[Suggestion] Remove SCU from Bio Labs

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Chipay, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Chipay

    Because placing a 4 minute objective in a base that takes 3 minutes to capture is rather dumb o_O

    I mean, you could just place them in every base then anyway.
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  2. Lagavulin

    Stupid Biolab capture time usually spoils my fun :-(
  3. Czuuk

    The only time it takes 3 minutes is when it is undefended.
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  4. Eleo

    The point is the SCU is so close to the spawn room and have such clear line of sight that if you can succesfuly overload it and defend it then it is very likely that the defenders are already being held back and that the points have already been captured, thus the scu wont even have time to explode.
  5. Van Dax

    not necessarily, in my experience with latticed biolabs often only have half the points capped before the shield goes down, I've done many successful generator pushes as a defender since the cap time change, it just now forces defenders to be less passive.
  6. Czuuk

    Unless it is full of people. Took us 25 minutes last night with platoon on platoon action.
  7. KenDelta

    4 huge bio-barrels blocking the sight.
  8. Gammit

    Sounds hot
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