[Suggestion] Remove Infravision Implant

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  1. BorgUK1of9

    This is implant is too imbalanced, I know, I know, people have spent real money to obtain it but it makes the game easy mode and takes away any skill.

    It's one thing to have infravision on your weapons sight but you need to walk around with aim on to have it on and that restricts you.

    On Hossin the imbalance with those who have this implant really shows, they can be running full pelt and just spot you.

    When people ask me if this game is still worth playing at 11 years old as a newbie, its yes but watch out for the vets with this implant, they will just kill you repeatedly and it could put you off staying.
  2. JibbaJabba

    Sorry, but no. The implant is more than balanced. If anything, it could use some relief from the cloak limitations.

    Anywhere outdoors you'll get obliterated by vehicles that others can take cover from. Ground and particularly air vehicles operate at ranges beyond what infravision renders so they are totally invisible. The entire classes G2A and G2G lock on rockets become useless. Sniping gets restricted to 4x or so range.

    Vehicles get no benefit from it. It turns off when not running as infantry.

    Infiltrators are totally invisible. 100% And they don't appear until after the network has told your client that it's dead.

    Infravision no longer sees through smoke which used to be one of the #1 benefits of it.

    IFF is a major challenge particularly in close quarters. You cannot distinguish the colors of enemies and must rely on an unreliable dorito, shape of enemy, or just the direction they are facing.

    You also have to give up the implant slot! Reduces to one slot anyone who uses it. This breaks a lot of synergy. Medic runs combat surgeon + well nothing for example.

    Rest assured. if someone is dunking on you with this implant they are paying for it somewhere. heck, just go stalker them. :p And those vets dunking on you with it? They'll still dunk on you without it.

    I'll also add this: It's an accessibility feature for some players. The colorblind filters in the game are just not very effective. The presence of the implant allows some to play that could not.
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  3. waystin2

    No. It has limitations as the Post above explains. You give up a lot to use it.
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  4. tigerchips

    Most of the implants are a bad idea, some need to be in the game permanently like Battle Hardened.

    Yeah, just the whole idea is bad and if you stop buying them then maybe devs will remove them. Buy a camo instead, implants need to be deader than tank tops.
  5. Kentucky Windage

    It's a niche play style. JibbaJabba pretty much nailed it. You do give up quite a bit to use that implant so the pro/con seems tolerable to me.
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