[Suggestion] Remove or Amerishify esamir

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ballto21, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. JohnGalt36

    Esamir is also one of my favorite places to drive a tank. I love chasing harassers down frozen rivers where they have nowhere to hide from my Titan-120 AP!
    If anything should be removed, it should be Hossin.
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  2. Kulso

    It's actually one of my favorite continents, so how about no?
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  3. Ballto21

    the removed part was clickbait. Amerishing would fix the base design (which, lets face it, is pretty bad on most continents) and indarifying it by giving it three biomes (say current tundra, GIANT ******* FROZEN WAVES, and a frozen forest) would make it look nice and give everyone a place to be happy
  4. axiom537

    Personally, I hate all the Walls on Esamir. I think it is one of the worst ideas ever for trying to separate vehicles from infantry. You do not need to forcibly separate Infantry from vehicles, you just need to allow infantry to get above vehicles or give them places to hide or take give cover and infantry can take care of themselves. Oddly enough the walls annoy me more as infantry then as a ground vehicle, because I can't get at the vehicles on the other side or enter a base where I would like.

    I also agree with Balto, that some nice alpine forests would be a nice addition and it would give cover for ground troops. It doesn't even have to keep vehicles out necessarily, because it would be a death trap most of the time if they entered.
  5. Kulso

    Frozen waves? Ice Forests? You're making my pants feel weird.
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  6. Ballto21

    Mission accomplished
  7. Tommyp2006

    To be quite honest, I would hate to see Esamir's nice flat, open terrain get changed, I like driving on Esamir a lot because it's not littered with stuff on the ground like Hossin, rutted like much of Indar is, or craggy and literally dividing mountainous like Amerish is. I agree that the walls are annoying, but unfortunately with how flat Esamir's terrain is, it either needs to be that, or raised up solid bases like Hossin has, or bases that are surrounded by hills that act the same as walls like much of Amerish is, to keep down the tank spam.
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  8. FBVanu

    Am I the only one who really likes Esamir? My favorite continent. Great tank battles.
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  9. JohnGalt36

    The only improvement I would like to see is more forests. I'd would still like to keep most of the open tundra, though, as it makes for fun armor engagements.
  10. AxiomInsanity87

    Like really actually this time?..
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  11. GhostAvatar

    Just bring back old Esamir.
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  12. Mustarde

    The lattice is what makes Esamir truly awful. The wall design is bad but it's the lattice that leaves you with little to no options for ways to avoid slamming your dick in a blender
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  13. Mythologicus

    Best tanking continent. I'd suggest more Tech Plants, but Esamir got me interested in Lightnings.

    So go ahead infantryside, ruin a good tanking continent. I'm sure our thoughts aren't meaningful in the slightest.
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  14. Ballto21

    you can very easily make esamir good for everything.

    Im using indar as an example because indar has the best template for the continents (three biomes).

    Northern indar is good for air and ground vehicles because of flat open terrain to shootmans, eastern is good for air and infantry because cover from A2G, G2A, and A2A (for better pilots) and infantry because of a lot of cover. Western indar is good for everything, open areas and decent G2A cover for air, openish fields for armor, and trees/rocks for infantry.

    I want esamir to get the same treatment of having various unique terrain. Esamir as is is bad for everyone as it encourages zergs more than all other continents, if theres more armor armor wins because no cover for anything else, esfs will shutdown everything because, no cover, and infantry zergs because sloppy base design and, as mustarde said.
    Make esamir have large open plains AND maybe large thick evergreen foresty areas, and massive ice canyons in what is part of a frozen ocean with maybe giant frozen waves. That way everyone can find something fun to do on esamir
  15. Foxirus

    Are you kidding? Indar has MASSIVE ravines you can hide in and everything. There is TONS of cover you can duck behind. Back in your pokeball.
  16. RykerStruvian

    Sounds a bit more like Ceryshen than Esamir.
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  17. Alan Kalane

    Dream of Californication Indarification!
  18. Rayden78

    Let me be the first one to complain on that :) .. i don't like the northern warpgate on Indar (except some parts around Mao)
  19. FieldMarshall

    Remove everything except one base with 3 corridors that meet in the middle with spawnrooms for each faction.
    Call it Crown 2.0. No more imbalanced continents.
    Also, remove all classes and weapons except one, to fix all the balance issues aswell in one big swoop.

    Problem solved.
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  20. skull4squadron

    LOL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p