[Suggestion] Remove K/D

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  1. Posse

    We actually don't have a K/D barrier though, it's way more complex than that.

    How would one be supposed to judge them based on their K/D, unless they show it in their sig...

    What would probably cause more frustration is that they're being killed over and over again, especially when they're one-shotted, you don't need a stat to tell you that you're dying a lot, you'll notice it naturally.

    You'll gain nothing by removing it, a lot of people use it to track their improvement, I wouldn't even care if they only made it accesible to yourself though, 90% of the times I open the DA stats site is to see how I'm doing with a new weapon I'm trying (or how my Orion is progressing), and most of the other 10% is to check on people apping to DA (or people I'm going to face in a competitive match)
  2. Paragon Exile

    I've always wondered, and now is as good a time as any;

    What do you need to do to get admitted into DA? What is the standard you judge acceptable?
  3. Posse

    Be good enough stats wise (which isn't as simple as having K/D > X), and we also have to like you of course :p

    I can't really tell you defined conditions because there aren't any, each case is different.
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  4. Fortress

    There was no permanent K/D tracking in PS1, and people played exactly the same as they do now.
  5. LT_Latency

    Just ignore, it who cares.

    If you want a good KDR, You defend.....and defend alot. The leave when you get overrun and repeat. That is fun for some people but if it's not for you and you would rather push and take risks who cares if your KDR is lower.

    Most people with really high KDRs are just good players who focus on farming instead of competitive fights. Not everyone tries hard all the time, I play drunk after the bars alot....Things don't usually do so well when I am hammered.
  6. Kentucky Windage

    I have been jotting down notes after every death. Just little things I could have done differently in the engagement. I know it sounds stupid but it matters to me that my stats are respectable and I always want to learn from my mistakes. If I die it's my fault and not the fault of anyone else. No hate tells. No excuses. No anything other than looking in the mirror and blaming that guy.

    My K/D is my resume. It is a snapshot of my performance within this world. It speaks volumes to others of my ability to use weapons properly and that my awareness is such that I'm able to win more engagements than I lose on a consistent basis. Perhaps my opinion means little because my K/D is not that good. I actually understand that now. I'm not proven and I'm working hard to ensure KentuckyWindage earns the respect of other players before getting on the forums and blowing smoke. Have a good night gentlemen.
  7. Saool

    Funny how people with high k/d say that a lot whilst having it plastered on there signatures.
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  8. cykael

    Having your character in your signature isn't exactly done only by high KD people so I don't get it what's so funny about it.
  9. Shanther

    In my defense my forum name and character name are not the same. I use a stat sig so people know who I am in game.
  10. Saool

    Of course. I am sure there are many people who have other reasons. But whilst I cannot in any way prove it I am certain the single most popular reason is so they can show off.

    Now that's not necessarily wrong, I put auraxiumed weapons in mine because that's what I like to show. But I find people saying, I only care about K/D for myself and advertising it to all and sundry to be disingenuous.
  11. cykael

    Even if you care only about your own KD why wouldn't you want to show it off? I don't get it. Just because you care about it so you can see how you improve yourself doesn't mean you can't show it off.
  12. Noktaj

    I personally like having it. So bugger off :p
  13. McToast

    Yupp, K/D has to be seen in the wider context. Check out http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/player/McToast for more detailed stats. I have an average K/D of ~2,4-3,2 with the infantry classes. There is some padding with the NC14 because I used to snipe from long ranges in the beginning of the game. The SAS-R and Longshot however were mostly used in ranges where the enemy could actually shoot back and if you'd check out my killboards from those sessions you'd see that there were quite a few sidearm kills between the BA kills. Fact is, I love BAs for their OHK potential, always did. In CS I mainly used the Scout. The SAS-R is my favourite weapon in the game and I use it in ranges where other people use carbines.
    And while I did in fact fly for a short time as bail assault (mostly as Liberator gunner for ghostcapping on old Esamir), I still have double the time as engineer than LA. And still there's nothing wrong about playing as LA for aircrafts. I mean, you jump out of tanks when they get destroyed, why wouldn't you do that in an aircraft? FS and NAR make playing as engineer mostly optional.
    Yes, I do fly ESFs and I did gun a Liberator for a while, videos are in my signature. We did mostly A2A, as you can tell from the stats: ~4000 kills and ~2500 VK with the Dalton. There was some infantry "farming" as well, but also multicrew vehicles like other Liberators, MBTs, Sunderers and Harassers. Do some Dalton A2A and tell me your K/D.
    In my Reaver I do also A2A most of the time. I got my rocketpod and AH auraxium, yes, but with the M20 Mustang I actually got less kills than VK with an average K/D of ~3. I also refuse to use Coyotes and Tomcats, which are the new airmeta.

    I'm also pretty sure I never said that I'm a very good player (I firmly believe that I'm no bad player either). Please quote me where I said that. And I don't judge people only based on their K/D. I already said that as well. If I really want to get an impression of another player by his stats I check out all of them and put them together. And still I don't know everything.
    There are some connections however. If a player comes to this forum and complains that NC weapons are to inaccurate while having a K/D of 0.5 and an average accuracy of ~13% you know that's it's not the game that's wrong, it's the player. If someone with 20 kills in an ESF tells you that air is overpowered and G2A not strong enough you know that he doesn't really know what he's talking about. Same the other way: If someone with 13k kills in an ESF but only a few hundred as infantry complains about the strength of G2A you know he's biased.

    Like I said, K/D can only be used when all the other stats are taken into consideration. Maybe even basecaps/defends.

    And I do not display my character in my stats to show you how awesome my KD of 4 is. I display that character exactly for the reason that people like you can see my real character and check out my stats to see if my opinion holds any ground. If you think that because I like to use bolt actions and do actually use vehicles (I still have more kills and playtime as infantry) my opinion on this topic doesn't hold any value for you that's fine. It's why I link my stats. I don't see yours.
  14. Tuco

  15. Tuco

    The ole, "attack the messenger" debate tactic.

    KDR is contrary to fun. You know fun, as in game fun.
  16. Kentucky Windage

    Sometimes I feel that way myself. I'm tough on myself not necessarily other players. My post in this thread applies to me and it should be taken as such. I'm only saying if you kill me you won't get a hate tell from me. Probably a compliment or maybe even a question about what I could have done differently. Feedback is always good whether good or bad so I get a little of both using that method.

    There are alternatives to the way I have chosen to play and I most certainly don't have the market cornered on any aspect of the game. I'm not good enough to question anyone's opinion on anything.
  17. radrussian2

    what do people think a K/D stat even does. no is gonna stop farming because they cant see their kill death, people do just that to net more cert gain. not to wax their dick. the dick waxing comes from knowing you have a good kd.
  18. Paragon Exile

    Many people including myself derive their fun, or at least some of it, by watching their performance metrics improve over time.

    Putting your preferences over others is... absurd, not to mention egotistic.
  19. SpaceZeal0t

    Honestly i'm unbiased about player stats. I will admit its nothing to feel superior about or even care but having such things does promote cheese tactics, cheating, boosting/padding and spawnroom warriors.

    Basically its a double edge sword. Stats are a nice way to keep track and improve areas you are doing bad in which would be terrible without it but at the same time keeping it brings out the worst in people.

    Also people with high k/d are not special snowflakes which sometimes some of them feel like they are.

    Also people with low k/d are not a burden either. As long as they are fighting back and not just being cattle for padding.
  20. CNR4806

    You've missed a crucial factor: KDR has been a part of the game since launch.

    Removing KDR is going to stir up some much bigger ****storm on Forumside than keeping it around.