Remove esf secondary weapons.

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  1. TheMercator

    They never should have made the nosegun primary when it comes to A2A but at the same time the rockets primary at A2G. This means in opposite to MAX-units or tanks which clearly suffer from a mixed loadout ESF can fight both ground and air at the same time.
  2. Ownasaurusrex

    This thread is about the balance of weapon choice.

    Here's how it will proportion out:

    nerf choice buff weapon viability.
    Buff versatility nerf all weapon performance.
  3. NinjaTurtle

    So you want to stop all A2G?

    If that is the case you have to remove bursters, Skyguard all G2A lock ons etc

    If ground can attack air air should be damn well able to attack ground.

    Let's also remember ESF are made from wet paper.

    This rage against air is getting ridiculous
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  4. MahouFairy

    Unfortunately, many people here think that this game is just counter strike, world of tanks and war thunder fighting their own respective class on the same map. They will hate if infantry killed a tank, vice versa and etc.
  5. Sierra331

    Or instead of complaining you could look at the root of the issue in that infantry based and mechanized anti-air options blow. The Lock On RPG's for infantry hardly do enough damage to be worth while and most can be dodged with ease anyway.

    The FlaK cannons of the Skyguard and Aspis Phalanx Turret suck major donkey balls. Which is terrible considering they are dedicated anti-air platforms with no anti-armor capabilities. Skyguard can't hit jack unless it's a direct hit and the FlaK just doesn't explode or hit at a distance.

    Fix the AA platforms and you'll have a lot less to complain about.
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  6. MahouFairy

    It's one thing to nerf something and another to buff the bullied. This OP is calling for a nerf. I would have given a favourable response if he asked to buff AA.
  7. Selenadread

    so we are playing a Sci-Fi futuristic game...yet the main A2A interceptor vehicle only has a nose gun o_O