[Suggestion] Remove Redeployside entirely

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  1. shameful

    Instead make it to where you can only spawn at spawn beacons, sundies and hard spawns wherever you died at and maybe key bases like tech plants and biolabs as mid points. Prioritize troop transport via the tools we've been given such as the valkrie, the ant, the sundy, and the galaxy, making it so you can actually see reinforcements coming not just a sudden ball of **** you we've got more people. this would potentially lead to more field battles and the ability to actually thwart a pop dump before they arrive with proper planning.
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  2. TR5L4Y3R

    yea we had that discussion a thousand times ... it´s not gonna happen because the majority of the playerbase has no interest in spending half their time driving/flying around to get to battles then just to die and drive/fly again, rince and repeat ... may that help with certain combat situations? maybe ...
    will it be fun for lot of people? nope ... and no you would not want them to leave or ply with a skeleton playerbase ..

    also the game ALREADY favors the aggressor over the defender ... you will make it only harder for the defender, make the response to ghostcapping more difficult and empower zergs even more .... yea no forget it ...
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  3. shameful

    what are you trying to imply exactly, the game already favors the zerg rush and currently they have the ability to suddenly appear on any tile controlled by their faction, this would cut down on mass pop dumps out of nowhere, you can still get your troops into the tile by flying
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  4. TR5L4Y3R

    do you realy think just because you take away the ability for outfits to redeploy that zergs will be less likely to happen?
    you will only make it MUCH harder to respond to them ...
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  5. shameful

    by making both sides of the fight much more visible instead of magically appearing on site, being able to actually physically determine where your enemy is going makes you more vulnerable
  6. TR5L4Y3R

    have you been there in the betadays? when the lattice didn´t exist and redeploying not as easy?
    the meta was counterzerging (and still is) each faction basicaly sending out their own zerg, AVOIDING the other factions Zerg .. they didn´t engage each other instead it was a territorry capturerush .. basically who´s zerging harder than the other ..
    and since there are people who may have no interest in being part of the zerg they may rather ghostcap .... or log off than being zergrushed ... even if you limit the routes of the Zerghorde like with amerish the zerg will always try to take the path of least resistance, try to crush through, otherwise redeploy to the WG or other Corebase and try a different route ...
    what would that mean for players? more traveling than actual fighting ... more downtime between fun fights, less fun fights .. more frustration on dying ... players more likely to leave or take longer breaks ...
  7. shameful

    yes I was around for the beta when bases were actually defendable and battles could last for days
  8. TR5L4Y3R

    we must have played different Betas then
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  9. Liewec123

    they have tried controlling spawns and it has simply made the game feel slow and dull.

    imho the best method would be to open up each hex based on how far it is from your current hex.

    your current hex:
    if you're defending you can spawn instantly in this hex and all those along the lattice back to the warpgate.
    if you're attacking you have a 5 second respawn timer in this hex and can spawn instantly in the hexes back along the lattice to warpgate.

    spawn options in adjacent hexes to your current one would unlock after 10 seconds,
    and then spawn options in hexes adjacent to those would unlock 10 seconds later.
    (and so on and so on.)

    this would still allow people to hop across the map if they want to fight elsewhere and cba pulling a vehicle,
    but would make pulling still the better choice.
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  10. RiP0k

    You need to completely remove all spawn points on all bases except Warpgate. Construction will receive at least the purpose of existence. And Sunderer will be protected at all costs.
  11. TR5L4Y3R

    the only thing for PMBs to be removed would be routing spires ... they have enough purposes to be build as a cortiumcost vehicle and aircraftspawn, firebases and area denial ... if you want further use of PMBs then no-constructionzones need to be reduced by 25 to 33%
  12. Ikarius77

    Something like this was done several years ago, hindering the deploy under some cirscunstances to defend bases.

    In a few months the game lost altmost half of the players, me included.
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  13. TR5L4Y3R

    no matter the system/choice .. the one thing you don´t want a player to do is either spending 10+ minutes just driving/flying or staring at menus before finaly getting into a fight then die to just repeat the whole ordeal ...
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  14. Demigan

    In the era when the attackers would basically attack several bases from the previous base and drop any base they have too much resistance on before re-merging on all the bases where success is virtually guaranteed? That era? The era where only large facilities like Techplants were defensible and the only bases where players would keep fighting if they encountered too much resistance? Oh and ofcourse lets not forget the Vehicle Zergs! Groups of almost unstoppable vehicles which could roll up to bases, maul the defenders and move to the next base. Basically Zergs designed to farm the hell out of infantry and move on. Good times, good times... /S

    If you want to hit redeployside you should make sure it hits the redeployers and only the redeployers. For example by giving all players a limited amount of redeploys (lets say 4) and one redeploy recharges every X minutes. Most ordinary players will not be affected by it in normal play but an outfit that continuously redeploys would. This would mean players use redeployside when it counts, rather than erase all progress players made at some base just by popping over and then moving to the next one.

    And if you want to make logistics work you cant say "well everyone is forced to use them now and it will be glorious". You must know how it will impact the defender, the attacker, the organized groups, the unorganized ones and especially the newbies who would spend most of their time figuring out what fights to be at, traveling there and then being killed and having to repeat it. Worse is when you arrive and are almost guaranteed to find that its too hard for defenders to mass on time and defend the base, so now the player is stuck in a fight they cannot get out off traveling and essentially having wasted all their time traveling there and their only hope is that A FRIENDLY ZERG comes to rescue the area.

    Great, trading redeployside for more Zerging and less importance in defending. Just what the game needs.
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  15. Demigan

    I do think PMB's can get more to do. For example letting players teleport from one PMB to another one and providing free weaponless transports away from the base. PMB's are severely lacking in roles that support the main game, and what roles they do play are often cheap and annoying things rather than good for the game. Like tons of relatively cheap vehicles or using an OS on a base (as true as it is that pocket OS's are a bigger problem it doesnt take away from OS's being a problem period as its rarely fun to deal with it).
  16. shameful

    I'm more wanting you to only be able to spawn at the base once you've physically entered that hex, so if you're arriving at a base you die on that hex you should be able to spawn there using either sundies or hard spawns depending on if you're attacking or defending, it would still allow fights like now, the only difference being how the fighting forces arrived
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  17. shameful

    hell, if zergs are such a problem add an increasing respawn timer based off population imbalance in that hex; when spawning from sundies and other mobile spawns and increase the revive window so it's possible to beat back a massive ball of infantry by out skilling and out killing them instead of watching wave after wave after wave pour in until you just can't do anything about it
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  18. Somentine

    Medics exist. Force Multis exist.
    You would still have to willingly travel into that massive overpop vs. a smaller or more even fight, just to get nothing done.

    I get that you think you have some amazing ideas to bring back whatever nostalgia you had, but it was a garbage system back then even with the higher pop, and it is still a garbage idea now.
  19. shameful

    how about scaling spawns for attackers then, have a cap of like 5 or 6 sundies needed to have 96+ on that hex able to spawn in and cut the total amount down as they lose sundies to the point of half a single platoon for one sundy
  20. Liewec123

    I think it's fine making someone wait a minute or two if they want to hop right the way across indar, if VS are zerging down the left edge of the map you should be able to cap a base on the right edge without them all redeploying on to you.
    but yes, spawning at nearby bases should be fast :)
    I think scaling up time based on how far you want to go is the best system