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  1. HotPepperDelivery

    Remove the bastion! This shet ruins the fk overall gameplay and fun. Ya don't do no jack shet to this game performance, but add the fk bastion that will kill this game faster than ever. Us infiltrators can't do a bull crap to this bastion, and it will take a lot of efforts to bring this POS cancer down with air attack. Base spamming cannon throughout the alert. No fun at all. This bastion is a legal cheat tool you guys add. Who the heck is your team leader here? Because I need to slap some sense out of whoever in charge of this.

    Remove this Bastion or give us infiltrators weapons that can do damage to this cancer. I suggest you guys to remove it since it ruins the overall gameplay experience. As a long time player, I am disappoint that you guys add this cancer instead optimize the game performance. Took you guys 9 years to upgrade DX9 to DX11. 9 years to upgrade to DX11 then add this cancer bastion.
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  2. Twin Suns

    Bringing the heat and living up to you're forum name.

  3. Marik

    And spies are also supposed to have access to C4, right?

    But seriously, I don't quite understand why a spy should be able to do something against the bastion?
    Isn't it primarily your job to either wait on the edge somewhere and kill someone who happens to be passing by? Or to sneak invisibly past the enemies and lay Al mines there?


    Und Spione sollen auch noch zugriff auf C4 haben, oder?

    Aber ernsthaft, ich versteh gerade nicht ganz warum ein Spion was gegen die Bastion ausrichten soll?
    Ist es nicht in erster Linie eurer Job entweder irgendwo am Rand zu warten und jemanden zu töten, der mal zufällig vorbei kommt? Oder sich unsichtbar an den Feinden vorbei zu schleichen und dann da AI Minen auszulegen?
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  4. Twin Suns

    Don't forget those frontline, filthy SMG infils.

    Dishing out sensors and HACKING $ hit!

    Just saying.
  5. T.A.94

    You know, you can always go to an other facility. :confused:
    Also the game got released almost 8 year ago.
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  6. Botji

    Personally I think the only change the Bastion needs is to tie the weak points to the turrets.

    Blow up one of the bottom points? Some of the bottom turrets are now dead, kill all the bottom points? All the bottom turrets are now dead. Same for the top ones. Seems fair that if there are no points on the bottom that can be damaged from the ground that there are no guns shooting down on people on the ground either.

    It would also force some more tactic/teamwork for the Bastion instead of ONLY caring about keeping air control and crushing any brave Colossus that comes it way because thats how it is now, defend the top weak points on the Bastion because the bottom ones are not needed and once they are gone there is absolutely nothing anyone on the ground can do against it anymore.

    Sure a Colossus can fire through it but Colossus tanks are weak so I understand why a lot of outfits dont really bother with them. A swarm of ESF/Liberators that are keeping the Bastion safe from other aircraft is also very good at dealing with a stationary ground vehicle, who could have guessed? Even a small number of free ESF from the Bastion going to the Colossus is more than enough to force it to move and thus not fire at the Bastion, the ESF could carry Engineers with mines and a single player is able to carry enough mines to almost kill it on their own, 2-3 people is complete overkill even if just throw a few mines each.
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  7. csvfr

    The Bastion was overnerfed by far with the patch which introduced Colossus tanks. Although scaled back, it is still a formidable threat and if you still complain on the ground ala "It destroys the fight (on T.I. Alloys)" you are just a whiner. Other things the patch did:
    • Halfed (5000 to 2500) the weak point shields
    • Almost doubled (12s to 20s) weakpoint shield recharge time
    • Decreased resistance values
    • Increased the healthpool by 2500 (compensating for the shield decrease)
    One ESF with Tomcat lockons can now severely damage or destroy a weakpoint in a minute or so. And one Bastion gunner can only target one ESF at a time. Assuming all Bastion gunner seats are manned (this can only be regularily done by zergfits), the Bastion is still dependent on an air escort to counter small packs (5 - 10) enemy ESFs, or else it will be destroyed in a matter of minutes.
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  8. RabidIBM

    Have you tried zooming out of your scope and playing a different roll? Nah, just gripe on the forum that scissors ought to beat rock.

    Don't get me wrong, there are flaws with the bastion, big flaws. The counter play to them lacks depth and options, but there is counter play. They also take the efforts of a lot of people over a lot of time to field them. So no, infils shouldn't be able to snipe them out of the sky. Next thing you'll be saying infils should be able to hack MBTs, carry C4 and have cloaking harassers.
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  9. Botji

    So you agree that we should have a ground Bastion as well that marks a spot on the map and any aircraft within the hex have a few seconds to move out or be destroyed? Nice!

    Seems fair I guess, I mean, you wouldnt complain and just be a whiner right?
    It would obviously float just 10-15m above ground so its nearly impossible for aircraft to get to the 6 weakpoints on the underside of it, but they could kill the 2 weakpoints on the top, if they risk getting anywhere near it. You would need a tank zerg to first either kill the defending tank zerg and take out the points while being shot at by the quite decent AI/AV guns or try to just ignore the tank zerg and turrets to get a few shots at the points before dying.

    The counter would also obviously be a vehicle that the ground Bastion is the strongest against, a aircraft, that has to be stationary while shooting but it can take a few hits of the big AA gun due to the shield it has, lets just hope there are no or very few Skyguards around because it would be a shame to lose that special aircraft that costs outfit resources that quickly without doing much against the ground Bastion. Just to make sure it lasts as long as possible, it has a special icon and shows up on everyones screen and minimap when its anywhere near :)

    Now we just need to get this to the devs!

    All sarcasm aside, im 10000% sure the majority or all the pilots in the game would set the forums/reddit/twitter/internet itself on fire or just quit the game since they are not used to anything but the best and optimal pampering so this would be a very harsh reality check for them. The best thing though is that this ground Bastion would still be far from as brutal as the current Bastion is since it doesnt have a base wiping main gun and be vulnerable to basic infantry so any complaints about how OP it is are silly as long as we have the current flying Bastion... even so, im sure a lot of people would be very much against it ever getting into the game, weird but also exactly what can be expected from pilots as they are used to having things their way and get free bonuses on top of everything because thats how it works around here.
  10. Twin Suns

    Whenever my Outfit pulls a Bastion, I leave the platoon and join a random infantry one. *shrugs* I have yet to see one of those things land and capture a base. All it does is avoid other Bastions and farm kills.

    I mean, seriously....who really wants to be one those flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. Sorry DBG, you can't make me fly those atrocious things you call aircraft in this game with some flying OP farming gimmick. ;)
  11. Blam320

    How about you stop being a useless little hobbit padding their KD on some hill miles away from the fight, and actually make yourself useful?

    Also, keep complaining. Bastions are nowhere near as oppressive as they used to be. Heck, I was able to destroy a weak point with just a Lancer. On top of that, you've got the Colossus which can utterly annihilate weak points.

    Why should Infiltrators ever be able to do something against a gigantic warship that represents the full might of an Outfit put on display? While yes, the biggest outfits in the game use them as little more than farming tools, that isn't grounds to outright remove them.
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  12. Somentine

    In the very least, the Mauler Cannon should not exist.

    IMO, the Bastion should have been a more team-oriented vehicle - really hard to kill (harder than now), act as a global, faction-wide infantry or air spawn point (maybe even ground vehicle), but not give free aircraft or have the Mauler Cannon. Even better if they had made the turrets vulnerable, and could only be repaired by flying over certain bases with airpads. Perhaps even allow it to repair weakpoints/hp, but those weakpoints also disable certain functions of the Bastion and can still damage the Bastion even when the weakpoint is destoryed.

    Like the colossus, imagine also being able to alter the bastion's loadout to provide more or less AA/A2G, different abilities like repair or resupply ammo, nanite reduction for spawn options, maybe drop shy shields, or 'free' anvils, or even an orbital with decent cool downs, etc. Hell, they could have even been creative and made new things like a scan every minute or two that reveals/spots all players/vehicles and their health, drop/provide large area nanoweave/flak upgrade, etc.

    Instead they gave us point and click AoE adventure.
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  13. iller

    Bastions were a JOKE to my Outfit before the Colossus tank even got added. We'd all mass pull a Platoon and a half of Aircraft from multiple Player-Bases at once and obliterate one right after another. I think our Record was 4 Enemy Bastions destroyed while keeping our own at over 60% health.

    At this point, I think the solid-walls and Spawn-Room penetration of the Bastion Bombardment NEEDS to be added back in to really make Infantry-only players get the hell out of their Comfort zones and actually learn to play the Vehicle Meta like our Outfit always has.... even if it's only just a newb-friendly Sundy Zerg like the more Casual Vehicle outfits typically run. (or the Skywhale Meme that WildCards does)


    Now if we REALLY wanted to talk about redesigning these things as support... the usual Infantry Sh**ters here have to be willing to take some actual nerfs to their stupid little Call of Duty hex Bases and the way every single Cap point is only designed to be reached on foot by Sunderers and Routers instead of by PlayerBase SpawnTubes built near them and maybe even sky-platforms designed for Galaxies to park on top of without being hit by every Flak gun and lightning tank the region.

    ...in essence, we need a RETURN of the original Mesa Sky Dock sort of base design that doesn't depend on indestructible Developer-built Sundy Garages with Flak MAXes and lockon chuds inside right near a jump pad taking a constant stream of VPN'ing corner peaking Heavies straight to every cap point in the base in 20 seconds or less. We need actual long-distance traveling team cohesion LOGISTICS reinstated in the game otherwise the only way to have spectacle like the Bastions actually affect the Ground game is THROUGH spawn room Denial and an equally degenerate constant stream of C4 spammers spawning directly into ESF's above said Sundy Garages
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  14. Badman76

    i must admit, i hate bastions, but only because when one spawns, most people jump in a esf/galaxy and defend/attack it or create a colluses squad and attack the bastion.

    I have yet to see the bastion used effectively to support ground troops capturing bases on cere's.
  15. icufos

    I love the Bastions more than heavily buttered toast...which is alot.
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  16. OpolE

    Sounds like you need to come to Planetside 1. We don't have that ****e. Galaxy Gunship is awesome and balanced
  17. Somentine

    Maybe when people actually cared about Bastions for the first few weeks after they were released. Now you have basically solo bastions rolling around nearly untouched occasionally.

    Sure, if they bring back the instant kill with droppods to bastions... a bugged mechanic for a bugged mechanic.

    Trash opinion formed by trash bias.

    Oh, you're just being sarcastic this entire post. My bad.
    After all, there is no way anyone actually believes this bs.
  18. Arpheus

    I think the Bastion should have a total HP of like 1 Million HP beside the hardpoints. If it takes 1 million damage to its hull from tanks and other heavy weapons it is destroyed even if some weakpoints are still alive.
    That way there is a way to shoot them down without needing Colossus or Air. If 20 Tanks shoot at that thing it should go down after a while.
    That is an older topic but I guess that the DPS values are at least somewhat true. Since the Splash damage won't work on a bastion the DPS of tanks is around 250.
    1 Millions / 250 = 4.000 seconds of shooting at a bastion for a single tank. Thats more than an hour

    So 20 Tanks would have to shoot the bastion and hit every single time for 200 Seconds which is almost 3 1/2 Minutes.
    I think if that really happens they deserve to shoot that bastion down especially since Bastions and their Air Support usually make short work of any tank even at huge range.
    This would also give casual's a chance to help against a bastion and in 100x100 fights there is a chance for ground players to scare away a bastion.
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  19. iller

    Oh struck a nerve eh? Can't handle being called out for installing a game that's designed to revolve around multiple forms of combat? If anything my opinion is the LEAST biased because I'm the one arguing for VARIETY in our engagements. Infantry-only in claustrophobic little Call of Duty kid hallways is a real problem and you know it is. It's Heavy-Side. It's Corner Peaking head drilling that ABUSES the netcode because the other player doesn't even have time to respond to the mere split second Frame of seeing you corner peak. This is an MMORPG running on MMORPG servers through MMORPG code. It isn't anything LIKE the tick rate of a CSGO server or the hitbox tightness either. There literally wasn't enough time for that target to MOVE out of the way of the bullets. And that makes you feel like a big man when playing by yourself.

    ...but as soon as it's time to learn a less exploitable portion of the game... one without corner peaking and head Crits, but lots of outfit cohesion... Oh NO.... I"M THE ONE WHO'S BIASED. hahaha. Thanks for the giggle bruh
  20. Somentine

    No, it's garbage because you think infantry vs. vehicle balance isn't already lopsided. The very reason they had to basically wall-in and try to isolate some infantry combat, even after numerous vehicle nerfs, is because it is trash balancing.

    Every base except biolabs have a way for vehicles to impact the fight, and even biolabs have ways of using vehicles. Lol @ variety of engagements.

    Also, thanks for the giggles on the rest of your trash opinion about infantry combat. Outfit cohesion; bra, you're a comedian.

    P.S. Your biased trash opinion is biased trash opinion.

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