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  1. Collin

    I think after we saw 10X Gatekeeper VS Nerf and whine posts a day, lets talk about the redeployside. While there is some itchy mechanics involved atm

    i do think it should be removed entirely. this gives small and mediums Outfits the Chance to quickly flank the enemy. At the Moment it does not matter what you do once the fight starts you get dropped by a 48 + force.

    Any thoughts?
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  2. CMDante

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  3. Alan Kalane

    Yeah, why not XD
    it's not like it's been requested a bazillion times now.
  4. Klypto

  5. NinjaKirby

    With a crowbar.
  6. Archard

    Have it send us straight back to the Warpgate instead.

    It would be better than fighting with the damn spawn system to go where I want.
  7. Shatteredstar

    It seems better to a degree now with how the spawns disappear rather quickly. I know in my play recently platoons have had to split up and find transport to some assaulted bases because the spawn for redeploy went away pretty quick.
  8. ModsFreeAreForTV

    I just wish they'd fix instant action. Take me to the Zerg not the corny *** 24 vs. 24 fight. **** makes me redeploy over and over again JUST to get to the Zerg, and it's hard with the constant moving they do.
  9. Currann

    I think it would be better to alter it to only allow you to Spawn at a nearby base (one hex-connection away) or at any of the major facilities your faction owns (Biolabs, Tech plants, Amp stations, and Warpgates). This would add more tactics to capturing those bases, as they would function as major respawn hubs, even when there isn't a fight on their doorstep.
  10. Jubikus

    i would not be opposed to at the very least seeing how this effects the game it would make Nanites a bit more of a resource that people dont have an unlimited amount of because vehicles would be pulled more often to get from place to place.
  11. CipherNine

    Extra-regional redeploy should be on a 5 minute cooldown. You would be unable to spawn in different region more than once every 5 minutes.

    Smaller outfits could still use Galaxies to move around quickly while large zergs would get stuck for 5 minutes every time they did mass redeploy to crush a fight going on.
  12. Shatteredstar

    The "fixes" to redeploy are likely what cause that. Same reason spawns to base disappear, cuts instant action too I think. That way people can't bypass the lack of spawn with instant action.
  13. ModsFreeAreForTV

    Eh I ain't too worried about it, I just redeploy over and over til I get to a Zerg Sundy.
  14. Lemposs

    It is a two edged sword, on one side you have the possibility of having small fights being completely rushed over by redeploy and really ruins whatever effort they put into it, on the other you somewhat ruin the possibility to stop galaxy drop takeovers without immediate reaction (and even then it isn't reassured that you can get their in time and set up to kick them out).
    There really isn't a perfect solution unfortunately.
  15. Yuki10

    Redeployside will remain in place. It's one of the time sinks DBG is using to boost the game playtime numbers and sales (if you are wasting time redeploying and driving you can't make certs to get upgrades, so people buy DBG ca$h). It's a corporate decision that was made a while back and is not on the plate for any foreseeable future.
  16. HadesR

    Only if you are out popping the defenders ... Because unless it's broken recently they made it so you can't redeploy into area's where you already have greater pop .. and they made the system update nigh on instantly to stop the ability to redeploy due to update lag ..

    For the most part I have noticed the new system working ..

    Now if you are attack dropping 24 people on an empty base then yes the defenders can redeploy 24 people there .. As they should be able to ..

    The biggest change I have noticed is the increased use of Gal's drops to recapture bases ..
  17. BlueSkies

    Just use PS1's system. At any time you could spawn at:

    • Nearest Base
    • Nearest Tower
    • Nearest AMS (thats right, only the nearest)
    • Sanctuary (Warpgate)
    • Also, if you had taken the time to manually bind to a particular Base or AMS you could spawn there even from a different cont
    Thats it. If a base was under attack that wasn't in that list you had to travel there.
    One of the devs actually mentioned the other day trying to sell Andy on the manually binding thing...