Remove repair grenades from being able to repair the generators.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by AntDX316, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. AntDX316

    Remove repair grenades from being able to repair the generators.

    We couldn't take a base at Peris Amp Station because we couldn't get in. It was highly unfair and aided in the help of losing our Bastion in 20 minutes.

    It also caused a lot of VS to give up and log out.
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  2. strove

    If you lost a bastion in 20 mins either your team didnt support it well enough or your opponents were very well coordinated.

    Theres only so far you can throw a grenade and it would take multiple to repair a generator. In short, time and time again some dude walked up and threw grenades and you guys did nothing to stop them. Spawn suppression and intercepting reinforcements could have easily sorted this out, not to mention Gate Shield Diffusers can bypass the lot
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  3. Tramplex

    I personally dont have anything against rep nades on generators. But it is really annoying if enemy has generators self repair and you cant do anything about it, it will get repaired anyway. You cannot delay this. Cannot damage it to stay broken. Its just depressing.
  4. Quovatis

    Repair grenades don't obey line of sight rules. That's a bug they should fix.
  5. The Grand Crusader

    You obviously have no idea what he's talking about. This was on Emerald last night and I was there on my VS. TR were throwing rep nades down the tunnel from their spawn room and repairing the generators through the ground and floor. Nothing we did could stop them from doing that. A whole TR platoon was doing that for a good 30-45 minutes. I reported the only guy I actually saw come out of the tunnels. He was in the SALT outfit. They also had a router down in the tunnels just below the generators. So they literally spawned on the router and threw rep nades and it would repair the gens above the ground.
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  6. focart

    I dont like those generator based AMP stations. Indeed, it is a big trouble to capture them, especially, when engineers can simply throw in repair grenades avoiding direct confrontation with defenders. If I am not mistaken, only 3 rep grenades can fully repair a generator...
    Good, that someone brought up this topic.
  7. Srazor

    Someone was in that spawn tunnel that we can use, the one that travels under the generator. They were throwing repair grenades at the ceiling, which is under the generator. Not sure if it was working, because I never tried it, but if it does that totally ain't what the devs had in mind I'm sure.
  8. neostatic2009

    Yeah I was playing last night when that happened. Was on my 4th faction account on VS side and noticed a 24-48 fight with TR vs 96+ VS pop. I would guard the rooms and as soon as we destroy a gen, it would be repp'd 5-10 secs later. Rare times we took both down at the same time, we'd rush to A. Gens would go up. And then we'd be pushed from point soon after due to unable to respawn players inside the shields.
  9. strove

    To be fair... I didnt think about the tunnels. If it wernt for that i dont think it would be an issue. Id be down for reducing the size of the aoe on the rep nades anyway tbf, it sees little use anyway
  10. Talthos

    That still leaves the option of using Gate Shield Diffusor Sunderers to get inside, instead.

    On a related note, here's a nifty trick: If an allied vehicle with empty seats hugs an enemy vehicle gate shield, allied infantry on the opposite side of the enemy vehicle gate shield can enter the allied vehicle; this can allow for one-way entry past an enemy vehicle gate, once you get a few GSD Sunderers inside.
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  11. Zegahg4m3r

    Bumping this thread, just had a 1h-fight against VS on miller who kept spamming the punishers repair nades at the shield gens from the underground tunnels. Caused us to never get into the amp stations main building.

    The only way to stop the repair is to get a heavy (with the punisher equipped) + engineer (with ammo packs) and spam the punishers underbarrel "havoc" grenades at the gen. It stops the repair.
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  12. AntDX316

    The biolab can be as broken due to the spawn points. On alerts, sometimes it funnels in so many people that the alert doesn't even matter as most of the population is stuck inside there.
  13. TrojonKing 1st

    That's just Crazy Thinking. Why would you do that? TR love running through the same door over and over again. Is Thinking outside the box a implant?

    I agree that they should move the tunnel or do something about that happening again, but to remove the grenades is a bit much and not called for as they are much needed if you are pinned down.
  14. Lausk

    Holy nanites. Can this be hotfixed PLEASE! We just lost our alert on Connery because the VS push through Hurakan got stopped by people spamming punisher rep nades through the tunnel. Rattle off all the alternative strategies you like. There SHOULD NOT be a counter strategy to an exploit. Fix the exploit.

    Your game is broken, and it's messing with the flow of the alerts. I don't log on to deal with this crap.