[Suggestion] Remove or Amerishify esamir

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  1. Demigan

    How often do you see tactics anywhere? Just about any battle ends up with large amounts of vehicles shutting down everything outside of a base, then infantry zerging inwards.
    The change of pace comes with the change of scenery and layout. Southern Indar for instance has much more boxed-in bases where tanks are mostly cramped together, unable to go far off the roads. Amerish offers more elevation battles and mixes between Indar's boxed-in versions in the negative (Indar: fight in canyons where the rock walls are your borders with the occasional chasm or drop somewhere, Amerish: fight on small roads flanked by chasms and drops with the occasional rock wall or mountian as your border), and Esamirs open battlefields in the valleys that Amerish offers with more open combat, but still sheltered by lots of trees, foliage and small terrain changes and rocks dotted across the landscape.

    Esamir just offers much more freedom of movement for vehicles, battles are more spread out and there's a different amount of skill and patience necesary to flank enemies in the sparse amounts of cover it offers.

    It´s tough to say to no an argument that says `make it more interesting´, everyone wants it more interesting :). But yeah, a bit more variation should be possible. The Ice caverns, frozen waves, Glaciers and evergreens are great idea's.
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  2. zaspacer

    Indar Desert doesn't have the same problems Esamir does:
    1) Many Indar Desert areas have decent cover Terrain to make approaches and setup/maintain Attacks (Esamir is like trying to hide an Oreo Cookie on a white sheet of paper)
    2) Some Indar Desert is so far north, that balanced Engagements just rarely happen there (they'd probably be more complained about if they saw more play and play with balanced forces)
    3) Many Indar Desert areas have elevated Terrain that has limited access points of entry (or easy entry) for most Armor (Esamir has lots of rolling hills that Armor can just drive up or over and engage units there)
    4) Many Indar Desert areas have terrain/structures that Air can use to break line-of-sight (plus Indar doesn't have Esamir's completely non-intuitively angled [but also not easy line-of-sight breaking], giant Spikes to crash Air into)
    5) Some of the Indar Desert (and non-Desert) areas ARE too open, and people DO complain about them: Abandoned NS Officed to Howling Pass Checkpoint, Red Ridge Communications to Scarred Mesa Skydock, Quartz Ridge Camp to Indar Excavation Site

    I would love to see Esamir with more Terrain theme variety and better playability.

    I didn't Up-Vote your post because I hate Hossin the most. I generally don't like to Up-Vote something I differ with on at least one major point, to avoid sending the wrong signal.
  3. ScrapyardBob

    The #1 problem with Esamir is the huge walls which are not porous to infantry. I despise the Octagon.

    The general landscape of Esamir, however, is a huge improvement over what came before. There used to be zero rocks and trees between bases, which made it even more open and forbidding then it is today.

    Mostly, what needs to be done is to open up walls and make the bases more amorphous. Use rocks, trees, and crystals to keep vehicles out or severely limit their mobility inside the perimeter.
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  4. Taemien

    I'm with a couple of others, I actually kinda like Esamir sometimes. Sometimes... It can be annoying, but any continent can be.

    You might be on to something.

    Lets remove the Lattice from Esamir. Now the continent just got interesting. Or at least give it three Techplants. One techplant in the middle with only a single way to get to it sucks. It wouldn't be so bad if they opened it up without lattice.

    I'm gonna have to say the walls stay. They're double edge swords. I love that. They can be uber protection, or coffins depending on the situaiton. Sometimes air wrecks you, sometimes you just wreck air. Same with ground vehicles.

    No base should be perfect for every situation or be predictable. Esamir can be a blessing or a curse. You have to play the cards dealt.
  5. Cookie5000

    I completely agree with you, Im not sure if you seen Esamir before the revamp but it had NO WALLS. I liked it way better thne than now to be honest.
  6. thebigbortishbort

    i would prefer esamir have periodic sandstorms and make visibility really **** for combat and flying , would add alot of atmosphere and awsomeness to this continent , maybe more snow :p
  7. Ballto21

    i was playing back in ye olde 2013, i remember it being really fun. this is alt number 20 i think
  8. Goretzu

    They were going to do something about that, but it seemed to get lost in the PS4 things along with most things PC-wise.

    This is the thing really Esamir is the most different contient really now, and it really offers a different style of play, it would be strange to reduce continent varierty (and IMO it certainly isn't what the game needs - it needs more if anything), certainly all 4 continents could be improved, however as the OP is suggesting just trying to make Esamir a frozen Amerish, this isn't the way forward.
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  9. Dgross

    No, no, and no.

    Esamir is my favourite continent BECAUSE it's wide open and barren.
    I love the huge frozen river beds for vehicle combat.
    The open terrain is what makes that map so special. Great for harassers.

    Not every single f-ing map has to be full of mountains, hills, and rocks crammed between tightly packed bases so close together you can throw a rock from one and hit the other.

    Enjoy some diversity for a change. Sheesh. We only have 4 continents.
  10. Nintyuk

    The only thing's we need to do to make a big improvement is add battlements/catwalks to the giant walls.
    Partially related Rime Analytic's is my favourite base in the game.
  11. Takara

    Well base wise...yes I can see that. I actually don't mind most of Esamir's bases. I enjoy the snow drifts. But as a whole I'm mostly disappointed with most bases in general. The major faculties are not laid out well at all. And unless you get an AMS inside an area you technically aren't suppose to most of them are easier for attacking zergs then it is for defenders of equal amount. Which doesn't quite make sense. There just needs to be more protected walkways and indoor fighting that doesn't come under fire of vehicles.

    PS1 had it right, once the outer courtyard of a base is taken, most people got out of their vehicles and headed inside the base to try and wrestle control of it back. Having most things out doors or where an ESF or Tank can fire at it is just silly.
  12. Shadowomega

    There are a few bases on Esamir that need a complete redesign as well as the walls these bases have. Example of adjustments would to Octagon would be:

    Increase the terrain height of the base to reduce the ability to shell the interior.

    Change the wall type to something that players can actually get on and fight from instead of a wall that is only a foot thing sheet of metal. This change will also make it easier for players to find ways into the base interior. As the gaps are more visible to the players looking around as well as the minimap.

    Adjust placement of the Buildings as well as add more cover locations though out the base.

    As for Amerish I love that continent however some bases completely suck in their current lay out. Namely Subterranean Nanite, while others could use small improvements.

    I think some of the best bases are currently on Hossin and would be a good place to pull inspiration from with in the game.
  13. Om3gA

    Wish they could just port the remaining old conts over, even the caverns would be nice for more variety. 4 really isnt enough, though i realize the number of players is kind of an issue but thats due to alot of bad choices imo. If they make a few good ones it might bring some players back into the fold.