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  1. Warspine

    Ither you remove or rework stealth. Or i will simply take my money and toss in on some other sub and ingame cash. It's simply just griefing the hell out of the game. Stealths owns everything.

    I love the game but the stealthers are killing me more then anything else in the game.
    Is stealth ment to be the primary force?
    And alot of them are br100 trying to better their k/d ratio (cause stealthers are so op)

    Im just griefet to death while i try to have fun.
    (dont bother responing with things like, you have to keep moving around etc)
  2. RabidIBM

    I barely play infiltrator, and I fully disagree here. I don't think it's OP at all, and I often see people thinking they are being sneaky with stealth on, thinking it will save them while they run in the open or stand in a door way. If a particular one is piss you off, draw a counter play. AtG ESF from a couple bases back, then shoot whatever spot he was camping. After the kill, go to town with your ESF until the enemy draw counter play to that. There are other counter plays to snipers, that's just a personal favorite.
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  3. WinterAero

    Unless you cross one of those clowns that alter the head hitbox like Elusive always has, then you can pretty much knock them into orbit with a bit of awareness and avoidance/return fire. Its not all that difficult, just engage a few braincells and stop playing to their strengths. The class has been in the game since forever and most have been just fine.
  4. Warspine

    Maybe an event with some distortion could play out once and a while that made some events stealther free. I dont know.
    And i rather would like to see better camoflage then a cloak. But yeah, your right WinterAero, they have been here since like forever so it would be to much to ask to get it removed i guess. I just hate the damn mechanic so much.
  5. Twin Suns

    Honestly, they are frail and squishy so...
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  6. Raidashi

    Infiltrators specialize in exploiting mistakes. They seek out people who are slow, distracted, predictable, or otherwise not paying attention. Basically things that would get some one killed normally anyway. If your getting gibbed by Infils constantly, then your probably making extremely regular mistakes that make you a prime target for them.

    And theres a whole pile of weaknesses to Infils natively, as well as plenty of counter play options. Hell, theres an attachment for nearly every weapon in the game that specifically counters them if you still struggle with them, but the inherent weaknesses of the Infil are so many that most players consider it a literal waste. The cloak is loud as hell and distinctive for each faction, the cloaks not hard to spot with even modest practice, they're squishy, and cant even fire from cloak for about half a second meaning they loudly announce their presence before being able to shoot (giving plenty of time to juke and turn), and also means they cant react if they get engaged first.

    I really hate "Get Gud" arguments, but against Infil's it's really a case of stop being a rookie.
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  7. AllRoundGoodGuy

    You should probably keep moving n stuff.
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  8. TrojonKing 1st

    I reckon over 65% of players that play infiltrators Can't eg No Spot calling, deploying sensor's, not hacking terminals, scouting bases,ect,ect and end up trying to snipe 200m+ away from a base or cloaked hidden in the corner doing nothing. The best way to get a higher KD is to become a C4 fairy or build a orbital strike NOT a infiltrator . The best advice is join a squad that can show you how to use your equipment and clear building's/base's to check corners and will tell you not to stand by windows and doorways, not to run in straight line's or even keep using the same doorway to get to point.
  9. Liewec123

    i'd love for you to meet my Jackhammer Heavy XD

    but on a serious note, do you run flashlight on your sidearms?
    if not, you should!
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  10. Somentine

    Flashlight on sidearm is more for tracking down a stalker, that you know is there, with at least one other person.

    First, you nerf your self for cof.
    Second, you give your position up to literally everyone.
    Third, unless you are with a group, the infil will just move out of the way of your flashlight and/or kill you while you are tunnel visioned.
    Forth, the actual uses for the flashlight is limited af, as it is an attachment that has some of the biggest downsides (even more than compensators), and is only useful after you already know the general vicinity of an infil.

    As for the comment about dying to infils being a 'you' problem:

    The thing about infils (and other aspects of the game) is that you can do nothing wrong and still fail against them. You can be running sensor shield, constantly moving/strafing, can be paying attention to your surroundings, minimap, and sound, and still get killed by some infil sitting in a corner or one that ran through your teammates and *for some reason* shot you instead of them. Or you could be bolted by some infil 200m away that just got incredibly lucky.

    If some baby stalker has sat in a corner for 2 mins just WAITING for someone to run by solo, or baits their own teammates and finishes you off, that is no mistake on your part, it's just bad gameplay.
  11. Campagne

    1. ADS.
    2. Toggle attachment to turn the light off.
    3. If he's moving he's visible.
    4. This is why it goes on a sidearm, has literally no penalty when not in use or when in ally-controlled areas such as point rooms.
    It's really not an issue.

    As for the rest, why should another player have to rely on the target messing up and not on his own merits? Heavies don't rely on other players to be worse shots, they make up for the enemy being better. Vehicles and air sure as **** don't rely on infantry messing up either. This just isn't a very good argument. If an infiltrator kills a player from stealth, it was his effort and skill, not the lack of an opponent's.
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  12. Somentine

    1. You shouldn't be ADSing the vast majority of your shots with a pistol.
    2. Then it doesn't work, which means you now have a useless attachment that still technically nerfs your CoF and does literally nothing.
    3. Crouch walking is still basically invisible, especially if you are tunnel-visioned on the area of light.
    4. Which is why I said my first sentence. The attachment does nothing to help you in any scenario that isn't flushing out a stalker that you already know is there, in a relatively safe place for you to tunnel-vision on it.

    It is an issue, because it is effectively useless and is in no way a counter to infils.

    Wat? The first part doesn't make any sense in terms of context. For lack of a better way to explain this, imagine being killed by an invisible mine that really only has one 'counter' that relies on you basically knowing the mine is there beforehand. You can try to say, well it was the skill on the player who placed that mine in the first place, but in reality it's bs.

    Vehicles and air are some of the 'and other aspects of the game' I mentioned.

    The part about skill is pretty meh. Stealth is incredibly polarized; it is either absurdly broken or basically useless. Some call that balance, and there is certainly skillful ways to use the stealth mechanic, but I would hardly equate it to any of the other classes in the game in terms of 'skillful' play.
  13. Brewergamer

    Ruh ruh ruh raaaagequit
  14. Campagne

    1. Pistols have small magazines and low RoFs. You don't want to miss, and hipfiring is often just too inaccurate, even with a laser.
    2. "Toggle" implies turning it on and off at will. AKA turn it back on when you want it on. It doesn't "technically" nerf anything.
    3. It's not at all, and human eyes are specialized in detecting movement.
    4. Limited use does not equate to useless. Are you expecting it to be a flat hard counter to infiltrators?
    If you're doing everything in your power and the infil still surprises you, he won because he put in the time, effort, and ability to overcome the equipment and natural limitations. What's BS is suddenly getting annihilated by an ESF without warning or indication or a chance at retaliation, not a guy using stealth as his main defence.

    Needless to say, it takes skill to avoid detection when the enemy is using sensor shield, constantly moving/strafing, paying attention to his surroundings, minimap, and sounds.
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  15. TrojonKing 1st

    If you want to stay alive longer Keep Moving in random directions Not standing there looking into space. Ok you do not like the Dark light then why not run round the room/building using the throwing knife or a standard knife, As for the last part of your statement (moan) Your just pissed that the BABY Stalker out smarted you, They know that they were out numbered and decided to split you up and take you out one by one and they did, Good for them and a nice job! WHY did you call it Bad game play when that is SKILL. not a over powered cloaker
  16. blackboemmel

    Is that an attempt of blackmailing? Smart try (if you forget about the +thousand players that would leave the game after that change).
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  17. Somentine

    1. No. The majority of situations where you want to be using a pistol are all close enough that you want to have two things: full movement and good hipfire. If you have the time to line up a shot, then yeah, ADS.
    2. Again, if you don't have it on when you need it then it is useless. You can argue semantics, you still lose laser sight for it.
    3. Yeah, movement you can see, which is part of this whole issue.
    4. Yes, if you put such a negative on your weapon to counter one specific thing, it should be a hard counter. That doesn't mean it can't have limitations, but I honestly fail to see why you think darklight even does a remotely good job right now.

    Because infils give you a warning or indication or chance of retaliation? A bolter can kill you before you even see them de-cloak on your screen. A stalker can sit in a corner for literal days and two shot you or combo with a quick-knife. An smg infil with even mediocre aim can kill you with a faster TTK than a human can react, never mind the effects of clientside.

    Also, stealth is not just a defense, it is an incredible offensive ability.
  18. Somentine

    1. Moving doesn't save you from all damage.

    2. Throwing knife, emp, lasher/thumper, or any AoE are the best ways to flush out infils, which just shows how darklight is garbage. Running around with just a standard knife is not a good way to find infils, as they will just line up an easy shot and kill you.

    3. 'Out smarted' fkn lol

    4. You want to split up players as every class. Infil, and to a degree LA, just have the tools to do it significantly easier. No class wants to fight 1v2+.

    5. First, something can take skill but still be bad game play (bolters, for example). Second, sitting effectively invisible (in this case indefinitely), and choosing to pick off a target that they feel is an easy kill is hardly the definition of skill, at least overall.

    Still can't get over the 'out smarted', jesus how delusional can someone be lol.
  19. Campagne

    1. Yes. Firstly, if looking around for an infil with a light ideally you'd catch him while he's stationary and trying to remain hidden, which one would want to be ADSing for get get those juicy headshots. If he's moving around, it's not a terrible idea to maintain distance (even as little as 5m) as some pistols are stupidly short-ranged and stalkers especially are known to use knives as their main weapon. This distance lends itself more to ADSing than hipfiring.

    2. It turns on literally instantly and all attachments are toggled at once even if the weapon is not equipped. If you're holding a primary even if all you have is a grip, pressing the attachment toggle key will turn your flashlight on and off in your pocket. Meaning you can turn on the light as the equipping animation plays, as you aim, or simply before you even need it. That is, if you even need to turn it off in the first place.

    3. It's not terribly difficult with practice. And if he's moving he's probably not aiming.

    4. It has literally no disadvantage when not in use and can be disabled at will in the few situations that require it. It totally negates the cloak, a complete hard counter, why isn't that good? Or perhaps, why isn't that good enough, rather.

    On top of all the obvious tell-tale signs such as recon tools and hacked terminals, infiltrators also give off a loud, faction-specific sound when cloaking and decloaking. They literally do give you a warning.

    Snipers are pretty worthless in most hands. Simply movement negates most, complex negates the rest. CQC snipers are more of an issue with hitbox manipulations than anything else. Stalkers are generally very easy to beat once you find them, and they can't move fast and remain hidden at the same time. And if they sit still for "literal days" they would kill so infrequently they'd be no issue. Try not to be an easy target otherwise, two-shoting you requires headshots with specific weapons, and movement helps prevent that. Knives require contact which requires positioning and/or oblivious targets.

    SMGs in PS2 can't kill faster than 0.2s without chaining headshots. Dying to that is the player's own fault. Simple movement prevents this. Though, I actually oppose SMG infiltrators.

    Stealth doesn't inherently help a player win a fight through offensive means. It helps avoid damage and unfavourable situations. A stalker is going to have trouble killing even in perfect stealth. But he's not going to die if he doesn't get shot, and he's not going to get shot if no one sees him.

    I'm not going to reply to everything you say to other people, but these two things are especially something I can't ignore.

    "Out-smarted" isn't quite the term. More, "out-played." A player remained hidden and successfully ambushed another player. He out-played the other one who had a much easier task of not dying.

    And secondly, heavies are designed to do 1v2+ encounters, yet you have no issue with them? They have the heavy shield with the option of gaining energy back instantly upon killing and carry LMGs with the largest magazines by far. Stealth takes effort and is often less rewarding than just running and gunning.
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  20. TrojonKing 1st

    Yes Outsmarted!
    ? " No class wants to fight 1v2" hmm I do regularly being a Medic, Engineer or your favorite infiltrator. Yes I'm that player that kills about 4 or five of your team to take point or to draw a enemy squad response to a base to take your Forces off the front line. I get called a cheater for that! when it's player's like you just make me look good because you make Big and small mistakes and you just keep repeating them, just like the one's stated above. A infiltrator is not guaranteed to get a head shoot no more then any other class. "Yea but they have the cloak" I hear you cry,( Nightmare Implant) or (Minor Cloak) which are not limited to infiltrators. Have you tried being a infiltrator and running into a group and tried to kill them all? How easy do you find it trying to take point and defending it? and how many kill's do you get in a hour sniping? I bet you get a lower score then say for Engineer!

    " 'Out smarted' fkn lol""
    Not sure what you mean fkn is that " ******* know nothing"? Could be right as I have only been play the game since 2013 and only have five character's maxed. but yea there is always something new to learn.

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