Remove SMGs and shotties from HA?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by asdfPanda, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. asdfPanda

    Is this a viable idea for class balance? It might not even be necessary, but some people as of late have something against Cyclone HAs.
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  2. Problem Officer

    Why specifically and what about shotguns?
  3. I play by many names

    It would make for a better game IMO to remove SMG's from heavies. Shotguns aren't really feasible (from a balance perspective) to remove from HA simply because of the NC jackhammer. In a perfect world Daybreak (Sony) would have the resources to revamp the jackhammer into something different and less cheesy (and with it remove all shotguns from HA), but this isn't likely that world.
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  4. MahouFairy

    Why should Shotguns even be removed from HAs?
  5. AlterEgo

    Well, I can understand. It really wouldn't be too harmful, considering a 100-round Polaris is better than a 50-round Sirius.

    As for shotguns however, I don't see how it makes sense to remove them. Is the HA not the killing class? If so, why take away a weapon that excels only at CQC?
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  6. Casey B

    It's overkill. a HA can kill any class with its LMG + shield already in CQC. However if he has a shotgun, even if you get the drop on him chances are he will still kill you. Heavy are suppose to be better at killing, but not undefeatable CQC gods.
  7. garret0451

    how many bad HA with shotguns have touched you ?

    also shotgun HA not really effective. even jakie nc's just worthless after 15m
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  8. LibertyRevolution

    I would be ok with this, and I play heavy a lot, the class is just too much a jack of all trades..
    Take away heavy's CQC ability, move them to a support fire and anti vehicle role.

    I run a Cyclone heavy as NC, unless my enemy is a pump shotgun heavy, they are dead.

    One of these guns is not like the others...
    Cyclone takes my D- skill level and makes me into B** player... LULZ
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  9. Ballto21

    i kind of want smgs removed from all non infiltrator classes, but thats only because on most classes it seems that using an smg is a self nerf
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  10. Reclaimer77

    If you take shotguns away from HA, the NC will become overpowered due to the Jackhammer.
  11. AlterEgo

    Well, it depends. If the devs are willing to buff the Lasher (the MCG is the best ESHAW according to everything), then I'd be okay with letting shotguns go. Of course, I don't see why they have to go, but meh. As for SMGs, I'd be happy to let 'em go; a 100-round LMG is better than a 50-round SMG:D
  12. Reclaimer77

    Yes but if you buff the Lasher and MCG then you've thrown off the HA vs every other class balance and we'll have another big mess on our hands.

    The problem with HA is the ridiculous shield, not what kind of weapons they can carry.
  13. garret0451

    lasher is fun , and fine as it is. about smg's well , i try to aurax pdw, **** is a pain. how is that thing can' kill something ? i better use repeater .
    smg is about self nerf unless you playing LA or infi , same with shottys , where you can ambush and dictate field of battle .on other classes i just vaporize ppl with them
  14. IberianHusky

    I don't believe shotguns should be removed, as they are very useful for CQC, breaching, and point holding. SMGs however I wouldn't mind being removed, as more often than not they are just cheesy and annoying on HAs. SMGs should be kept strictly to Infiltrators, LAs, and possibly Engis.
  15. Liewec123

    shotgun heavy is my favourite way of dealing with zergy spawn campers, jump in to a group of them with resist shield and auto shotty and wreck some faces!
  16. Eternaloptimist

    Close range weapons (as an option) make sense for HA, combined with their overshield, when they are doing their job of storming defences and ending up in max damage range of enemy weapons. They need some fast-kill CQC stuff. I am less sure of why they should have RL and C4 though. Seems a bit more OP than the usual complaints about shields.
  17. garret0451

    then question raises why they have access to something wiers as battle rifles. and c4 + grenade\pouch can solo obliterate sundies , this is a bit op
  18. Pfundi

    If that heavy isnt NC (for shotgund pistol) or TR (with SMG pistol) he cant carry a BR and an SMG at the same time, can he?
    Oh and btw:
    Infi can be good at CQC with SMG
    He can be invisible as Stalker
    He can be good at medium ranges because of Vandal and full auto scout rifles
    And he can be good at long ranges because BASR.
    Conclusion: Nerf Cloak
    Medic can be good at long distances with A-Tross or BR
    Medic can be good at Medium range because AR
    Medic can be good in CQ because CQ assault rifle and shotguns and SMGs
    And he can heal himself/
    So what conclusion do we draw? Correct, remove shield bubble, because than that Medic or Heavy or whatever carrying a BASR, LMG, SMG and Shottie at the same time cant regenerate his shields *genius*

    Edit: Im referring to the BR stuff. C4 should be LA exclusive anyway :p
  19. garret0451

    what about wierdos medics who run BR c4 shield + regen implant ?:confused:
  20. Pfundi

    Implants... Completely forgot that they even exist...
    What about limiting the Medic to carbines as well and then allowing them acces to AV Mines in order to push them more in AV role before finally giving them the Rocketlaunchers.
    Assault Rifles could be given to the Infi. An LA should only be able to use a Shottie or C4