[Suggestion] Remove support XP cap (medic and engi) - or change the way it works.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by dr_Fell, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. dr_Fell

    I have been playing as NC engineer for some weeks. 2 or 3 weeks ago I have noticed, that there is an XP cap on ammo pack XP. Sometimes I just stop getting XP for some time, despite dozens of ppl sitting on my pack. Initially I guessed, that there it is number of points that one engi can get from supplying or repairing certain player - that at least I could understand as a remedy to XP farming. But it doesn't work like that. At some time I just stop getting support XP at all. Even when I deploy to other location and drop ammo pack there, still I get no XP, and then unexpectedly it is working again.

    Recently I started to play as medic and was surprised that the cap is there as well - and works the same way (a way I cannot understand). Just in some moment I stopped getting XP for reviving, it didn't matter who, where I revived or if I revived that player before. Just no XP. Even more strange thing is, that sometimes I stop getting XP when I don't do very much revives, and sometimes, in the heart of battle, I can revive one player after another and get XP for every of them. There seem to be limit on heal XP as well.

    Maybe I am just blind to something, but I can't see the reason for cap working that way. If it is intended to avoid cheating, it could be as well limited on how many support XP in time medic/engi can get from supporting certain player. XP for killing can be farmed and exploited as well - so why there is no similar limit to number of XP for kills ? Playing medic and engineer is as important as any other role - why, at some point, those players are not getting XP for what they do ?

    I have noticed some other strange things, that happen with support XP. For example sometimes, when I repair something, I am getting XP from the beginning. And sometimes I am getting XP only for repairing second half of someone health (no XP for first half of the health). This is unpredicteable and frustrating.

    So at least - SOE, please make clear how the do the limits work, it would be fair. Many players, including me, could adjust gameplay better, knowing when and what for XP are granted, and when not.
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  2. Cloudwasher

    Ive noticed this randomly too, and I don't think its a built in XP cap so much as just another on the long list of bugs SOE needs to address.
  3. Monnor

    Never noticed any cap , do you try to abuse it ?
  4. IshanDeston

    Be sure to give your thanks to all those guys that run to a cap, drop their ammo pack and tell people to fire their guns.
  5. Siilk

    Sounds like a bug to me.
  6. Tarry

    See the same thing, from time to time. Thought it's a problem with lags in synchronization or something
  7. Dr. Allcome

    This is not a bug, it's a feature. You do not get XP for repairing/healing friendly damage. So if you only get XP for the second half, then the first half of the damage was done by friendlies.

    Also you don't get XP for reviving people who were teamkilled.
  8. Ronaldspiers

    But sometimes allies that take 100% enemy damage you don get exp for healing/reviving. I think it is a bug because putting a cap on support exp is the dumbest idea SoE could ever come up with for a team based game.
  9. dr_Fell

    I have described when and how this happened for me (to be more precise, it happens regularly, some times a day). It happens during normal (usually big, but not always) battles. Sometimes I am getting many XP before it stop working, but not always. I guess there were times, when I deployed into battle, droped ammo pack, got ammo XP maybe 5-10 times and then it suddenly stopped to work. I am not sure, but maybe it happended, when it was activated after I started the game (and I didn't get support XP for first minute or two). I didn't do anythink that I could call abusing. Unpredictability of this makes me wondering, that those of You, that think that it is a bug, may be right.

    No lags for me during that, and it is not like some XP dropped and some not - just quite long periods (can't say exactly, might be 1-2 minutes) when I am not getting XP at all.

    Thanks for the info, I must take look at that. If You are right, then at least it would be more predictable. No more revivals for TKed ppl then. :D

    I agree. And again - if it is a cap, then, why killing XP are not capped ? Killing is abusable as well, and there are better ways to avoid abuse then this cap working as it works now.

    Again - I am asking someone from SOE for explanations. Is it a bug and should we wait for it to be fixed ? Or is it a feature - and then please, make clear for us how does this thing work.
  10. Vortok

    You'll eventually stop getting exp for ammo pack resupplies, probably in an effort to fight boosting. If it's anything like Infiltrator hacking (can only hack 3 things before not getting exp for hacking) you just need to do something else (get exp from another source, like shooting somebody) to break the chain and it'll reset the 'cap.'

    Can't recall if resupply works or if I just redeployed to the Sunderer 5 feet away when this came up while supplying a group of AA MAXs. If I felt like testing it I'd try to get some repair/assist exp after the resupply exp stops coming in and see if it starts back up.
  11. Degenatron

    This is to stop exploiters who would run ammo and health farming scripts. I ran across a couple of guys doing this on a remote base just after Esamir was released in beta.

    Just another example of bad people ruining it for the rest of us.
  12. Gary

    Not once have i hit the cap... I am fairly certain the cap only happens if you are doing nothing but that one thing. If you are a medic and you are reviving/healing whilst getting a kill or two i dont think you get capped. at least thats how it appears to me
  13. 4set

    If the damage is self inflicted, or caused by friendly fire, then you dont get exp for that, in regards to repairing stuff with the engi..
    Admittedly I dont play much engi, so I havnt experienced just a cut off on exp gained from resupplying ammo + repairing, and the same to be said about medic, I just dont play it much, and when I do I do more pewpew than healing, so I havnt personally experienced it..
  14. Nephera

    usually happens on defense and in anti air/armor batteries where the engineer/medic isnt really bringing anything to the fight other than ammo/first aid.

    so another kick in the gut to defenders.
  15. Niv

    i support planetside 1 medic/engineering Xp point system.
    if u support some 1 by res/glue/heal if the guy u help him score a kill u get 50% Xp worth of the Xp he got.
    best system and it made much better team working inside the game.
    even in planetside 1 i love to wait at the ammo station inside a base while there was big fight outside and glue every tank that come in for ammo/glue so when that tank go out back to fight i got xp for his kills :)
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  16. dr_Fell

    It could be a good explanation, I will have to test it. Although as an engineer I rather prefer offensive play I can't exclude the possibility, that the cap was activated when it happened, that I didn't kill anyone for some time. I will test it as soon as I can.

    Then enemy damage should be repaired before damage from FF and not like it is now (first I have repair something for FF damage, then i can get my XP) :D

    So, things seem to be more clear now, and i even seem to understand why this cap exists, at least with ammo packs. It is to avoid engineers to plant ammo pack, hide in the most distant base corner, and do nothing. Still no understanding with repairs / medic. Why killing is supposed to be more important than healing ? What the hell, in most mmos healers are considered one of the most important roles !
    Thanks to You all, I now have clue how this thing works and, if it is the case, that cap is activated from gaining certain amount of XP from only one source, at least I (and other players) know what should be done in order to make XP flow again.
  17. innersphere1

    Id like certs not xp . For example, 5 guys refill ammo -> 1 cert
  18. dr_Fell

    But certs = XP. And with 5 refills = 1 cert It would be too easy. Now it takes c.a. 20-25 refills.
  19. innersphere1

    Yes but the problem is almost all decent weapons or things cost 1000 certs .. for a f2p guy will take a year farming like a crazy to get a single weapon and upgrades and many people are leaving because of this.. its too frustrating
  20. dr_Fell

    Then people that leave just doesn't have enough patience. I bought my 1st weapon for certs and it took me much less than a year (less than 2 weeks). Considering that You can get c.a. 40-50 certs per hour (and I was getting 120 during 2xXP days), You can have new weapon much faster than in a year.
    If You really want it, You can get new weapon after 2-3 days of double XP days or even faster :D