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  1. pnkdth

    I rather have a guy in my squad who push into a point over and over than someone who's worried about losing their KDR. In fact, when I see someone with a high KDR I do not think "wow, this player must be good", I think "Wow, this player is a grade A coward."
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  2. agentpuhpul

    Iunno, it seems people like to pair "low kd" with "team player" but who is to say that low KD players are even team players? (often times I have to go back and pull sundies b/c no one else is)

    I don't think it's necessarily true that low KD players are team players, much like how i don't think it's necessarily true that high KD players aren't.
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  3. MarkAntony

    True. But people need some way of hating on players with high KDR. and just accusing them of not being teamplayers is an easy way to do it. No matter how baseless and stupid that claim may be...
  4. Pelojian

    as long as elitist players judge others for 'low' K/D and discriminate against them said low K/D players (and those that don't care about K/D of others) will judge the elitists harshly for coveting their own K/D and redeploying when the fight isn't in their favor to find a fight that is weighted in their favor to preserve their K/D.
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  5. DirArtillerySupport

    My K/D is the only reason I keep playing and will probably keep playing until the last server goes empty. Development has all but stopped and there is still no real reason to fight. There is nothing left to unlock and I'm definitely not getting myself killed for any of you who feel entitled to the way I play the game.

    Besides every bullet fired in this game is recorded and tracked and if Daybreak doesn't present me with this information I will find someone who can.
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  6. Liberty

    Check out for all your ego measuring needs, it breaks down stats into infantry, vehicles, classes, weapons, etc etc just about anything you could want.

    Also, stay in school and don't do the drugs.
  7. agentpuhpul

    ^Yeah my approach is similar. Territories get captured by the hour, today VS wins the alert, tomorrow NC will, and maybe TR next, etc etc. Runs a little repetive and dry sometimes.

    I like to play with improvement in mind so I can carry the base skills of aiming and positioning well to any shooter beyond planetside
  8. Scr1nRusher

    What about removing the "deaths" part of KD?

    Since in this game, death means nothing.
  9. Demigan

    Either remove it or add more stuff.

    KD is an unfair way to gauge people. A dedicated LA will have a lower KD than a dedicated vehicle driver, simply because the vehicle driver has better force multipliers and protection on the whole.

    So a mixture of different stats should be available:
    Damage dealt per life against infantry (shows your potential damage and kills for each life)
    Damage dealt per life against Tanks
    Damage received per life (shows your survivability)
    Vehicles destroyed per life. Preferably split in light ground, light air, heavy ground, heavy air
    MAX kills per life
    Resources used per life
    Kills with weak weapons (pistol vs SMG/LMG/Carbine/etc wins) or weak AV vs vehicles or using unintended weapons against targets (killing vehicles with small arms)

    that kinda crap.
  10. DirArtillerySupport

    Problem is there is no Combined Arms MMOFPS beyond Planetside and hasn't been ever since it appeared back in 2003. To top it off any user skills picked up from that game were kicked to the curb by the game's designers, then the developers were kicked to the curb until finally the company kicked the entire game to someone else's curb. We're like a bunch of flies buzzing in circles around a 2 year old mound of stale banana loaf.

    I hope and pray Planetside sees some competition on the horizon so I can start learning again. Until then it's far more interesting learning how to not get killed more than 3 times a night but still remain a nuisance to you filthy VS and NC ;)
  11. MarkAntony

    If you are dead you are not defending the point and shooting the enemy. If you are dead you are not reviving. If you are dead you are not contesting the point at the last second keeping the enemy form capping it. If you are dead you are not helping your team. If you are dead than that great position that controls the base is now in the hands of the enemy.
    Death means quite a bit in this game.
  12. Scr1nRusher

    Interms of numbers.

    You have to think grand scale.
  13. agentpuhpul

    Hrm I guess I was thinking more on the "shooter" aspect of the game rather than the MMO combined arms aspect. Just general things like aiming well, recoil control, checkin corners, etc etc... I can say it's helped me in battlefield :p
  14. giltwist

    1) Sure, divided by time played fine. I guess what I'm trying to do is demonstrate that it's about moving on to the next hex, because K/D encourages you to grind in the same spot without flipping the hex.

    2) I disagree, sitting on the point after the flip can be important to fend off stalkers and such. I would certainly be willing to say specify "Time spent on point in a contested territory." After all, you do get XP bonuses for guarding the point.

    3) Maybe I need to clarify my intent on this one. You can get a good K/D sitting on a hill and snipping. A ridiculously good K/D if you have good aim and situational awareness. This leads to grind. I'm trying to emphasize when you storm the proverbial Bastille and kill off 10 people in the span of a single minute. Maybe it needs to be "Most kills in a single minute" or something like that. It represents a peak value rather than an average value.

    4) I agree to the per hour. Again, I'm trying to bring anything that advances a fight beyond grind to highlight. Overloading a generator tips the scales in a fight.

    5) Totally. Excluding zergs, there's never enough sunderers. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen a great fight come to an end because the ONLY sunderer gets destroyed. Putting it as a main player stat that you spawned 500 soldiers this session makes you more valuable than the scrub that only spawned 25 soldiers this session.
  15. MouthFulofCrabs

    1. I rarely play but i think my kdr is like .20 if that lol 2. i dont really care about it 3. who cares about kdr...? 4. why does it matter...?
  16. RedArmy

    im not objected to removing KD from the game, but i do use KD as a generic view of skill, not cowardly running. if were holding a control point, id much rather be in the room with a higher KD player vs a BR 100 KD of 0.3. team player or not as you gain BR you should be able to hold ur own higher in combat as is and be able to go outside and drop more people. im more than happy to make suicide runs as long as i know ima take out atleast 1 or 2 before i go down. it deturrs people from getting to the cap point or distract them away from a sundy
  17. Hatesphere

    I can't really think of any other fps that has had a reason to play other then a screen will pop up in 30ish minutes to tell you if you won or not.
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  18. prodo123

    Your KD in this respect should also reflect your ability to go after objectives. People often say KD doesn't matter if you're pushing points. Sure, there's times where you have to throw as many bodies on the point as possible, but most other times you have to know when to retreat and stop getting farmed. The better you realize this, the higher your KD will naturally be because you won't get farmed as much.

    Also, I consider 1 KD as bare minimum for a decent player, save for medics that actually heal and revive (thank you for those who do!). How can you knock the enemy off a point if they kill you more often than you kill them?
  19. Leftconsin

    1. Yes. A KDR of 3 is garbage.
    2. (This is the important one) Base ownership is fleeting in this game.
    3. Individual bases other than Tech Plants give no considerable benefit for owning them.
    4. With bases being mostly meaningless the reason to fight has to be somewhere and for a lot of people the reason to fight is personal stats.
  20. FBVanu

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