[Suggestion] Remove Orbital Strike costing PURPLE resources.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AntDX316, Feb 13, 2021.

  1. AntDX316

    Remove Orbital Strike costing PURPLE resources. Orbital strikes make the game better especially when people can just respawn and pull vehicles w/o much of an issue. Making it cost Purple will make it less interesting!!
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  2. ZDarkShadowsZ


    You may enjoy constant OS spam but the majority of players do not. Unlike a construction base which at least has a counter, you can't counter somebody looking at the map and plopping one wherever they feel like. There are no consequences for this action except time taken to gather the resource.

    Spending just 75 synthium gave very little value to it. Ti Alloys was a good example of that. For larger outfits, it was so easily acquired. It had no value. Adding the additional 15 polysellarite fee gives it a little more value, and in turn, maybe people will actually think about where to place them. As it should be.
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  3. Liewec123

    hell no, you spammers bought this upon yourselves.
    now you'll need to actually think about TACTICAL use of OS instead of just spamming it ever base fight.
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  4. Peebuddy

    Because who doesn't find being in 9 back to back OS' extremely funny.

    It wasn't supposed to be just another tool for outfit leaders to farm certs.
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  5. AntDX316

    15 Purple is way way too costly. It can be understandable if outfits chain OS on Player Bases that took a while to make but in big Battles it makes it more interesting. If anything it should be No more than 5 Purple or increased to 125 Blue then but it doesn't last that long too matter as people respawn making it not worth to call over Citadel Shields. There should be More purple bases to capture to compensate for this. Not just one, stuck in the middle of the Map. Also, the fact Ti Alloys is now disabled, the rock bridge should come back.

    If you make a Player Base close enough to a battle, you can call far more OSes than you could with War Assets.

    Back to back OS over Indar Comm makes the battle even More intense. People are ready to redeploy new sunderers, put down more routers, etc. Now, routers are going to be impossible to kill and bases will be taken where people will eventually Log off from frustration. OS were how to destroy routers inside bases impossible to take. It was balanced because of the time it takes to reaccumulate the blue resource. People will just fly in a New router within 5 minutes of destroying the previous one. It takes 15 minutes to make a new OS. It was balanced! Most of the time the OS does nothing as people are inside buildings making it useless.
  6. AntDX316

    Farm certs? It doesn't create that many kills. A bastion does more but those can get taken out in 10 minutes or less which take a few days to make. OS after OS makes the game better over other games but now that it cost so much for purple, people are less likely to ever use it again.
  7. TR5L4Y3R

    tell that to the guys on the recieving end ... i don´t mind a OS every once in a while but 5 in a row is R E D I C U L O U S
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  8. Pelojian

    when many players spam **** they should expect a nerf when alot of players get upset about it, you should be thankful they only increased the cost and didn't nerf the radius or add/change mechanics to make it less of a nuclear weapon and more of a tactical tool like it was intended to be.

    i don't know why they even gave outfits OS in the first place, it's not as balanced as a base built OS - at least you can counter those.

    it wouldn't be so bad if OS required a beacon be deployed so the other side has a chance of stopping it, like in CnC: renegade, you had to deploy the nuclear strike or ion cannon beacons somewhere any class could reach and then defend it from being destroyed.

    i get the feeling the dev team is just flailing about until the revenue stream from PS2 dries up to the point they scrap the game entirely.
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  9. Demigan

    No, for two reasons:

    1: OS's aren't supposed to be thrown about for cheap kills. They should be stragetic objects.
    2: It just gives the devs more excuses to shut down bases that players actually enjoy fighting at just to force them into gameplay those players obviously enjoy less.
  10. iller

    Maybe for small time loners it is. My connery outfit has no shortage of incoming Grape Drank. It's called an INCENTIVE. a thousand splintered outfits who don't bring real numbers, and don't coordinate Strategy in any meaningful way was how we ended up with the TI alloys situation in the first place. Tiny splintered Outfits aren't just incapable of pushing real Lattice-Cutoffs and taking the Ascent/Crown.... they're actually bad for the game's community too.

    Players who log into dead/zombie outfits have less incentives themselves as well. They feel disconnected to any sense of TEAMWORK and people they can count on. In order to find people you really work well with, you have to have a big pool of players that you will regularly be "in the Sh** with" on almost a daily basis. Only a large competently-run Outfit will provide those SOCIAL networking opportunities
  11. Bansheedragon75

    Not everyone is into the whole social networking thing or are interested being part of a large outfit., some people just want to play to have fun.
    I used to be in a large outfit with a friend of mine, but the outfit started falling apart so we left and ended up starting our own and had a few friends join us.
    We are a close knit group of friends who work well together and you would be surprised at what we can do.

    That does not mean we are against joining a larger platoon and working with others when we can, and we often do that if there is a good platoon going rather than go on our own.
    But more often than not there is no real platoons going and everybody seems to just be cert farming in a 3 way fight at the centre or at one of the bio labs, in which case being in a large or small outfit becomes irrelevant since nobody is interested in doing anything else anyway.
    And I often see T.I. Alloys and its equivalent on other maps being cut off, yet despite that nobody seems inclined to leave and the majority of the players just continue to fight there regardless.

    That there are many such outfits that are as you describe I have no doubt about, but to say they are all like this is, are all bad for the community as a whole and that only big outfits can make a difference is just not true, it depends entirely on the outfit.
    The outfit my friends and I have made may be small, but we work best as a small group where we disrupt the enemy by going behind enemy lines and harass their flyers on the way to the front or try to cut off enemy territories.
    We are 2-5 people and while we do not always succeed in cutting off the enemy, we often manage to draw the attention of as much as a full squad and sometimes even more.
    That's one squad or more that's not fighting our guys at the front and could mean the difference between our guys being able to capture a location and not.

    If you want people to go elsewhere you need to give them an incentive to do so, and being part of a large outfit is in my experience rarely enough for most people.
  12. JibbaJabba

  13. AntDX316

    Rock bridge gone, Ti Alloys gone, +15 Purple for OS means it's 125 Blue.

    At least cut the time it takes to steel rain craft into Half.