Remove Small bases from the lattice system.

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    by simply making them little "outposts" tro fight in.

    Much like that small building in between quartz ridge & Excavation sight.
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  2. iccle

    I never expected them to be connected up when lattice was introduced; However infantry can teleport across the map and capture times are pretty low so i would worry about how it would affect the speed of continental capture if links were removed. There would have to be something else added to increase capture times on remaining links (hopefully something more interesting than a flat increase in capture timer). But there is a definite need for some hard spawn points that can be captured without affecting the lattice.
  3. Komas

    I've been thinking about this same idea for awhile. I think it's silly to have lattice through all the outposts. It should only connect the major bases. In planetside 1 this is the case, the towers were only staging points for the front lines.
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  4. Beeman

    A lot of people have brought this up and a lot more people will continue to discuss it. It's a good idea, though I'm not sure how open those smaller outposts should be to capture. Maybe the smallest outposts could be completely open to capture but grant no benefit whilst disconnected from your faction's warpgate. Perhaps the largest bases(biolabs, amp stations, etc...) and most(or all) of the watchtowers can be connected via lattice links with some medium(and maybe small) bases branching off on their own, not connecting to anything but their parent hub.

    Either way, I agree that it's a bit odd to have every tiny outpost linked into the lattice system. Makes conquest a bit tedious in some cases.
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  5. UberBonisseur

    That won't happen since SOE considers the best course of action to spend months and months remaking every single outpost to fit a 48v48 battle rather than removing them.

    Not that Amerish sucks; I very much like some of the new bases.
    But what a massive waste of time.
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  6. Trudriban

    Just a brain fart, but what if the devs put the old influence system back but kept the lattice, and you COULD go straight for the next main facility but it would be much faster if you had more territory in between? Keep the mini bases connected and everything but make them only optional caps

    Then again the devs don't read the forum posts and have one too many popsicle sticks shoved too far up their noses
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  7. Ikissyourface

    Lets try this on PTS. I like the idea that the small bases inbetween major facilities are a free-for-all zone where any faction can capture. PLEASE......
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  8. St0mpy

    Um, so why would anyone even bother fighting at them if they arent important for progression? We'll just skip them so we can fight at the next main outpost, what will that achieve?

    Might as well not have the outposts at all at that point, who cares if they flip? Then when the continent alert comes players will have to stand around at (or ghost cap) empty and disconnected bases just because they have to, not because they have any meaningful use.

    The OP probably only likes to fight at large facilities so expects us to all to forget the rest of the map, either that or hes another one of these 'whatever planetside1 had PS2 should have too' purists and thinks trotting out the old ideas for the sake of it will get him some pats on the back.

    At least try to be original pls, and if youve got a suggestion, THE SUGGESTION FORUMS ARE THAT WAY >>>>>>>>
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  9. iccle

    Same reason that people capture towers in ps1, for staging posts, for tower fights, to get away from the herd, for something different to do etc etc.
  10. z1967

    I would like it if the small bases were on a Hex system and just offered another spawn point/vehicle pull point. Towers would act as mid points between major facilities (other medium facilities would also offer this) and would always be heavily contested over. And finally large bases would be connected to a Lattice system like what we have now. In order to begin a capture of a large facility you must own 33% of the bases in its hex grouping. You can also completely disregard the large facility and "starve" it by capturing 100% of the surrounding territories.

    This idea has been floating around for quite awhile, I thought I would just add my take on it.
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  11. St0mpy

    so capping an uncontested unneeded base becomes strategic? ghost capping has certainly come of age in this thread lol.
  12. iccle

    Yes it does become strategic because it provides a hard spawn point unlike sunderers which are the only other means of gaining a spawn with terminals not tied to the lattice. It opens up lines of attack that are not possible from within the lattice structure. It gives you the oppertunity to get troops in the way of enemy reinforcement lines, or a staging post for dynamic fights outside of the lattice structure. If it does not effect the lattice what do you care if its captured? Depends on how much distruption the loss and manning of the position causes your empire.
  13. St0mpy

    right so rather than make the enemy fight for their base, lets just change the whole map, forget about at least half the existing bases just so we can let the enemy roll up and cap a hard spawn point every now and again?

    im sorry if i dont see the logic there
  14. Cirevam

    The logic has two parts. The first is to give SOE an opportunity to fix some of their recent base designs and capture mechanics. It's better to have a captureable hard spawn a hundred meters outside of a facility than to have captureable spawns inside of a facility like the new Amp Stations have. The capture times could also increase to compensate for the lower number of captureable bases, which means defenders can actually get a chance to defend instead of being blitzkrieged and losing a bio lab in two minutes.

    The second part, which isn't brought up in this topic but is usually mentioned in similar topics, is to increase the distance between bases so battles can develop in the field. You may already know how hard it is for tanks and other land vehicles to influence fights in walled-off bases, like much of Esamir and a few parts of Amerish. Forcing players to move farther to get to a fight means that there is more space between bases, which means there is a greater chance for groups of vehicles to intercept each other and start a fight. Thus, tanks are no longer useless and they will no longer get sniped from bases as much since captureable bases aren't only a few hundred meters apart anymore.

    I hope this gives you an idea of why we want to adjust the lattice.
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  15. John_Aitc

    "Ghost capping and back capping" used to serve a very specific purpose pre-lattice. It was a valid tactic to force zergs to split their forces. I actually miss this function. It is too bad it is always referred to as only a bad mechanic. Plodding along in our nice neat lanes that keep us out of three faction fights like on Amerish should not be the only strategy.
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  16. iccle

    I never suggested or implied that half the bases go, or that the entire map change, or that no one fights. I guess I may not have explained my support for this idea well enough or the reasons behind it, so here is my last attempt:

    Back when hex was in effect and lattice was proposed I lent my support to the idea based on the implementation I knew in planetside1 and based on all the things from planetside 1 that could influence capture and benefits along the lattice (from generator holds, infiltrator viruses, tower captures etc). I wrongly assumed that SOE would take that implementation, modernize it and still allow for disruptive elements of play along the lattice which were essential for breaking stalemates and benefit denial tactics that could influence a battle elsewhere along the lattice.

    If you recall planetside 1 lattice:
    • Only connected benefit imparting major facilities.
    • Did not connect to any towers, tower capture did not affect continental capture or global domination.
    • Lattice benefits were interruptible allowing for behind the lines strategies by destroying base generators or implanting disable benefits viruses in key 'lattice hub' bases etc.
    • Towers were used as hard spawn staging posts alongside more fragile AMS spawns in base sieges, or simply as a place for people to stage a reasonably stable fight (because of the hard spawn) when they did not want to play the 'continental lattice' game.
    • If an empire captured a continent, all towers flipped to that empire.
    The implementation we got connected everything together with no means to interrupt benefits. Everyone lost the hard spawn points that towers offered to help stage assaults on major facilities. Obviously in Planetside 2 the relationship between the towers and major facilities is completely different simply by map design so a direct 'port' of the lattice would never have worked. However I feel there are just too many minor outposts and lattice links in general (why do you think they redefined continental capture from taking 100% of the bases to 70%?).

    Why not decouple a small ammount of the most minor facilities from the lattice and leave them for more freestyle capture/defense play?

    If you only ever like fighting in the lattice lines along with the zerg then this change just would not affect you.

    If you like moving to places where the enemy are falling back to repair or regroup and harrass them or prevent their armor/air getting to a fight further along the lattice, then this change would enable you to do so in some places with a hard spawn point, providing you could also defend the outpost.

    I support removing a select few of the minor outposts from the lattice in considered places to open up opportunities to interrupt supply/reinforcement lines, or just to have a little more freedom of movement when choosing where you wish to fight.
  17. Tentakewls

    Until the resource revamp and the continental lattice, I don't think we'll see any big changes like this one. In fact I think the smaller outpost play a big role on the planned resource system since you'll be getting resources from them, and can be attacked easily from a bigger base, which would give the defenders a way to starve out the attackers. If it's just two big bases, at 5km from each other that wouldn't really be possible.
  18. KnightCole

    That would be even more boring then all the NS weaponry in this game.

    Having 3 bases on the map? Amp/Tech/Bio? This game would get boring quicker then watching paint dry. This game already has limited variety. Why we want less variety by removal of all but the main facilities?
  19. LucasPiazon

  20. St0mpy

    I think you are talking to the wrong person if you think im pro-lattice rofl, read my back posts on the subject, I just dont believe hacking out half the existing bases is going to do anything but concentrate the vast majority of battles at large facilities leaving holes of bases with little or no combat at all, thats something I dont agree with.