[Suggestion] Remove or Balance Nanoweave Armor

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    Its regeneration rate hasn't been changed, have you even read the patch notes?

    NMG is literally pointless & lacks a role.

    We are on the same page pretty much.

    Adrenaline shield should have better regeneration then NMG & get more shields per kill.

    Read the patch notes.

    Resist's nerfing is a joke, its more of a buff.

    5% less damage resist but 50% MORE DURATION.

    NMG & Adrenaline shield are not going to be used & Resist is going to be overused & abused til it gets nerfed.
  2. Inu

    Would rather have game modes / maps that promote even battles first, especially with dying numbers.
  3. Iridar51

    Your point? I didn't say other suit slots don't exist, I said nanoweave is the clear winner for infantry combat.
  4. Azawarau

    Of course i read them

    I must have misread NMG though that doesnt change what i said about it being the better shield for poking in and out of the two "HP" shields

    Adrenaline requires kills that wont always be guaranteed

    If youre not going to be doing more suppressive fire than actual killing adrenaline falls short

    And i already said ressit is going to be the most used of the 3 for a reason

    You said there was little reason to use anything else in most situations

    I gave a few

    No need to be hostile

    I could add to the list if you want
  5. Obscura

    Huh? All 3 shields are viable still actually, they just don't negate as much damage as they used to. But the resist shield was kind of buffed and nerfed, ill need more time to see if I like new resist shield better, cause that was 5% of all damage that was mitigated.

    NMG shields the same damage as AS fully charged but charges alot quicker than Adrenaline shield(if not getting any kills), but in situations where your getting kills frequently in a short time span AS is better. Depends on your play style and the situation I guess, I find myself still using all 3 regularly like I was before.

    and OP, nanoweave was balanced, it used to be an extra 25% overall health if i remember correctly, now it's 20% less damage from small arms.
  6. Iridar51

    My bad, I thought I said for infantry combat.

    No hostility, I just don't get why you're saying stuff to me that I obviously know.
  7. RedArmy

    does NOT stack with NMG - it now only goes based on whatever resistance is higher - Wrel did an update on it
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  8. Iridar51

    A bit incoherent?

    NMG = nanite mesh generator (HA ability). It has nothing to do with resistances, it's just a flat overshield with its own HP.
    Nanoweave Armor = NWA = does affect NMG (stacks). I've tested this personally by multiboxing on PTS.

    Resist Shield - doesn't stack with nanoweave, higher resistance is used.
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  9. toast2250

    Higby was right when he said that there are games out there that do things better for what they do.

    People want a ever more and more balanced PVP but don't realize that this game is pointing in the completely opposite direction of what its supposed to be.

    You cant take on a battlecruiser with a destroyer, or even with 3 destroyers when they are not meant for that role.

    Just for a start you would have to:
    - Nerf the tanks, since you can make an insane farm off the infantry
    - Nerf air loling ground
    - Remove Max'es (You die relatively fast overall and the ones that you do score fell cheesed)
    - Nerf tower cannon vs infantry
    - Remove cloak cheesing, most of all of the other classes abilities

    People cant be satisfied with going in as a team, HA first with support following.

    They rather find themselves infuriated on how a skinny isolated infiltrator cant take on a HA. No one also seems to care that headshots ignore any sorts of armor, talking about skill,..

    Even after all these years the game has still not defined itself and has a rather split, dried up and alienated population. MLG scrubs don't like it and the casual people that look for diversity don't like it, where the game tries to be everything and excelling at nothing really, has been said by others before to which I would agree.
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  10. Zombo

    good, that way new players will learn to go for headshots instead of spraying the chests of their enemies

    nanoweave giving no head protection is it's biggest flaw, also you can be dumb-fired with nanoweave
    i take flak-armor exclusively, effective against grenades, dumbifres, mines, lolpods and HE tank rounds, why even bother with nanoweave?
  11. Gutseen

    nanoweave is aint that good as u think, given to the lag and overall hitger
    Resist+Shield cap. is the only way 2 go for a HA.

    for infls and others its a good little addition, nothing more

    u scrubs tend to test **** with pure 1'v'1 vacuum, when the reality is +40 pplz shooting and a random bullet makes ur nmg and adreno go useless
  12. Taemien

    I'm a bit dubious about that. Math's good, but the 40% bonus looks bigger than it is.

    For example the Gauss SAW's TTK is .48 against no NW5, its .72 vs NW5. That's a 240ms difference. And that's assuming no headshots. If someone aims at the chest and one or two shots (depending on weapon) nails the head it negates the advantage outright as the 2x damage makes up for it.

    Compared to Grenade Bandolier or Flak armor, I think NW5 is pretty lackluster. My Medic/Engie run Grenades, Heavy runs munitions pouch, and my LA/Infil run NWA simply for the long range benefit listed below:

    Where it shines is long range engagements where TTK's are much higher. New players are disadvantaged there due to gunplay coming into quesiton and experience, having or not having NWA doesn't hurt or hinder them to the same degree.

    The OP is making a mountain out of a molehill. I used to run NWA, but the math just doesn't add up to a meaningful way when you really delve into it. And personal experience shows me on my TR character that it works out for me pretty well.
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  13. Gundem

    Most people don't even have +30% accuracy, let alone a respectable HSR.
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  14. FateJH

    Never use percentages when you can list absolutes.
    Even though we have lower automatic RPMs, I'd say the "common" low RPM is 500 and that's 8 bullets per second (8.33...). That's still more than 7 for a 200 DAM weapon, the number of bodyshots Nanoweave would impose. This shouldn't even factor into anything for most players, as the tendency is to shoot more bullets than strictly necessary to kill a target due to latency perception anyway.
    Searching for the original point, I think someone was trying to indicate the position that: first you shoot through the NMG, then you shoot through the Nanoweave, and both add their own bullet sponge.
  15. Eternaloptimist

    IIRC Resist Shield doesn't stack with Nanoweave, If so, it is a straight HA benefit like cloak is for infil or ammo drop for engie or healing aura for medic (F is the I win, I hide, I supply or I heal button - depending on class and without an additional boost from any other equiped gear). I must say I never understood why new troopers had to save up and pay for their body armour so I don't have anything against full Nanoweave being an option at any BR, as opposed to choosing Flak instead or going without either to be able to equip one of the extra capacity belts.............but then why have to save up for increasingly high rank Flak either? Just make the choices standard strength Flak, standard strength Nano or something else.
  16. CNR4806

    I agree with the removal of nanoweave simply because it serves absolutely no purpose other than giving the user an unnecessary edge in infantry-to-infantry combat. Whether it actually gives a practical advantage is irrelevant.
  17. AxiomInsanity87

    Op you have made me die a little bit inside lol.
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  18. AtckAtck

    I use exclusively nanoweave on all my chars. Taking 2 more Body shots can mean live instead of death quite often.
    A lot of Players aim for Center mass. If you Need to be quick, i think everyone does it. Better to hit anything than nothing.
    Even "Pro's" don't always hit your head...

    So as weird as i think it sounds, i think this guy is somewhat right. But out of the wrong conclusion.
    As some poster before me said, he uses exclusively flak armor, which is the 2nd option that is possible.
    So either you go effective health against bullets, or against splash.
    Anything that improves your effective health will be used by the majoritiy of Players. It's just as simple as that.
    As soon as something becomes a mandatory equipment, wich i think it is, as even flak is not used that often, it's bad game design for a game that wants to be competitive pvp system.

    So i'd vote for removing nanoweave, shield cap and flak. Make it more of an Utility Slot. Like either take some more bullets, or more grenades, or more mines, or run faster if you take nothing.
  19. Azawarau

    As someone who maxed nanoweave and used it for an extremely short amount of time on one character

    There are better options given the situation

    The difference from nanoweave isnt that great in most cases and the advantages of extra tools in large battles often proves more useful
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  20. AlterEgo

    550? I don't know, man. Doesn't seem like enough to carry me through l33t streaks and mass slaughters incurred by my holy machine gun and righteous rocket launcher. Then again, there's no way I'm using Resist shield; I seem to play worse when I know I still take damage.