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  1. Penn Ace

    Totally agree. You can’t tell if you’re damaging it. I have hit it with tank rounds skyguard round etc and can’t notice anything. You get the booby Prize for Bastion creation. Also colossus not being able to be pulled unless in a outfit with sufficient rank is messed up. I bought it thinking for certain I would be able too. Booby prize for thought. Wtg Ps2
  2. Thalestr

    Bastions are nothing more than cert-farming machines for big outfits and they have no place in the game. It's quite often you see a Bastion way off in unconnected land farming kills off a battle its empire isn't even involved in - that is until everyone gets frustrated and redeploys.

    There have been numerous times when I've seen a Bastion from my empire arrive and my own team leaves and abandons the assault because they don't want to fight underneath that teamkilling, kill-stealing, fun-destroying sky boat. There is just so many things wrong with Bastions that it would be far easier to just remove them from the game than to fix them. They add literally nothing positive to overall gameplay.
  3. Johannes Kaiser

    We had a very fun time when we saw VS pull a Bastion, so we got ours and vie Leaders chat got some air support. We chased it across the entire northeastern portion of Indar.
    Was that useful? Meh, it denied their Bastion any use, but that's about it.
    Was it fun? OH YEAH!

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