicked from the dead screen. I know "let's welcome last year to the conversation", but seriously, why does this still need to be spelled out?
  9. RiP0k

    Looking at the description of the upcoming update. The developers are not going to do anything with the cortium bomb. What blind fools.
  10. Botji

    Even seen a number of alerts be won purely by the fact that one of the close to winning factions Outfit OS a base that would have tipped the scales and made another faction win, so they OS it from across the continent into a fight their faction has 0% pop in only to delay the capture or deny it entirely.

    .... I have even done it myself, with my 1 man outfit, its both very profitable in kills since its the 2 enemy factions fighting there so there are 0 teamkills and even better if it ensures 'my' faction wins the alert, even more certs etc. Outfit OS should definitely be looked at, either make it a sort of ANVIL that deploys into a beacon/bomb that has to be activated and can be deactivated to give it some counterplay or just remove them entirely imo.

    And to stay on topic, yes cortium bombs should also either get some counter building(like make the pain field tower stop anyone from deploying bombs in a area around them), increase the timer by like 1 minute or remove them completely.
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  11. RiP0k

    They do not plan to be involved in construction. Therefore, it is necessary to remove these things.
  12. Gustavo M

    Anything that incentives and/or promotes "click once to win" behavior needs to be removed from game.
    And yes, I can wipe a whole room with a whole platoon scared of going upstairs with three AV mines and I wouldn't mind if it wasn't possible anymore.