[Suggestion] Remove or Amerishify esamir

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  1. Goretzu

    I very much doubt they have the resources to do much with continents now.

    I like Esamir, it plays in a very open way, differently to the other 3, if there was one continent I would choose to remove it would probably be Hossin (I don't actively dislike it, it is just my least favourite).

    If PS2 had PS1's continetal varierty this wouldn't be an issue at all as it would already have Ceryshen:

    Icy cliffs, frozen plains, treacherous roads, snow-covered canyons
    Extremely tall cliffs create chasms and blocks that challenge the tactical mind of any Commander. Cliffs abound and a misplaced footstep can send you hurtling to your doom. Air vehicles can cross terrain quickly, but foot soldiers and ground vehicles find that many miles lay between point A and point B due to successive switchbacks and roundabout roads crawling up the vertical cliffsides.



    It even had WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and doors)

    However Esamir always seemed much more popular to me in PS1.
  2. eldarfalcongravtank

    shut up and leave my favorite continent like it is! i love my Esamir served cold with snow :cool:
  3. Opapanax

    Those pictures just make me miss Planetside original..
  4. Pikachu

    Gosh those obviously circular sky textures everywheee. That game really should have had bigger sky domes.
  5. Eternaloptimist

    Esamir and Indar are my favourite continents for these very reasons. I find (as infantry) plenty of bits of cover - you just have to get to them. More fighting, less hiding and more need for tactics like in the old Western Desert campaigns of WW2 that I've read about.
  6. LodeTria

    I wouldn't mind if it snow'd every once in a awhile and reduced visibility severely no matter your graphix settings.
    Frozen ice waves could be cool along the ice rivers. Oh how about we use that giant ice structure that's off the continent for something, say put the tech plant in it at the center.
  7. Pikachu

    I wonder if the fog in ps2 was affected by altitude as in ps2.
  8. Takara

    No thanks....Amerish is the most god awful continent. Serioustly 50% of the continent is mountains that see no play. Esamier is prolly one of the best vehicle continents out there. If anything they just need some forests like the amerish of old. Rolling hills with lots of trees. Oh...and water. But then three years into this game...they still haven't figured out how to make mags float on it yet. Soooo....*shrugs*
  9. InoxGecko

    Stop trolling Ballto. Esamir is a snowy wasteland and as such is absolutely perfect.
  10. Ballto21

    Even if you dont like amerish or hossin you have to admit the bases have more attention paid to them for better or worse. When i say amerishify i mean revamp base design to not be copy/pasted holes in walls

    the one time i try to suggest something to help the game. they already have trees in esamir they could just thicken them to add more aesthetics or give us a fifth ice continent, but as it is esamir is just dull base design with poor terrain design, unless you think to the largest zerg goes the victory is good terrain design, and a bad lettuce system
  11. Ballto21

    yeah well with a lazy boring dev team the best we can hope is maybe theyll copy/paste indar and change a few textures to make esamir not look like flat wasteland everywhere and maybe have some creative direction
  12. Kcalehc

    The main issue I have with Esamir bases, are the walls. Specifically they have practically no defensive value and are a hindrance more often than not to the defenders; often more so than to attackers. The rest of the terrain is just fine for me.

    I'd like a few more ways out of bases, or at least some kind of walkway/parapet so defenders can use the walls, instead of being restricted by them. The walls currently aid the attackers in the approach to the bases, as defenders are hidden behind them, and only in a few places can they fight back prior to the enemies arrival. The very few little tower things are not even close to being enough to 'defend' the walls from attackers (and are generally death traps if there's anything with HE nearby).
  13. Gammit

    No, I love it. It's unique. I don't mind base tweaks, but the land is great.
  14. Ballto21

    lets base it base tweaks are needed on every continent. And yes, esamir terrain is great for some things but complete crap for all others. The reason why indar is more popular than infantry/air heavy continents like hossin or zergfests like esamir is indar has a decent lattice (granted hossin also does as it was designed for lattice), it has three biomes so everyone can find something to enjoy, and it still maintains some interesting base design (hilltop battles, sky stations, the xenotech/snake ravine/crossroads area)

    there are already spots in esamir where all you would have to do is copy/paste trees and do a bit of 3d animation trickery to make the rest of the textures in an area waterish and interesting. i keep bring that up because i, personally think it would A) make the most sense on esamir and B) giant ******* frozen waves for control points and harasser ramps.

    base design and lattice is bad and needs a lot more attention
  15. Om3gA


    Instead give us Ceryshen, Forseral and best of all Cyssor =)

    While we're at it the rocket rifle, thumper, flail, sidekick, empire buggies, empire 'sundies', the iradiator, maelstrom and router =) +) >)

    I miss the sidekick, router and thumper the most. The flail was epic as well =)

    NO bfr's though.... they were a bit much =p
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  16. Pikachu

    Current VR sunrise. Sun/moon position, sun/moon transition and sky color is all over the place. You might as well turn a tank texture upside down and call it fine.

    My little photoshop illustration of what it should be like. Trying to hide the sun/moon as much as I can, not working well at the end.

    Speaking of tank textures, I remember the old lightning and vanguard textures had barrel's texture seam on the camera's side...
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  17. Demigan

    I like Esamir for it's tank battles. Large expanses, allow for some nice on-the-move attacks but enough hills and rough area's to create borders. As you say, the sparse cover is a problem for everyone, so everyone has to deal with it equally. This gives rise to a larger diversity of tactics and combat styles across the different continents. Which is good!

    Making Esamir the same as Amerish is a bad idea, you might as well remove the entire continent then.
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  18. Ballto21

    everyone has to deal with it equally, yes, but how often do you see neat tactics that arent mega lightning/esf/mbt zerg to shut down everything?

    im not saying make it the same as amerish just revamp the bases and make the terrain more interesting in some areas. Ice caverns, GIANT FROZEN WAVES, and giant evergreen forests?
  19. Kcalehc

    Yes, thank you, that's exactly what I was saying only in fewer and smaller words. Not sure if you're agreeing or disagreeing with what I wrote as your reply lacked any substantive detail.
  20. Ballto21

    i was agreeing, sorry for my ****** wording