[BUG] Remove hipfire CoF while jumping with carbine.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Luminari, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. Luminari

    So DBG added the hipfire cone of fire on carbines while being airborne. Good for you L.A.'s out there. At the moment it's completely overpowered since the moment you come across an opponent you just "tap" your spacebar to get two things: 1) superior hipfire accuracy and 2) much superior speed.

    At the moment its worse than the old 0.75 ADS modifier Orion of old. But OK, I'm a little more experienced and I can usually kill a fairy if they start flying. Surprise buttsecks on a tower's top floor by a fairy is still most effective when they use shotguns over carbines.

    Then I was running as an engineer and heading for my magrider I jumped along the way. Then I noticed it..., the same hipfire CoF as an L.A. in flight. I tried it again and again. Turns out, you don't get the hipfire CoF from flying with a jetpack but by any means of being airborne. This of course immediately caused me to start hopping around my enemies. Kind of like a bunny hop but without the prone. That way I made myself a difficult target to hit (especially avoiding head shots) and all the while I had the nice and tight hipfire CoF.

    Funny as hell but obviously not as intended. So please, DBG, next time ACTUALLY code it so an activated jetpack gives the tighter CoF and not just any form of being off the ground. Also, being suspended in the air does not give the same stability as standing on your own two feet, I think, so I believe the walking CoF is more agreeable anyway.

  2. kr47er

    oh, i was thinking this was a LA nerf request, then I understood the engi part. thx for the info x)
  3. CrimsonEclipse5

    Nowhere in the patch notes did it ever say this would be exclusive to LAs. Is it dumb? Yes. Is it working as intended? Almost certainly.

    I had the same thoughts as you when I realised it was for carbines in general, not just when wielded by LA. Just go with it man.
  4. FirePhox

    How overpowered are we talking? Press f to get 700hp overpowered, or invisibility with one hit kill weapons overpowered?
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  5. Eternaloptimist

    That's all I needed to hear really.

    (But yeah, I thought the early discussion said it would only apply when the jetpack was firing).
  6. repairtool6


    Yes, us engineers also benefit (a little) from this change "meant" for LA's. We are greatfull and its only fair.
    To me LA's and Engineers have always been like best friends. Twin brothers. Engineers more powerfull but its looking better for LA's lately. Great!

    Now we want to return the favor and give you access to our best suit slot: utility-pouch..
    LA's need more c4. They should get access to 4 bricks just like engineers in return for this.

    Best wishes..
  7. Corezer

    I think the reason the jumping cone was changed is for Icarus. The change would be pretty bunk if it was only during firing, since they're for jumping more than flying. Even skirmisher feathers and would be messed up by the change.
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  8. Demigan

    You also immediately lose your strafing capabilities, making your movements easier to predict and making it easier to hit you.

    You may not have noticed, but the Orion stats barely changed. 0,75 ADS has never, ever been the problem with any weapon. The combination of high ROF, good accuracy and ease-of-use that these weapons brought, that was the problem. Unfortunately nobody ever changed those things because everyone was erroneously obsessed with a statistic that barely even mattered.

    Not anymore. Shotguns require you to land, or else you have to pray really hard to the RNG gods or practically clip into your opponent for hits. With Carbines I can now approach them, open fire and kill them quickly from a short range. The fact that you can be flying at a height they don't expect is just about the only advantage, and if you fly too long the lack of strafing makes you a wonderful target for bullets.

    And enemies that can't handle a target that's momentarily unable to change direction?

    This actually gives Carbines a good buff, a deserved buff.
    It cements the Carbine as a specialised CQC weapon, and it's TTK now matters a bit less against things like LMG's as the Carbine can avoid a bit more damage... in some cases.
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